Monday, December 21, 2015

The Dollar Bill, 2997, and Christmas Day 2015

What does the dollar bill, 2997 and Christmas day 2015 have in common? The answer may surprise you and may be another synchronicity pointing to 12/25/15 as an important day to watch.
First let me make you aware that several end times related events that have already occurred are encoded on the dollar bill. One of them was Obamacare, another was the dedication of several important items to be used in the future temple. These encodings and several other things including the secret map on the dollar bill are explained in The Dollar Code.
Knowing that important past events were encoded on the dollar bill, and based on all the synchronicities pointing to Christmas day 2015, I decided to see if that day was encoded on the dollar bill?
Though it is not possible to know with absolute certainty at this time, 12/25/15 just may be. Here is the encoding;
12.2997 x 19.47 = 239.475159 = 239 years and 174 days (rounded up)
July 4, 1776 + 239 years, 174 days = December 25, 2015.
Due to time constraints I had to write this post up quickly and do not have time to go into all the specifics of the calculations, but here is a synopsis. 12 and 19.47 are esoteric numbers associated with the dollar bill, which is explained in The Dollar Code. 
The .2997 comes from 2997, another number of esoteric importance. Basically the way it works is; you take 12 and add an esoteric number in decimal form to it and multiply it by 19.47. This gives you a decimal number which you then convert to years and days and add it to July 4, 1776—the date on the dollar bill.
In this case July 4, 1776 plus 239 years and 174 days comes to December 25, 2015.
In The Dollar Code I explain the importance of 12 and 19.47 but the 2997 is new. So what is so special about 2997? Take a look at its factors.
The factors of 2997 are 1, 3, 9, 27, 37, 81, 111, 333, 999, 2997. Or listed in pairs the factors are;
3 x 999
9 x 333
27 x 111
37 x 81
BTW; 999 x .666… = 666, 333 x 2 = 666, 111 x 6 = 666, 37 x 18 = 666. Also 12/25 = 3/7 = 37.
All of those numbers have great esoteric importance, which I do not have time to go into, but below are some links that explain the significance of these numbers, some are from a Christian perspective and some are from a non-Christian perspective. But if you take time to look these up you will see the esoteric importance, both biblical and non-biblical, of each number. And the fact that they are all factors of 2997, makes 2997 a superior esoteric number.
Thus the possible dollar bill encoded 2997 in combination with the predictive programming from The Force Awakens, and The Black Knight Decoded lead us to believe that Christmas day 2015 is a day that needs to be watched.
Here area few other interesting things; 2997 days before 12/25/15 is 10/11/2007. 10:11 was the time stamp on the Black Knight Decoded video and will be the time of the Christmas full moon in several places in the world.
Strongs Hb #2997; "Jehovah builds,"
Strongs Gr #2997; 1) to crack, crackle, crash 2) to burst asunder with a crack, crack open.
Put them together—Jehovah builds a bursting asunder or cracking open.
Now take a look at one of the main numbers associated with the Las Vegas car rampage that just took place.
There is that number 37. In fact this event and the Paris attacks have many esoteric numbers associated with 2997, such as 999 as explained in this article.
What does all this mean? Are all these synchronicities coincidental or are they pointing out that Christmas day 2015 will be the day of a major event? I do not know the answer to those questions—time will tell—it is a day that needs to be watched.
The purpose in making you aware of these things is many fold. One of them is because we are told to watch and pray, another that we are not to be caught unawares. The purpose is not to cause fear in your heart, but to lessen your fear so that you are not caught unawares and you can pray and prepare.
If the NWS determined that it was possible for your area to be in the path of a hurricane, would you want them to issue a watch that may or may not come to fruition, or just let you be caught unawares because they did not want to make you afraid?
Do not be fearful, the end times are coming and many “fearful” things will happen. Those who know Christ should not fear, because God is our Father and is watching over us and our home is not on this earth.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
6 So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me. Heb 13:5,6
The end times are approaching fast; have you prepared for the end times? I have written a book to help you prepare. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany.
Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation.
Note: The information above consists of data that warrants the issuing of a watch for an event(s) to occur on a day in the future. Some watches that have been posted have come to pass, some have not. Thus you need to understand that the event(s) may or may not occur. This is only a “watch” not a prediction.


