Monday, December 7, 2015

The 12/3 – 12/6 Watch; an Analysis

Several watches were posted for the dates 12/3 to 12/6.
The first post featured Eric Enz’s dream in which he saw a North Korean nuclear missile attack occurring on 12/3/15. There is no indication that his dream was fulfilled, unless of course the event was stopped, of which we may never know.
In the second post a watch was given for 12/3-4 for an event(s) to occur. This was based mainly on numeric data and the fact that the date was 9/22-23 in the Jewish religious calendar. As you are aware the San Bernardino Terrorist attack occurred on 12/2/15 at approx 11:00 AM PST. For about half of the world this event occurred on 12/3.
Fox News reported that a man was arrested on 12/3 posing as an Air Marshall who had weapons, body armor, and ammo in his car. Was another attack stopped?
Remember that 12/3-4 was 22 (2x11) days after the 11/11/15 marker. The 11/11/15 time marker was discussed in this post;
BTW; a watch was given for a event to occur 11 days past 11/11 on 11/22/15. A mass shooting occurred in New Orleans on that day and it was reported that a widespread world encompassing terrorist attack was thwarted. Here are the posts.
Another event that occurred on 12/3 that could have devastating effects in the near future was that high energy proton pulses started to hit the earth. As you will hear below, these are not solar related. This incoming energy that started on 12/3 could spawn earthquakes. Energy in—energy out—earthquakes and volcanoes—11x3=33.


In the third post a watch was given for 12/5-6 for an event(s) to occur. During that time there was another terrorist attack that killed more people than were killed in San Bernardino.
And there was a report that Turkey is holding 4 Russian ships, that some have warned could be the spark to set the whole Mid East ablaze.
40 day prior watch issued for 10/2/15; Umpqua shootings and South Carolina flooding.
Watch issued for 11/11/15; no major event occurred. Concluded the date may have been a time marker. Subsequent watch issued for events to occur at esoteric intervals past 11/11. Paris attacks occurred at esoteric number of 2 days past event.
11 day watch issued for 11/22/15; Mass shooting in New Orleans, and a major terrorist attack stopped.
22 day watch issued for 12/3/15; Mass shooting in San Bernardino, high energy pulses begin, Fake Air Marshall arrested.
Thus I believe that it would be prudent to watch 33 days past 11/11 which is 12/14/15, 44 days past 11/11, which is 12/25/15, etc…
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
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  1. Bill, z3news has released info that the LORD, in his mercy, has given us a one month delay. These things were to be taking place now but the LORD has given us an additional 30 days. After this there will be no more.

    the calander has been changed by the MOST HIGH. One last show of mercy to his rebelious creation.


    1. THX for the info I remember reading it, glad we have a little more time, and glad some of the things planned have been stopped