Monday, October 26, 2015

11/11/15 and the Shoemaker-Levy Jupiter Sign

The details of another amazing end times sign pointing to 11/11/15 has just been forwarded to me by Ron Reese. The Lord has allowed him to discover some truly amazing things. I have permission to present his work in full, which I am posting below. But let me tell you from the onset that even though I believe his discovery to be important, I do not agree with his conclusions. I will present my conclusions at the end.
I have just made a BRAND NEW discovery that I am extremely excited about.  It is an amazing confirmation of everything that I have been writing about this past year.  I am still in awe, at what I have been allowed to discover.  But please give me a few paragraphs to build up to it.
I am going to copy and paste what I wrote several months ago, so that you can all see what I wrote about the spectacular cosmic collision of the century, on the 9th of Av, July 16, 1994.  It had many Prophetic Signs written all over it.  It was, without a doubt, a DIRECT AND MULTI-FACETED WARNING SIGN FROM GOD OF HIS COMING 21 JUDGMENTS UPON MANKIND IN THE FORM OF THE TRIBULATION.
This Shoemaker--Levy Comet broke off into 21 pieces representing the 21 JUDGMENTS in the Tribulation.  It also represented 21 Years, taking us to the Year of 2015.  The first impact, of this monumental and Prophetic collision, struck at EXACTLY 11:11 a.m., Jerusalem time.  There were many, many more Prophetic aspects of this most spectacular astronomical event in our lifetime, as you can read about below, from my previous post.
I believe that our all-powerful God was giving us the year of 2015, and also the day of the year of ELEVEN ELEVEN for the starting time of His 21 Judgments to fall on mankind.  This conclusion is backed up even further with this latest brand new discovery that I have made this week.
21 fragments of the Comet leads us to the 21 JUDGMENTS in the Tribulation.  21 fragments also leads us to 2015, as the start of these 21 Judgments in the Tribulation.  21 years to the day from 9th of Av, July 16, 1994, leads us to July 16, 2015.  So, I then added the number of days until November 11, 2015, and the total number inclusively, counting July 16h as Day 1, and counting Nov. 11th as the Final Day, is 119 days.  At first I was a little bit disappointed that it did not come out to 120 days, as that is a REAL important Biblical number.
In my "BIBLICAL MATHEMATICS" book, there are only 9 triple digit numbers that are listed with Biblical meanings.  I did not think that 119 was one of those numbers with a Biblical meaning.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.  There were SEVEN complete pages, written exclusively about God's extremely important number of ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN.  It turns out to be one of the most important numbers in the entire Bible!!!
Are you ready for this?  Adding 119 days inclusively to July 16th of this year (which is 21 years from the date of this historic and extremely Prophetic Day, of this most spectacular event in the heavens, in our lifetime, takes us EXACTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year.  So, what does the number one hundred nineteen mean?  It means THE RESURRECTION DAY!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!
Jesus really meant it when He said there would be SIGNS in the heavens of His Return.  The number, and magnitude of Prophetic SIGNS in this Comet Shoemaker--Levy collision is unbelievable.  This is simply more icing on the cake.  What a mighty God we serve!  This is just totally AWESOME!  So, after you read the complete Prophetic account below, with your spiritual antennas raised high, go back and read the preceding paragraph again.
I know that I will hear from the naysayers, concerning this post, but I want some positive feedback from those of you, with whom this post is resonating.  Do you really believe that this most incredible astronomical event of our lifetime was not God speaking to us?  Was the date of it, the 9th of Av, just a coincidence?  Were the 21 fragments just a coincidence?  Is it just a coincidence that there are 21 Judgments in the Tribulation?  Is it just a coincidence that 21 years later is 2015, the Year that EVERYTHING is pointing towards?  Could it possibly be just another coincidence that the first of the 21 fragments struck Jupiter at EXACTLY 11:11 a.m., Jerusalem time?  And now we have this brand new discovery that is pointing DIRECTLY TO ELEVEN ELEVEN OF 2015 AS OUR RESURRECTION DAY!!!!!!!   Do you honestly believe that these are all just coincidences?
On top of all of that we have numerous other clues, calculations, puzzle pieces, and SIGNS, ALL POINTING DIRECTLY TO ELEVEN ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR!!!!!!!  If you honestly believe that every one of these SIGNS are just a coincidence, then I must serve a bigger God than you do.  I serve an ALL--POWERFUL GOD, who told us there would be signs in the heavens of His Return.  I serve an omniscient God, who is more than capable of orchestrating all of these extremely compelling puzzle pieces!
I believe we have arrived, fellow Christians.  Get your Rapture shoes on, and keep them laced up, and ready to go.  There used to be a brand of tennis shoes called PF Flyers.  That is the brand that I recommend, as we are getting ready to FLY AWAY.  I firmly believe that we have EVERY reason to believe that our RESURRECTION DAY SHOULD BE ELEVEN ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR!!!!!!!
