Thursday, August 27, 2015

Woe! Batman Movie Dark Knight Rises Contains Predictive Programming That Points to September 22, 2015!


That’s right the infamous Batman movie “Dark Knight Rises” contains predictive programming that points to 9/22/15! This may be the date of the fulfillment of the title of the movie—the dark knight rises—or even Strike Zone 2 on the Batman map . Before I get to that, let me start by showing you the predictive programming from the movie pointing to 9/22/15.

Many of you have seen this before, but take a look at this trailer.

Did you see the number 322 under the booth just before it blew up?


Well guess what is 3 years, 2 months, and 2 days (322) past 7/20/2012—the date that the movie was released, and the date of the infamous Aurora shootings. 3 years, 2 months, and 2 days (322) past 7/20/2012 is September 22, 2015!

Also notice in the trailer how the satanic figure who detonated the bombs came up from below—like through a portal from the underworld. Also notice that the police were searching in a curved tunnel—kind of reminded me of CERN. Now let me show you why these things are important and what they may mean. 

147 days after the Aurora shooting, on 7/20/12, was another infamous event, the Sandy Hook shootings, which occurred on 12/14/2012. This event that occurred at the esoterically important number of 147 was what I believe to be Strike Zone 1 on the Batman map that I aligned over the United States as shown below. 

Note: I have found further confirmations that this map is aligned correctly which can be read here;  Bullinger believes 147 is a number associated with the antichrist. BTW; did you notice that a school child sung the National anthem? Another bit of predictive programming. 

Thus the Sandy Hook shootings, in relation to the Batman movie/Aurora shootings, establish two facts. 

1. A major event occurred at an esoterically important number past the release date of the Batman movie. 

2. The Batman map overlay I created aligns the location of the event with a Strike zone.  

Now the question remains, can we assume that future events will follow the same general patterns? I believed so and in the past I issued 2 warnings for the dates of dates 6/7/13 which was 322 days past 7/20/12, and 11/1/13 which was 147 days past 6/7/13 and 322 days past 12/14/12.  

And what happened on 6/7/13—the day I issued a warning for? The Santa Monica shootings. And what happened on 11/1/13—another day I issued a warning for? the LAX shootings. 

Here is a summary of the data  

7/20/2012 (Aurora) to 12/14/2012 (Sandy Hook) is 147 days. 

7/20/2012 (Aurora) to 6/7/2013 (Santa Monica) is 322 days. 

12/14/2012 (Sandy Hook) to 11/1/2013 (LAX) is 322 days. 

6/7/2013 (Santa Monica) to 11/1/2013 (LAX) is 147 days. 

Here are quotes and links from the original posts and the date they were posted. 

Here is the first warning I issued on June 5, 2013. 

So this is the data that I have at this time. Will the evil forces aligned with satan try to pull off something big on 6/7/13? Will they set off underground bombs at Yellowstone, or will they try something else? Or will they wait another 147 days till 11/1/13? I do not know, but I see enough data to make me believe it is possible that they may have something planned for 6/7/13.

Here is the second warning I issued on October 17, 2013. 

…I am not sure, but In light of the pattern of events and all the connections, I think it is highly possible that evil forces aligned with satan may have something planned for 11/1/13. What exactly that will be I am not sure. I do see that some of the data is pointing to Yellowstone, but I also realize that they may have something else planned for that day, like a mass shooting or an incident at a sporting event, and Yellowstone could be on a future pattern day.

So I am convinced that in the past events have occurred at esoteric intervals of 147 and 322 in relation to the Batman movie release day. Now the question remains; does this mean that a major event will occur 3 years, 2 months, and 2 days past 7/20/12.  

Did anything of importance occur 1 year, 4 months, and 7 days past 7/20/12? That date works out to be 11/27/13. Does that date sound familiar? A special event occurred that will not occur for another 70,000 years—Hanukkah and Thanksgiving coincided. 

And did anything of importance happen 1 year, 4 months, and 7 days past 11/27/13 which would be 4/3/15? Take a look at these headlines. 

Iran, World Powers Reach Framework Nuclear Deal
Kenya: 147 Killed in Al-Shabab Attack on University

And if you add the days first and then the months and years it comes to the alternate date of 4/4/15—Passover—the day of the third blood moon of the tetrad! Woe, I am seeing a lot of synchronicities. 

Thus in light of the fact that a special event occurred 1 year, 4 months, and 7 days past 7/20/12 and several more special events occurred another 1 year, 4 months, and 7 days after that, and that 322 is an esoteric number in which past events have occurred in relation to the Batman movie, and that 3 years, 2 months and 2 days past 7/20/12 aligns with the much talked about September 22-24 time frame, and that CERN is cranking up at that time, and that many think CERN may open a portal to the underworld, and in light of the title of the movie—Dark Knight Rises, I would say that it is highly likely that an important future event(s) may occur on 9/22/15. But you already knew that right, so this is just another piece of data pointing to that possibility. 

Note: I have found over 30 other things that are important about that time period that you can read about here; Beware September 2015! A Great Deception is Brewing! I Know What is Going to Happen and it is Not What You Think! 

And if the pattern holds for 9/22/15, what could be the next event(s)? Well what did we see in the film? The destruction of Gotham city, and the death of a high raking person in booth 322 who was pleased at the destruction that was taking place. So an event(s) around those themes could be a possibility. We also should consider the fulfillment of the title of the movie—the Dark Knight Rises. And let’s not forget about the possibility of Strike Zone 2.  

