Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yet Forty Days and Judgment!?

Yet Forty Days and Judgment Will Come! Jonah put it like this; And Jonah began to enter into the city a day's journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.
I believe very strongly that 40 days from 10/2/15, which is 11/11/15; that there is a great possibility that the world may experience a severe judgment—lest we repent.
Ron Reese was the first one to alert me to the 11/11 date, and my investigations of the prophetic data that he presented and other information that I have found has led me to believe that 11/11/15 is indeed a day to watch for a severe judgment coming upon the world.
You can read the reasons why in these 2 posts.
Ron emailed me the following information regarding 10/2/15.
With all of the abundance of evidence pointing towards ELEVEN ELEVEN of 2015 to be the first day of the Tribulation, we HAVE to consider the possibility that God will give us a 40--Day Warning.  God gave the city of Ninevah FORTY DAYS TO REPENT, OR FACE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.  God's Biblical numbers for WARNINGS are 120, 40, and 7.  I wrote a RED ALERT post in the middle of July, because I believe that God gave us a 120--Day Warning, with the announcement of the Iran NUCLEAR deal.  This took place on July 14th, EXACTLY 120 days from the likely NUCLEAR Judgment on ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year.
One reason that I was not really anticipating the Rapture or the Sudden Destruction on Feast of Trumpets, or Feast of Atonement, this year, is because there were NO 120-day, or 40-day, or 7-day Warnings, for either of these dates.  However, for 11/11/15 we are batting 1000, with this Iran NUCLEAR deal being announced to the world, EXACTLY 120 days before the probable NUCLEAR
Judgment upon this world on the first day of the Tribulation, on 11/11/15.  This means we should be watching intently on Friday, Oct. 2nd, for a POSSIBLE FORTY-DAY WARNING.
In commenting on that; I agree with Ron, I believe that it is possible that we could see a 40 day warning on 10/2/15. However I do not believe as Ron, though I could be wrong, that the 11/11/15 possible event will be the start of the tribulation—the last 7 years on earth. I think that may have started on 5/13/14. I also do not believe that we will see the rapture any time soon for I am convinced from scripture that the antichrist must perform the abomination of desolation and take over the world first.
So what might happen as a warning on 10/2/15? Ron believes we could see the following.
There is absolutely NO limit on what God might use for a 40-day Warning.  Let me just suggest a few possibilities, in no particular order:
1. The complete destruction of Syria (Isaiah 17:1).
2.  Israel attacking Iran's NUCLEAR facilities.
3.  The beginning of the Psalm 83 War.
4.  Besides the above 3 suggestions, another event that starts World War 3.
5.  The official signing of the Iran nuclear agreement.  This seems to be a real possibility, because of what the 120-Day Warning was.
6.  The stock market collapse, bringing about worldwide depression and economic disaster. (Many financial experts are calling for the stock market collapse to be in October, and also on a Friday).  Oct. 2nd is this Friday.
7.  A monstrous natural disaster, probably in the United States, because we should expect the Sudden Destruction (NUCLEAR) to take place in the U.S. (New York City--Mystery Babylon???), as that is the target of the NWO elite, in order to bring about their one-world government.
8.  The Rapture.  Could the Rapture POSSIBLY be the 40-Day Warning to the rest of the world to REPENT before the Tribulation is scheduled to begin on ELEVEN ELEVEN???
If there is to be a 40 day warning, what do I think it might involve? I agree with the list above, except as I said before, I believe from scripture that it will not be the rapture.
Additionally, if what I am envisioning may occur on 11/11/15 is correct, then I also see an earthquake as a possibility. Where might it occur? In a location with Manhattan in the name like Manhattan Beach, CA, etc. It could be Manhattan NYC, but not necessarily. Hollywood and Japan is also on my list of places to watch. Want a time? 9:28 AM.
Regardless of if a 40 day warning occurs or not, I feel strongly that 11/11/15 has a very strong potential to be the day of a major event and judgment upon the world. More on that to come in the future, Lord willing...

Note: Using inclusive counting the day would be 10/3/15.
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  1. Bo Polny: God’s JUDGMENT on New York 2015…Joaquín!

    Joaquín means “established by YAHWEH” in Hebrew.
    The Perfect Storm named Joaquín is headed for New York, created by God to bring JUDGMENT starting October!?