Thursday, July 14, 2016

The France Attacks, Turkey Coup; Events Continue at Esoteric Intervals Past the False Messiah Sign

Skies above Nice, France around time of attacks, referenced in the comments.
Update added 7/15 at end of post

Events have occurred before the false messiah sign and they have occurred after, including the horrific Nice, France truck attack that just occurred and a watch was issued for. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this senseless tragedy. Note: I am extremely busy and fatigued at present and cannot put much into this post—here is the data.
77 days before – 3/22/16 – Passover.
33 days before – 5/3/16 – Puerto Rico defaults, Iraq car bomb.
22 days before – 5/14/16 – Pentecost.
11 days before – 5/25/16 – Paris Under Siege.
6 days after – 6/12/16 – Orlando attack.
11 days after – 6/17/16 – Jo Cox shot.
18 days after – 6/24/16 – Global stock market meltdown.
22 days after – 6/28/16 –– Istanbul suicide bombings.

31 days after -- 7/7/16 -- Dallas police shooting.
33 days after -- 7/9/16 -- Riots across the USA

39 Days after — 7/15/16 – France attacks, Turkey Ccup.
Note: The Nice France attacks took place at about 10:30 PM Paris time and in some parts of the world it was already 7/15/16. A watch was issued for this date by The End Times Forecaster, quoted below as was also for 7/9/16.
These major events occurring at esoteric intervals past 6/6/16 not only highlight the importance of 6/6/16 but also raises the possibility that other major events may occur at future esoteric intervals such as 33 (7/9/16), 39 (7/15/16), 40 (7/16/16), 44 (7/20/16)…
7/15 is not over; more could be coming for this day. Here are a few other days that need watching in the near future.
40 days after – 7/16/16.
44 days after – 7/20/16. Note: President Obama is #44.
So what is the point to all of this? Due to the world’s running after sin, the forces of evil will gain greater power to wreak havoc upon the world. The culmination will eventually result in the horrific events of the first 4 seals brought about by man and the evil forces he has invited in. Then the false messiah will appear; who will deceive most of the world into worshipping him and taking his hellish mark. Then Seal 5, the persecution of Jews and Christians, and then our deliverance at Seal 6 and the rapture.
Thus these events occurring at esoteric intervals before and after the false messiah sign let us know that we are getting close to seeing the seals and the arrival of the false messiah/antichrist/UFO man. Most people are not prepared for what is coming.
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Update 7/15: As stated above, the day was not over and another major event occurred on 7/15; a coup occurred in Turkey. The military overthrew the government. I have changed the title and added the info into the day 39 info above.  BTW; 39 = 3 x 13, and 31 is a backwards 13.



  1. Bill, I'd be on the look out for another airliner shootdown on July 17th.

    TWA flight 800 july 17 1996
    MH17 july 17, 2014
    18 years to the day between (6+6+6)
    Flight XXXX july 17th 2016

    1. Thanks, for the info. Nathan leal had a dream of a airliner coming down, some think it may be in Chicago. Here is the link;

  2. I've always been concerned that the last Middle Eastern war would be driven by events, and the government, of Turkey, so the current attempted military coup there is a scary development for me, and something that we, as Christians, cannot take lightly, especially in terms of biblical prophecy.

    I'm not sure it will succeed, and certainly it won't succeed without massive bloodshed (which has, luckily, been avoided so far), but whether it succeeds or fails, the turmoil in Turkey and surrounding countries, and even the world financial community, will be rather massive, which could easily trigger other things that we need to be on guard for.

    Also, though I don't have the astronomical software to prove it, I'm almost certain that the Moon was in a direct line above Mars, and in the sky above Nice at the time of the truck massacre. While I don't completely buy such "signs in the heavens", such a "coincidence" seems too strong to me to not have any serious meaning, and I just wanted to mention that to you and all your readers as well, William.

    Strange, scary, and violent times for us all. :(


    1. Just looked at the skies above Nice, France, Mars is almost directly below the moon, and also Saturn, Moon Mars almost form an Isosceles triangle in the shape of the Eiffel tower. Have posted the pic in the beginning of the post.

  3. Watch tomorrow 7/16/2016 (7),6+1=(7),16 1+6=(7)=777,

    1. Yes day #40 is a day to watch, thanks for the additional info that adds to the watch.

  4. Here's some numerology for this date...