In regards to Strike Zone 2; according to the map overlay Strike Zone 2 aligns with Yellowstone. I have found some interesting things about Yellowstone and its relation to North Korea and a satellite image that looks like President Obama.

And guess whose country just had 50 submarines go out to sea? North Korea—beware the panda bear. Here is the link; The NUKING of Yellowstone—BEWARE the antichrist “Ring of Fire” Birthing Ritual—Our Greatest Threat

In regards to the destruction of “Gotham” city; here are a few cities of interest related to the things above. If you draw a line from Aurora, CO to Pittsburgh and continue the line it hits Philadelphia. So what, right? The stadium scene in the Batman movie was filmed in Pittsburgh and as you can see below I found some very interesting things there. Woe, I Found One of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Google Earth


And in regards to Philadelphia the pope is scheduled to visit Philly on 9/26 and 27/2015. And let’s not forget about what Guccifer has revealed; that hacked illuminati emails claim there will be a nuclear attack on a Pennsylvania city in 2015.


In regards to the death of a high ranking official; since many of the events listed above, which occurred at intervals of 147 and 322, were shootings then any future event in the pattern may also involve a shooting. Or were all those prior shootings just sacrifices to the devil for the purpose of ensuring success in the next event? I just hope that if a high ranking official does get a head wound, that he is not brought back to life.

That is the data that I have at this time, whether or not any of these things will occur on 9/22/15 or the days shortly before or thereafter I do not know. I am not predicting anything, just showing you the data, maybe these things mean something, and maybe they don’t. But now you are aware of the facts, and you can decide for yourself.  

Let me give you another 3:22, one from Lamentations 3, and a few verses around it. 

21 This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.

22 It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

24 The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

25 The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

26 It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. 

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  1. I remember your chart about the Friday crescent moon shootings...all either 147 or 322 days apart, with a couple of bizarre 28 day pauses in there... (147+147+28 = 322) and of course 28 days is one full cycle of the moon, another important pagan/illuminati observance. Interesting that this past week's stock market "Black Monday" + 28 days puts us right in that same week of Sept 21...

  2. The September 21st 2015 time frame marks the greatest brilliance of Venus as the morning star(lucifer) it rises before the Sun in the East.Check out www., the position of Venus in the night sky 2015-2016 to get some insight into what is happening. The Knesset of Jupiter,Venus, Mars in Leo on October 26th 2015 is what looks to mark the Advent of the 8th king and death/falling of the 7th. Jupiter=king, Mars= war rebellion insolence, Venus as the morning star= light bringer Aka lucifer, in Leo Royalty. Israel Kensett(assembly) convened on 2/14/1949 the half way point between 2/14/1949 and 10/26/26015 is 6/21/1982. Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be forming a series of triangles in Leo in October of 2015 let's say between 10/13 plus and additional 13 days to the 26th of October on the 13th of the biblical calandar were as 10/13 is 13 hours 13 minutes from the spring equinox total solar eclipse, ever seen a triangle with 13 connected to maybe a capestone? George l is the first king George vl(6th) is the one that "is" and still is the 6th to this day until Queen Elizabeth is taken out of the way which means Prince Charles has the unfortunate position of the 7th king Prince William has the position of the 8th from King George l, This is a direct male line no Queens or brothers or uncles Only Father's OR Grandfather's but if you were to include all of them Prince William is the 13th from George l. And on October 26th 2015 it is 8 cyles of 12960+793 that equal the working part of the equation of the molad cycle from the start of Kings George's rein to 10/26/2015 it is 8 equal parts of the of this numerator to the day.

  3. There are numerous references in that movie to a beast coming up out of the pit, "Sometimes the pit spits one back.". The 'prison' pit from which Bane rose out of. Bane (the child's protector) is freed from the pit by a powerful occult society "the League of shadows". The child (Antichrist) is the first to escape the pit (Hell). The L of S frees Bane (Lucifer) & his lieutenants (other high ranking fallen angels) to strike the old world... and attempt to usher in a new one.


  4. Some additional observations on Juipter, Mars Venus in the October 23rd to the 26th 2015 time frame. Venus as the morning star amd bringer of the dawn will be at its greatest a altitude in the northern hemisphere. It is during this time that Venus and Juipter will be as measured from the spring equinox solar eclipse at a RA of 11 hours 6 minutes or 666 minutes in Leo. Venus reaches an AU of .666 on the 22nd and Juipter will reach 6.066AU on the 23rd of october 2015. Venus will be at its equinox position(half light half dark) on the eliptic when in conjunction with Jupiter within 24 hours of the 666 minute mark. The two positions lucifer wants is the north and ascending to the highest position, this is what is happening to venus during this time frame, in the *norther* hemisphere Venus reaches it's *highest* altitude in conjunction with Juipter @ 6.066AU and .666AU at the 666 minute mark within about a 72 hour window in Leo. Balance of days in the Georgian calandar on October 26th is 66 days and the balance of 600 minutes remains in the 24 hour solar year as 10/26 is the 14 hour mark

  5. SEPTEMBER 23, 2015— Autumnal Equinox which Occurs at 3:22 AM CDT.

  6. "The bomb will go off in 23 days" that's what Lucius Fox mentionned in the movie