Here is the excerpt of the post (below), that I wrote back in February, about all of the Prophetic aspects, except the one that I just discovered, of this Prophetic Comet striking Jupiter:
Sign #4.  The most spectacular astronomical event in our lifetime took place on the very historic day of the year of the 9th of Av, July 16, 1994.  It was the day that the Shoemaker-Levy comet struck the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter.  Many calamities have struck the nation of Israel on the 9th of Av, such as the destruction of both of their Temples on this same day of the year.  So many bad things have happened on the 9th of Av, over the years, to Israel, that it is a day of the year that strikes fear into the hearts of the Jews.
So, what was God trying to tell us by having this spectacular, and awe-inspiring event take place on the 9TH OF AV, in 1994?  Many Bible Prophecy students, including myself, believe this unprecedented event was a DIRECT WARNING FROM GOD OF COMING JUDGMENT UPON THE EARTH, IN THE FORM OF THE MANY JUDGMENTS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION DURING THE TRIBULATION!
Why are we to believe that?
A.  Because it happened on the 9th of Av, the day of the year, known for great calamities upon the earth, especially to the nation of Israel.  If God was trying to get our attention, He would have chosen the 9th of Av to do it.  This was NO coincidence.  July 16, 1994, the 9TH OF AV, was a God-ordained day to WARN THE WORLD OF HIS APPROACHING JUDGMENT ON MANKIND, IN THE FORM OF THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD DURING THE TRIBULATION!
B.  Because Jupiter, the planet that was struck, is known as the planet which represents God, in Biblical astronomy, mainly because it is the largest planet.  This Comet, represented man striking against God, or man's rebellion against God.  This Comet should have known better than to strike against God's planet (I'm speaking tongue-in-cheek here).  Obviously, this Comet came out 2nd best, in its futile attempt to strike God's planet of Jupiter.  Just like man should know better than to attempt to strike against God, or to rebel against God.  Man always comes out 2nd best.  It is always a futile attempt.  The Comet met its doom, by attempting to strike against God's planet,  just like mankind is going to meet his doom for rebelling against God, during the rapidly-approaching Tribulation hour,
C.  Because of the EXACT God-ordained TIMING of this spectacular event, we have every right to carry this parallel WARNING event even further.  God's response to this collision of the Comet striking against God's planet of Jupiter was to cause the destruction of the Comet, by having the Comet break off into INTO 21 PIECES.  Once again, it is NO coincidence that when mankind's rebellion against God reaches its climax, that God will strike back against man, just like Jupiter, God's planet, struck back against the Comet.  This Comet was no match, just like Mankind is no match for God.  How will God strike back against mankind?  In the form of the 21 JUDGMENTS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION DURING THE TRIBULATION!!!  21 PIECES REPRESENT 21 JUDGMENTS.
There are 7 Trumpet Judgments.  There are 7 Seal Judgments.  There are 7 Bowl (Vial) Judgments.  THAT IS A TOTAL OF 21 JUDGMENTS TO BE LEVELED BY GOD AGAINST MANKIND IN THE TRIBULATION, BECAUSE OF MANKIND'S STRIKING AGAINST GOD AND AGAINST GOD'S CHOSEN NATION OF ISRAEL.  THERE WERE 21 PIECES LEFT AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE COMET, AFTER IT STRUCK GOD'S PLANET OF JUPITER.  God's plan for destruction during the Tribulation is to strike this world with the very same number, 21 Judgments.  This was NO coincidence.  God was giving us a DIRECT WARNING, with this unparalleled astronomical event.  Has mankind heeded the warning?  Obviously not, with mankind's rebellion against God growing stronger every year.  How long will God wait until He pours out His Judgments agains mankind, in the form of the 21 Judgments in the Tribulation?
D.  The answer to the above question is almost certainly found in this collision of the Shoemaker-Levy Comet coming against Jupiter, God's planet.  The parallel is mankind being on a collision course with the God of this universe.  It is my opinion that , just like the 21 pieces left of the Comet, after it collided with Jupiter, represent the 21 Judgments in the Tribulation, they also represent THE NUMBER OF YEARS BEFORE THE COLLISION OF MANKIND AGAINST GOD CULMINATES IN GOD'S JUDGMENTS AGAINST MANKIND.  THE 21 PIECES REPRESENT 21 YEARS FROM 1994 TO 2015 FOR THE START OF THE TRIBULATION!!!
E.  21 in the Bible means "exceeding sinfulness of sin".  When Mankind's sinfulness exceeds God's limits, just like in the Days of Noah, and in the Days of Lot, God is forced to act.  God's mercy and grace does have a limit before His Judgments fall on Mankind.  His Judgment fell on the whole earth, except for 8 people, in the Days of Noah.  His Judgment fell on the whole population of Sodom and Gomorrah, except for Lot and his family, in the Days of Lot.  The reason was that mankind had exceeded God's limit for sin.  As in the Days of Noah, and as in the Days of Lot, so shall it also be in the days of the Son of man (Jesus).