  1. Awesome post William!! The car plowing plus Jehovah meaning equals Hoover Dam destruction. I got the thought reading the post. Could be Christmas Day earthquake. I am watching.

    1. The Hoover antichrist birthing ritual event is a definite possibility, and the possibility will increase as we get closer to the fall of 2017.

  2. The news said 6:38pm. I multiplied 6.38 * 19.47 got 124.2186. The answer has numbers from previous posts for watch dates.

    1. another thought; 6 pm is 18:00 hours 18 = 6+6+6. 38 + 37 + 1, number injured plus dead

    2. That's right I forgot about 24h clock. Another thought. 3+8=11. 18 and 11. Very satanic numbers.

  3. Full moon from 1977 to 2015 is 38 years. 6:38 was the time of car ramming. Or 18:38 I found this intriguing.

  4. This is a bit long (sorry) and convoluted, William, but I need to write this, based on things I've found/felt since your last two blogposts. It relates primarily to things happening around me since, but certainly feels relevant to you/our 12/25-25th warnings. Let me begin, hoping some will read this.

    In your recent "Black Knight" post, you linked to a previous blog of yours, one where you drew "earth-lines" from the Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy assassinations to find things on the Earth. One of the things you found was that strange "sign" in the Moroccan Desert. To help explain what that sign might mean, you linked to another group's (Running from Babylon) blog post. Coincidentally, said post was entitled, "The Dark Knight of the Soul".

    I went to read it, for the obvious reason, but that post, unfortunately, no longer exists; so I decided to look for it, or something of the same ilk, with a Google search, . Google, figuring I'd misspelled "Night", gave me links based on the phrase, "The Dark Night of the Soul", instead. Here, I learned that phrase comes from the title of a poem written by 16th-century Spanish poet and Roman Catholic mystic, Saint John of the Cross. It's about the search for communion with God/Jesus, and all the internal turmoil that can create when you can't find that connection.

    In turn, this sent me to an article about the "untold" problems with meditation, about how some people who meditate suffer their own "dark night of the soul" where they feel "other powers" and bad feelings trying to overwhelm them (certainly a relevant subject in this day and age). This, finally, lead me directly to an article on Mother Teresa, who suffered what Father James Martin called, "perhaps the longest 'dark night of the soul' ever"... did you know that for 50 years of her life, Mother Teresa felt "no feelings of, nor connections with, God... neither in life, nor from the Eucharist"?

    Why was all this important to me, or of seeming relevance here? Some personal things, first.

    (Please see next post, as this was slightly too long to post in just one go… sorry)…


  5. (Continued from previous post...)

    Why was all this important to me, or of seeming relevance here? Some personal things, first.

    1) The day before your post pointing back to your MLK/Kennedy blogpost, I'd been thinking (a lot) about the racial strife in this country, and how one can link that back directly to the 60's assassinations of MLK and the two Kennedys.

    2) That very day I'd received something in the mail... a book written by the aforementioned Father James Martin (who I'd known nothing about until a few days before).

    3) I don't have prophetic dreams (nor do I dream in color), but also the day before I'd had the briefest blip of a dream. It was of a train coming out of a tunnel, with fire shooting out all the windows... and the train, and fire, were in color. Lying there, it made me think of the 2004 Madrid terrorist train bombings (and "linking" to the Spanish saint, above, whom I found out about after the dream).

    In a more universal sense, here are more "synchronicities"….

    1) Black Knight/Dark Knight/Dark Night – These three things seem too matched to be coincidental, IMO, so perhaps you should revisit the "Dark Knight" map to see if you've missed something, William? Also, the "Dark Night of the Soul" speaks to the trauma of losing connection with God, which matches your comments about the "coming apostasy and falling away from God" that a Dark Knight, extraterrestrial "event" might bring.

    2) Mother Teresa - Her own "falling away from connection with God" began when she started to help the poor in Calcutta, in 1948... the same year, as the Israeli Declaration of Independence was ratified. She received the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10th, 1979 (30 years later, about the length of Jesus' life, it went to Barack Obama... 'nuf said). In her acceptance speech, she bemoaned what she felt was humankind's biggest sin... abortion. The two countries with the greatest number of them, and the biggest sin? Russia and the United States... both worse now than they were back in 1979.

