Friday, November 20, 2015

Prophecy Watch: 11/22/15

There is another date fast approaching that needs to be watched—11/22/15. Here is why; 11/22/15 is 11 days past 11/11/15. The date of 11/11/15 had many signs associated with it and it was a day that a watch for a major event was given. Nothing major occurred and one conclusion that was drawn was that it was a “behind the scenes” day and that other events may occur at esoteric intervals past that date as stated below.
Here is something to think about; it is possible that 11/11/15 was a “behind the scenes” date and that future events may occur at esoteric intervals past 11/11 such as + 11 days = 11/22, + 11 days = 12/3, + 11 days = 12/14, + 11 days = 12/25, etc. (HT Matt)
An event did occur at an esoteric number of days past 11/11—the Paris attacks occurred at the esoteric number of 2 days past the event as is explained in the linked post. Thus if there was a connection we may see other events occur at esoteric intervals past 11/11. One such number of great esoteric importance is 11.
11…it is the number which marks, disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration. There is not much concerning it in the Word of God, but what there is, is significant, especially as a factor.
Thus 11/22/15 bears watching because it is 11 days past 11/11/15. In the past I have seen significant events occur at 11 day intervals. 11/22 is also 9 days past 11/13/15 (Paris attacks). Nine is another esoteric number of importance. Together they would make a 911.
Speaking of 9; the Mali attacks occurred 9 days past 11/11. There were 27 killed, 2+7=9. So there is another event at an esoteric amount of days past 11/11.
BTW 11/22/15 is 2 days past the scheduled start of the CERN lead to lead collisions. It is also the 51st anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. There are 51 days exclusive between the Umpqua college shootings and 11/22. And let’s not forget about Area 51.
51 = 3 x 17. The circumference of CERN is 17 miles and 17 has a connection to the coming Ps 83 war against Israel that many think may start in the near future with it’s final battle at Armageddon. Again from Bullinger;
PSALM 83:6-11 gives us the ten and the seven in a different order. Verses 6-9 give us a confederation of ten enemies for the purpose of making Israel extinct, and "to cut them off from being a nation"; while verses 10 and 12 give us an enumeration of seven enemies which the Lord had destroyed in the past, with the prayer that He would do to the confederacy of the ten what He had done to the seven in the past.
The commentators agree that no such confederacy can be found in the past history of Israel, so that we are shut up to the conclusion that the Psalm is Prophetic, and speaks of a yet future confederacy of which the later Prophets speak more particularly.
11/22/15 is also 55 days past the last blood moon. It is also 11 days before 12/3/15—very important date, more on that later. 11/22/15 is also 2 months past the much signaled date of 9/22.
Here is something else to ponder; in the Movie 2012, one of the cars shows the license plate 2BR1564, and converting to all numbers makes 22181564.
Taking it is a decimal and multiplying it by 2520—the number of days in the 70th Week yields the following.
.22181564 x 2520 = 558.98
Adding 559 days (inclusive) to 5/13/14 (the possible start date of the 70th week) brings us to 11/22/15. BTW; the plate was on what looks to be a Porsche 911—a German car company.
Thus for the reasons listed above I believe that 11/22/15 should be watched. Possible events to watch for are; Hoover Dam, another terrorist attack, Manhattan event, financial crash, large earthquake, high level assassination, Mideast war, football game attack…
Note: Rick Wiles Daughter had a dream of a missile attack in a football stadium. One team was wearing red and gold.
Whether or not anything happens on 11/22 is yet to be determined, it is a watch date, not a prediction. Are you watching?
And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. Mk 13:37
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Note: The information above consists of data that warrants the issuing a watch for an event(s) to occur on a day in the future. Some watches that have been posted have come to pass, some have not. Thus you need to understand that the event(s) may or may not occur. This is only a “watch” not a prediction. 
For a great explanation on the purpose of watching; read the Running from Babylon post; THOUGHTS ON WATCHING.


  1. Apparently, the hacker group, Anonymous, believe they have uncovered "assault" plots from ISIS lone wolf agents, in both Paris again, and Atlanta, Georgia for Sunday, 11/22/2015, The one in Georgia was/is for a WWE wrestling event in Phillips Arena there (capacity - just over 18,000).

    It's getting some publicity now, so I imagine any attack there will be called off. Even more likely, they'll just cancel the event, which would be very sad, as it means the terrorists are basically "running the show" now, and that we've "lost". I mean, already, at least six plane flights have been diverted/cancelled since Paris... and probably a lot more not publicized, simply from fake bomb threats.

    The terrorists don't even have to do anything now... they just have to threaten to do it.

    Anyrate, this was supposedly planned for 11/22, and certainly fits the "major event" criteria above, so I thought I'd mention. Here's one of the news story links to it....


  2. Have you seen where anonymous is saying Isis is calling attacks at WWE event tomorrow n possible more in Paris

  3. Anonymous is hoping by announcing it they will cancel any plans

    1. Yes hopefully it will be canceled, and they will not pick another location.

  4. I know it's happend before when people who are evil plans are exposed they don't do it I pray that's the case I would love to go through this Holiday season with peace and love that this world needs and no more disasters or tragedies and pray that we can and also pray that many ore souls are lead to Christ

  5. Looks like the Brussels hotel lockdown is the event. Looking for ten more terrorist.