That is why God has destined the Day of the Lord, the Tribulation hour, to deal with mankind's "exceeding sinfulness of sin".  It certainly is apparent to me that God is choosing to use His number of 21, which means "exceeding sinfulness of sin", to reveal the NUMBER of His Judgments on sinful Mankind, and the TIMING of his Judgments on Mankind.  There are 21 JUDGMENTS DURING THE TRIBULATION AND 21 YEARS OF WARNING WITH THE SPECTACULAR COLLISION OF THE CENTURY OF THE COMET STRIKING GOD'S PLANET OF JUPITER!!!  In 2015, the 21 years will be over.  It is becoming apparent that God, in his foreknowledge, knew when Mankind's "exceeding sinfulness of sin", would reach its zenith.  We have every reason to believe the answer is the year 2015.  Everything about this cosmic collision is pointing to the YEAR 2015, so the next question is, "When, after 21 YEARS, will be the DAY we should expect these 21 Judgments of the Tribulation to commence?"
F.  This is the SIXTH Prophetic sign of this Comet-Jupiter collision.  Man' s number is SIX in the Word of God.  It is MAN who is about to be judged with the 21 Judgments in the Book of Revelation.  If God is giving us the YEAR that His Judgments, in the form of the Tribulation, will start, with this 21-Year Warning, could He also be giving us the DAY???  Hang on to your hats, fellow Christians.  Are you ready for this ASTOUNDING, BREATHTAKING REVELATION, that I believe is DIRECTLY from God Himself?  The Shoemaker-Levy Comet, not only struck Jupiter, God's planet, on the 9th of Av. historically known as Judgment Day.  This spectacular collision, not only resulted in the destruction of the Comet into 21 pieces, as in 21 Judgments from Revelation, and a DIRECT WARNING of 21 years from 1994 to 2015.  But this God-orchestrated, unprecedented sign-filled collision, took place at 11:11 a.m., JERUSALEM TIME!!!!!!
I BELIEVE THE LORD WAS NOT ONLY GIVING US THE YEAR THAT THE TRIBULATION WOULD START, 2015, BUT ALSO THE VERY DAY OF THE YEAR, 11/11!!!!!!  If you do not believe this, then maybe you should read again carefully the six signs just presented to you, how this spectacular collision of the century was a DIRECT SIGN FROM GOD, right down to the last detail!  What a truly AWESOME, MERCIFUL God we serve, who would give us a specific, and awe-inspiring sign from the Heavens, just like was prophesied in His Word, right to the DAY!
When we consider the six specific WARNING signs, revolving around this Comet-Jupiter collision, and then consider that the Lord has given us ten other signs for a total of ELEVEN signs pointing DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15, how can we consider the time of the day of 11:11 a.m., Jerusalem time, to be just a coincidence???  I cannot.  Can you?  Circle 11/11/15 on your calendar.  Put whatever words of Warning the Lord leads you to on this Day of Destiny.  To me, this specific SIGN OF WARNING is literally breathtaking!
Anything else that I would choose to write in this post, would be anti-climatic, after this Sign #4.  So, I leave you after only four of the ELEVEN SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15, with more to come later.
Ron Reese
Again Ron is to be commended for his great work and I agree with him, this is a very important sign—celestial signs have proven to be very important. I also agree that this sign is pointing to 11/11/15 as a date of great importance. And as you read above, Ron believes 11/11/15 to be the start of the last 7 years and the day of the rapture.
In studying scripture I am convinced that the rapture will not occur until after the opening of the sixth seal. Obviously the sixth seal occurs after seals 1 – 5, it also occurs after the antichrist takes over the world, performs the abomination of desolation, and institutes the mark of the beast. None of those things have occurred yet; therefore I am convinced from scripture that the rapture cannot occur yet. Please read The Coming Epiphany for a full scriptural explanation—FREE download.
As far as the start date of the 70th week, that is not out of the realm of the possible. But if the sign of the woman clothed with the sun in 2017 aligns near the midpoint then I see the possible start date as 5/13/14.
So what will occur on 11/11/15? I am not sure, I see a lot of possibilities; Hoover dam antichrist birthing ritual, 11 plus magnitude earthquake, financial crash, EMP, meteor event, Seal 1 New World Order beginning takeover event, nuclear explosion(s), terrorist attack, high level assassination, NYC event, a Mid East event.
What exactly will happen, if anything, has yet to be seen, but it appears as if satan is getting ready to bring a major destructive event upon the world. As you are most likely aware 11/11/15 has many signs and warnings associated with it, and has the potential to be a day of the occurrence of a major end times related event. Here are the posts which explain these things.
Again I am not predicting anything to occur on 11/11/15 but with all the signs I would be surprised if nothing occurs— Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36.
BTW; 11/4/15 or 9/23/4713 is the next date to watch—that is the day we may see another warning event to 11/11/15. Are you watching?
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  1. Also, if the rapture which is described as Jesus coming as a thief in the night occurs on 11/11/15, then are we to assume that that the battle of Armageddon follows next? According to Rev 16:15-16, Jesus comes as a thief right before the battle of Armageddon. Given this timeline, all the seals, trumpets, vials and mark of the beast should have already occurred by now. Obviously, this has not happened so I think Ron's belief that the rapture can take place on 11/11/15 has a low probability.