    In line with abortions, with what Mother Teresa directly said in her speech, and Christmas, she reiterated the story about when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, visited Elizabeth, that the "babe in her womb (John) leapt with joy". This was Mother Teresa's proof that the unborn still know Jesus, and another example of why abortion is such a sin. The United States will not remotely turn away from it, and we will suffer for it, as most of your blogs speak to.

    Lastly, I see it as NO coincidence that Mother Teresa has been in the news for the past few days, in this time just before Christmas, in terms of whether she should receive sainthood, too.

    3) The coincidence of all those "Johns" above, struck me, too, as something that ties all of this together… for me, at least.

    This is a bit of a ramble, I know, and too specific to things happening around me here in regard to the "coincidences" in your recent blogs. Still, I felt I needed to write them up and pass them along, for whatever bit they might be worth to our concerns about the upcoming days of turmoil.


  6. William- I have stated previously what a hard sell I am.
    I believe the majority of the synchronicities that you post are too many to be just coincidences. Sometimes I roll my eyes...sometimes I sit up in bed.

    Now...let me share something that just happened to me, another sit up in bed moment... may God punish me if I am fabricating this or stretching my story in the least!
    I study this stuff all the time but seldom tell my wife. She worries a lot on any subject,plus she gets real doubtful after I have shown her a few things that looked like for sure would have something happen, then nothing at all does. It does make one more doubtful...kind of like the boy crying "wolf..wolf" example.

    Well at the risk of adding yet another "wolf" is my story. I stayed home all day on Wednesday to help my wife prepare for our Christmas get together we are having today on Christmas eve. We had just crawled in bed last night and above our bed is a skylight. My wife mentioned the huge bright moon ..almost a full moon she said as it disappeared and reappeared behind some fast moving clouds. I commented that will be a full moon on Christmas Day, which is rather rare. I went on to mention that was what I kept reading about when I took a break from helping her during the day. I told her there are a lot of weird coincidences with this full moon on Christmas. She wanted me to tell her what some of them were , and I reluctantly tried to brush it off. I did not want to cause any lack of confidence in me if once again nothing happened. She kept insisting for me to tell her and I kept silent. Then out of the blue she commented..."Look at the clock by the says 11:11. I literally sat up in bed with hairs on my neck standing up! The digital clock said 11:11 pm! My wife has no interest in what phase the moon is in..or what time it is....except she comments once in awhile how she will wake up and the clock will say 3:33....or just happened to say 11:11 last night!. Well....I knew this Christmas Day full moon peaks at precisely 11:11 a.m. Universal Time as I had previously Googled that information! What another coincidence...or is it a coincidence?
    She then insisted again for me to tell her two things about this Christmas Day full moon....and now that I had sat up in bed with her out of nowhere comment about 11:11 on the clock...I told her about the Star Wars movie coming out now and how when it first came out in 1977 around the last Christmas Day full moon. Then I mentioned this is only the 9th full moon for our country. I told her there was a lot more to tell her, but it will wait till after Christmas. I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep until almost 2 a.m.....and here I am awake typing this at 4:30 a.m. I awoke with only 2.5 hours of sleep I am so wound!

    I feel something major "could" happen on Christmas Day....but if nothing happens...these coincidences are too many to be just by chance, but the good Lord restrained events a little further.

    1. Wow, and thanks for sharing, my wife is the same way, I'm not sleeping well either.

      I forgot to mention about the linked article in the summary post--9 eagle tail feathers on the dollar bill--eagle tail feathers are white may represent the Christmas full moons. In real life eagles typically have more that 9 tail feathers

  7. I find it interesting that the dollar bill shows 9 tail feathers on the bald eagle but actually there are 12 tail feathers. Whomever designed the eagle with 9 tail feathers surely knew that, and they could have easily had the correct number of 12 feathers drawn in....unless of course a subtle different meaning was being meant....such as the 9 full moons so accurately fits. I see this as completing the first phase of the USA through these 9 full moons ...bringing us to the fork in the road on this very day...with it now writing new history under the NWO coming. Just my opinion that has been shaped by blogs such as this one.

    1. Looks like a linchpin event occurred that may tie into the destruction of the dollar and eventual formation of the one world currency.

      Here is a thought:
      July 4 1776--begin
      Christmas 1776--1st Christmas full moon
      Christmas 2015--9th Christmas full moon
      July 4 2016--?