Monday, May 16, 2016

Signs of the End—The Coming Financial Crash

Lag BaOmer Bonfire
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Several indicators are signaling that we may be very near major events of the end times. One of the foremost of these indicators is economic. In fact many are saying that we are on the precipice of a major downturn in the financial markets. One such voice that has a track record to back up what he says is Bo Polny of Gold 2020 Forecast.
In his latest video Bo explains that because the markets have been trading sideways and have refused to fall, that when they eventually do, the fall will not be a collapse but a crash. He also says that cycle analysis dictates that the collapse will happen by July of 2016. His target range for the Dow is between 6000 and 12,000.
As you will hear below; in regards to gold and silver, gold has crossed the 600 day moving average and will continue to rise. Bo considers it to be financial insurance against the coming collapse and likens not having precious metals to not having insurance. Another must listen video!

As already mentioned Bo is one of many voices that are telling us the collapse is coming. Let me share a few more items that may be related to events in the near future.
Recently I put up a post about the 6/6/16 date being encoded on the dollar bill and the possibility of “events” around that time of which some may be economic in nature. In regards to the encodings I asked God to give me a confirmation about what I had written.
I just so happened to look at an online financial statement, which I do about once or twice a month, and of which at least one of the amounts listed below can change daily. Look at the numbers that showed up.
Most of you will recognize the significance of 322, 222, 44, and that 3222 is a backwards 2223. But let me show you a few more things.
3222 + 2223 = 5445
3222.75 – 2223.63 = 999.12
5 + 28 + 16 = 49
5 x 28 x 16 = 2240
5 + 3 + 16 = 24
5 x 3 x 16 = 240
5/28 – 5/3 = 5/25 (Taking 3 days away from May 28 is May 25)
They are some interesting numbers for sure! Speaking of May 25th my 11 year old son had a dream a few weeks back and he told me that something was going to happen on May 25th.
Z3 News has also identified May 25th as a date of a potential major event; Major Currency Changes Could Be Coming on May 25 2016.
May 25th in the Hebrew Calendar is Iyyar 17—the day that the flood started as recorded in Gen 7:11. At sundown on the 25th Lag BaOmer begins and is a time of lighting bonfires. (HT Matt).
Whether or not the financial crash starts on the May 25th I do not know. But in light of what Bo has told us about his cycle analysis the crash will happen by July and it will be violent.
Have you prepared physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually, for what is coming, all the while trusting God?
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Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information. 
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  1. Bill, Bilderberg is meeting 9 thru 12 june (shavuot is 12-13 june) in Dresden Germany. Dresden was completely destroyed in WW2 by fire bombing. Intentional firestorm created for the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible. Dresden was of no military value. Their choosing of Dresden is no accident.

    Dan Browns (davinci code Angels and Demons) latest "Inferno" due out 14 Oct in UK


  2. Shavuot, burnt wheat offering... we christians are the wheat. Does bilderberg mean they are going to try to burn the wheat after their meeting.



      Remember, The Almighty has a bigger plan.

    2. How much of this is planned? It started in the time frame of the sacrifice by fire.

      Now look at one of the results of the "natural disaster".

      If the US dollar is oil based then could this event be tied to it's collapse? The ecological impact of tainting the water over such a large area would produce casualties.

      Look at the date of the start of the fire 5/1/16

      This is beyond coincidence this is another act that seems random but facilitates the agenda of some large players. To bring down the US.

    3. Good info to ponder, the fires are effecting the markets and the attacks against Christians are accelerating