Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prophecy Watch: 24 Kislev

Have you ever heard the phrase; sometimes history repeats it’s self? We are approaching a date given in scripture, which due to its proximity to 9/22-23 in the Jewish calendar, bears watching.
The date is Kislev 24, and is listed in Haggai.
10 In the four and twentieth day of the ninth month, in the second year of Darius, came the word of the Lord by Haggai the prophet, saying,
11 Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Ask now the priests concerning the law, saying,
12 If one bear holy flesh in the skirt of his garment, and with his skirt do touch bread, or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any meat, shall it be holy? And the priests answered and said, No.
13 Then said Haggai, If one that is unclean by a dead body touch any of these, shall it be unclean? And the priests answered and said, It shall be unclean.
14 Then answered Haggai, and said, So is this people, and so is this nation before me, saith the Lord; and so is every work of their hands; and that which they offer there is unclean.
15 And now, I pray you, consider from this day and upward, from before a stone was laid upon a stone in the temple of the Lord:
16 Since those days were, when one came to an heap of twenty measures, there were but ten: when one came to the pressfat for to draw out fifty vessels out of the press, there were but twenty.
17 I smote you with blasting and with mildew and with hail in all the labours of your hands; yet ye turned not to me, saith the Lord.
18 Consider now from this day and upward, from the four and twentieth day of the ninth month, even from the day that the foundation of the Lord's temple was laid, consider it.
19 Is the seed yet in the barn? yea, as yet the vine, and the fig tree, and the pomegranate, and the olive tree, hath not brought forth: from this day will I bless you.
20 And again the word of the Lord came unto Haggai in the four and twentieth day of the month, saying,
21 Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth;
22 And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother.
23 In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith the Lord, and will make thee as a signet: for I have chosen thee, saith the Lord of hosts.
Notice that this date is repeated three times. The first God establishes the fact that even though Israel was chastised they refused to repent. The second mentions that God’s blessing will return to Israel, and the third that judgment will fall upon the nations.
The passage also tells us that Kislev 24 was the day that construction resumed on the second Temple.
In Jewish history on Kislev 24 the Jews attained a great victory.
But in the time of the Maccabees, when Syrian ruler Antiochus IV unleashed his great persecution against the Jews of Judea/Palestine, it was on Kislev 24 that the enemy was defeated and the Temple freed from its desecration. That is why the festival of Chanukah is celebrated beginning at sundown, at the end of Kislev 24.
And here is another Kislev 24 victory.
Sunday, December 9, 1917. General Allenby, leading the British forces (remember Lawrence of Arabia), liberated Jerusalem for the first time in centuries from Turkish/Muslim rule… The date on the Jewish calendar–you guessed it: Kislev 24.
This year Kislev 24 occurs on 12/5-6/15. Now there have been thousands of Kislev 24s throughout the centuries and nothing major happened on most of them. But it is possible that this year may be different. For one as already mentioned it immediately follows the 9/22-23 date that is a time of great interest as explained in this post;
Thus if history were to repeat itself, what should we watch for on this date? Maybe a Mid East event(s), a third temple event, and or a judgment of the nations event(s).
With all that is transpiring in the Mid East recently between North Korea, Russia, Iran and Syria in opposition to ISIS, Turkey and NATO, the situation is at the flash point and one more incident could set it off.
Remember we know from scripture that one day Damascus will be a ruinous heap and that the antichrist will perform the abomination of desolation in the third temple. If the sign of the woman clothed with the sun from Revelation 12 occurs in the fall of 2017, then “things” need to happen between now and then.
Therefore Kislev 24 needs to be watched, and if nothing occurs this year, which is a possibility, that would be all the more reason to watch Kislev 24 in 2016, which just so happens to fall on Christmas Eve.
Note: I received an email (HT Watcher One) in which the researcher believes that the Enoch calendar may point to the day of 12/15/15 as Kislev 24.
According to the ‘Enoch, or Qumran Calendar’, from the ‘eve of Shavuot’, 15 Sivan, or June 4, 2012 when the “new chapter” of the Iranian nuclear agreement began, to and including: 24 Kislev, December 15, 2015 is 1290 days.
If you are unfamiliar with the Enoch or Dead Sea Scrolls 364 day calendars, their accuracy in retrieving the linked above document “HAS BEGUN” date of June 4, 2012 in comparison to the Hebraic rabbinic calendars uneventful “start date” on the ‘eve’ of Shavuot 6 Sivan, or May 26, 2012 is not coincidental, although it also counts out at 1290 days on the rabbinic 24 Kislev, December 6, 2015.
Who knows maybe more than one calendar will come into play, therefore both dates should be watched.
And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. Mk 13:37
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. 1 Thes 5:6
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Prov 22:3
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Note: The information above consists of data that warrants the issuing of a watch for an event(s) to occur on a day in the future. Some watches that have been posted have come to pass, some have not. Thus you need to understand that the event(s) may or may not occur. This is only a “watch” not a prediction. 

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  1. Hi William. Today (Friday) I found out there was a second shooting in Savannah Georgia on top of San Bernardino California. I cannot figure out how these go into the watch dates as numbers do not match. Since there is a "two delay", I am thinking of Dec 5-6 as watch days. We are watching Dec 3-4 for the Kislev 24.