Sunday, September 6, 2015

For the Record; The Rapture and September 2015

You would be amazed at how many people misinterpret what I say, don’t understand what I say, refuse to believe what I say, or accuse me of saying things that I never said. Oh and don’t let me forget being called a false prophet, a heretic, being cussed out, and being warned that what I am doing is evil. 

So for the record let me try to make some issues very clear. 

1. The Rapture; I do not know when the rapture will occur. Scripture does not reveal the day, but it does give us a general time frame. Scripture tells us that the rapture will occur at Seal 6. Seal 6 occurs after the antichrist takes over the world near the midpoint, and before Armageddon. I do not know when Seal 6 occurs only that it has to occur after seal 5 and before seal 7. 

Further; if the sign of the woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet, occurs in the fall of 2017, and aligns with events near the midpoint then the rapture would occur between the fall of 2017 and 2021. 

If the sign of the woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet, occurs in the fall of 2017, and aligns with events near the beginning of the 70th Week then the rapture would occur between 2021 and 2024. 

If the sign of the woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet does not occur in the fall of 2017, then the rapture will occur sometime after the sign occurs in accordance with the parameters above. 

If I had to pick a scenario, I pick the first one. We will not know for sure until we see the seals occur and the antichrist perform the abomination of desolation and take over the world. It is not until after those events that the rapture becomes imminent and will occur at an unknown time after the opening of the sixth seal. 

For a thorough analysis with scriptural support see The Coming Epiphany. 

2. September 2015; Here are a few things that I have written 

Again what does all this mean and what is going to happen? I am not going to pretend to give the impression that I know exactly what is going to happen come September 2015. For all I know nothing could happen, but from all the signaling I think there may be some big events planned. Here is a conclusion from the linked post above. 

“Thus based on all the data that I have seen, I believe September 2015 is shaping up to be a very tumultuous time period. More specifically as stated above in the post regarding the 33 things about September 2015, it is looking as if this time period may also involve CERN, UFOs, and great destruction upon earth, which may include the Hoover Dam antichrist birthing ritual, and a fake asteroid impact. This time may also include a fake rapture. Thus it looks to me to all add up to a time of major DECEPTION that will be antichrist related!”  

So let’s suppose that come September 2015 many people disappear in a fake rapture. Now ask yourself the question why would the satanic forces want to stage a fake rapture? Consider this possible scenario. 

Suppose some very apocalyptic things start occurring in September, such as a huge financial downturn, Hoover dam destruction, tsunami, riots, etc. as envisioned in the linked post above. This gets the masses thinking that the end times are here in earnest. Then along with all that turmoil a whole bunch of people disappear, but true Christians are not taken. The official explanation for the disappearance is that these people were granted ascension to another planet by alien beings. It would also be explained that the aliens were the ones that brought life to this planet… 

I could go on, but are you getting the picture? What do you think would result from such occurrences? I think a whole bunch of people would abandon Christianity—aka the falling away. And I think that many true Christians will be left shaken and confused because they have erroneously believed in the false pre-tribulation rapture theory, and that theory does not allow for such happenings.  

Get it through you head—the rapture will not occur until after the falling away, the antichrist is revealed, and the antichrist performs the abomination of desolation. Further the rapture will not occur until after the moon is turned to blood during the 6th seal events. 

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come: Acts 2:20  

Then look up, for your redemption draws nigh. 

…There is so much that is being claimed and said about September 2015 that it makes one’s head spin. Here are 33 things I have identified and the list keeps growing.  

And some more  

Therefore the claims and the predictive programming indicating that the rapture will occur on 9/23/15 are hereby proven false by God’s Word—no one knows the day, and it is too early in the prophetic timeline for the sixth seal events to occur yet.  

And let me reiterate if there is a “rapture event” of some sort I believe it will be a demonic deception involving UFO aliens/demons for the purpose of getting the masses to accept the coming antichrist. Who knows they may even try to fake some sixth seal events with HAARP, CERN, and those holograph producing satellites. 

So according to the Word of God we know what cannot occur, so how about what can occur this September? As I have stated before in previous posts I believe whatever happens the main event will be DECEPTION which may CERNtainly involve descended demon masters—aka UFOs—along with a fake rapture and some earth shaking physical and economic events.
These could lead to the great “falling away” or “apostasy” and possibly the opening of Seal 1 and the conquering world force—the New World Order—implementing the beginning steps of the takeover of the world.
That is the data/chatter that I have to date, and the big question is; what will happen in September 2015 and the much signaled date of 9/22-23/2015? Is it another hyped date in which nothing will occur, or is that what they want you to think, so that you are caught unawares? Or are they hyping people about events so that they will be easily deceived as to their true meaning and purpose. 

I would say that there are way too many synchronicities for the date to pass without anything happening, but on the other hand I know that all that is being said will not occur and I am sensing a major deception brewing. 

Of all the items above, the one that seems to be getting the most attention and signaling is the predicted meteor/comet impact for the time around 9/23/15. Will a comet or meteor strike the earth at that time? 

Here are the possibilities I see.
1. A meteor/comet will hit the earth.
2.     They will fake a meteor/comet hitting the earth.
3.     They will prevent a meteor/comet from hitting the earth.
4.     Nothing will happen.   

Out of all the possibilities I think that #2 is the most likely candidate—there is just way too much hype, and what I believe to be disinformation, about this meteor/comet. So if an event occurs I think it will be staged.
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  1. I just want to thank you so very much for all of your research and the accurate way you share God's Word. His Word is our only rule of faith and practice and that is what you share all the time. I thank God for all that you are and all that you do and that you continue to share until that day......whenever it is.....Blessings

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers, may we all be strengthened in His will as the Day draws near.

  2. I appreciate your ministry and the time that you take to make these things known to the body of christ. The "word is precious in these days", and it seems that many do not know the times or the seasons. Keep up the good work, brother. God is faithful and will reward you for your labor of love. Blessings to you!

  3. It is not until after those events that the rapture becomes imminent and will occur at an unknown time after the opening of the sixth seal.
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