    1. Scripture is clear that the rapture occurs before God's wrath is poured out upon the world. God's wrath starts after the opening of the sixth seal just after the rapture.

      15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

      16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

      17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

  2. What gets me is it specifically says of that day or hour no man knows so therefore saying the rapture will occur on that day is far from Biblical why would someone feel they can pinpoint the day to the exact when it's just not Biblical..for anything I've read that you yourself has wrote you haven't predicted exact dates..

    1. I agree that no one knows the day or hour. I believe scripture teaches that the rapture/6th seal will occur at an undisclosed time after the ac takes over the world.

  3. Nov 11th minus 47 days (40 days + 7 that the LORD gave Noah as a warning) = 25 Sept 2015 The Day the Pope announced the NWO.


  4. william hi. your replys yesterday happend to be at very coincidental times... ha ha 9:23, 9:11, 11:47 nice... peace from israel.

  5. 120 count would bring you to November 13. On this friday the 13th there is Wt119OF possibly making a landing in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka. Original name Lanka. Lanka is the name given in Hindu mythology to the island fortress capital of the legendary demon king Ravana. Interesting Ravana is a follower of Shiva.

    1. it has been said that when Shiva dances in the waters of the Hoover Dam (CERN bomb) the waters will break and the end times will begin in earnest.

  6. I do believe the end times are upon us..

  7. hi...since you mention to watch out for a major event between november 3 to 5, is the volcanic eruption in indonesia ( related to end times event?

    1. Unless it really becomes a lot bigger it is probably just another of the many volcanoes that are erupting right now. The increase in volcanic eruptions may play a large part in the end times. If a big one blows its top it can send the world into a volcanic winter and decimate crops. And volcanic eruptions can set off earthquakes and vice versa.

  8. I don't look for the tribulation, only Heaven. I've been there. The Lord escorted me into Heaven.
    "A description of it is beyond comprehension, as was my comprehension of it was beyond description!"
    Though I hope for the rapture - today would be nice - 11/11/15 is also nice - but Heaven is where my heart is:

    1. I wish the rapture would happen tomorrow but God has chosen for us to go through the first 5 seals and the we will be raptured at the 6th.