Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Nuclear Rugby Game Dream

Update added 7/25

I was sent this dream last night and am posting for your consideration.

This Saturday at Ellis Park Jo’burg, 25:07:2015, the South Africa/New Zealand game is apparently “promising a firestorm”, according to local NZ media reports; the game commencing 5:05pm SA time, second half commencing 5:55pm. 

In 2005, I received a startling dream. I was standing outside of a large sports stadium, which looked quite modern but also appeared to be quite old, or established, as if refurbished. wherein a NZ/SA Rugby International was being held.  In the dream, it was a Rugby World Cup year, which I had presumed at the the time to have been the 2011 event, (the final held at Eden Park, refurbished 2009-11, which began at 9:11pm, the trophy awarded at 11:09, the times said to involve meeting “International commitments”).  Eden Park is also on an “extinct” volcano. 

In the dream, a group of Evangelical type Christians had set up a display.  Two of them were known to me, one being a Evangelical British man, the other a Pentecostal American woman (as in an Anglo-American combo), part of a team of “missionaries” who had set up an installation made up of small, open fronted calico “Booths”, about one foot high and deep and about a cubit in width.  Each booth (the word I heard) contained a display concerning those things which most trouble many Xians as to the state of the world.  They were acting like Puritans.  The displays included issues such as homosexuality, abortion etc... 

I looked up and saw people in the stands, young men, white, and about the same demographic.  I could see the side of the stadium where they sat silhouetted against the sky – I could see only a few and one in particular has stuck with me, as I sensed that his life was about to be snuffed out in an instant.  I heard in my heart they would all perish. 

People were milling past the display, behind which was a smallish but very well manicured, sloping grove of trees and grass, with seats, a designated resting place, on council (common) land, but no one would step over this barrier, even though they could if they wanted to, I sensed more out of fear of hell than respect for God.

I looked back at the displays and asked these latter day missionaries “What are you doing?”  Not so much as a question but more like an incredulous “What are you guys about, where are you coming from?”   

They said, almost as if with one voice, “We have to convince them of their sin in order to get them saved...” 

Out of my inward parts came this, “No you do not!  You have to persuade them of their righteousness!”   

Immediately the words came, I awoke and sat bolt upright in bed – stunned – I had never heard such a thing, but I knew it was The Word which spoke it, and faith comes by hearing, and the hearing comes by The Word.  Selah.

Political Zionists cooperated with SA on the production of “Dirty Bomb” Uranium Nukes in the 1980’s with 90% enriched Uranium (weapons grade) supplied by the uSA?  The same Communist Zionistas which backed Slovo and Mandela –  South Africa apparently disassembled its nukes in the early 1990’s – saying that they had only 6 assembled, yet there is evidence of as many as 10 functionable 10-18 kiloton yield Uranium fission gun type devices.  Think Nagasaki for effect of such a weapon. 

On 11:04:2001, in the worst SA Sports arena incident, 43 people were crushed at Ellis Park during a Soccer game featuring the Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates; by being pressed into a Press Box.  The same clubs were involved in the stampede at the Oppenheimer Stadium 13:01:1991 (named after Oxford educated German Jewish Anglican mining scion Harry Oppenheimer). 

Saturday night is the 25th of July, which is the 9th of Av, Erev Tish'a B'Av, which commences commemoration of the destruction of the Jewish temples; a particularly auspicious day in the Jewish calendar.   

It is also 14 weeks until the 31st of October, Halloween/Samhain Rugby World Cup final.  (2 x 7 x 7)

It is also the Roman feast day of an ancient Roman goddess, Furrina, the Roman underworld deity of Springs and water.   

Ellis Park is the site of the spring which becomes the mighty Limpopo River.

A terrorist bomb was set off at Ellis Park during the ANC terror campaign, as it was a predominantly white Middle Class area – remarkably like Eden Park, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jo’burg was built on diamonds and gold, extracted by the Oppenheimer /Rothschild Anglo American Corp.  It still is.  The wealth extracted from that ground has been simply mind boggling.  Diamonds are only found in volcanoes, as is most gold also “found” in volcanic zones

In 1952, American prophet William Branham spoke of a booth being prepared in South Africa, a tent, or tabernacle, where 300,000 would be gathered.  Seiner van Rensburg prophesied of great civil unrest in SA and of a civil war, which would be won by the White South Africans.  A false flag at Ellis Park could precipitate such a conflict. 

and in another email
BTW – this Saturday night is also the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the NZ parliament in Wellington, and the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 also being celebrated. 

It is 115yrs, 9mths and 15 days since the start of the second Boer War.   113yrs, 1mth and 26 days since the end of it. 

It is 134yrs, 10mths, 10days since the start of the first Boer War, or 49,255 days, which adds to 25, todays date, and 49,067 (13,13 OR 26) days since it ended, or 134yrs, 4mths 3days. 

Johannes is the 43rd book of the Bible.

If there are folk down there tonight with such a display, which will have been set up with the agreement/permission of the Council, then it may be bets to get far away, very quickly – my sense was that some would be warned and not go, but that those who did go would be incinerated. 

I hope it was just the Pizza...

Update 7/25

I received another email from the same man

Hi Bill. in prayer last night over the matter, I saw in the Spirit a device being shut down in three stages. 

One thing which did bother me about Ellis Park is that it is 63,000 capacity, when in the dream the number attending was 52,000.  I had reasoned that people would maybe stay away...but as we can see, to a SA rugby fanatic, it would take more that the suggestion that there may be a plot hatching would not prevent them.

The key words from William Branning were booth and Durban.   Kings Stadium, Durban, has a 52,000 capacity and is hosting Argentina on 8:8:2015 which is 888. 

These people keep their options open and will have contingency plans and if there is not repentance then the stakes will simply get higher and the wrath being laid up for the day of wrath shall increase until God literally cannot hold back the judgment Mankind is demanding upon themselves.  He showed me the bowls of wrath 10yrs ago, that they were running over even then, and that each time they spilled, something catastrophic would happen on the earth. 

I would be set to prayer over Durban, but if so be that it is to be annihilated, then there is little that may be done to prevent it.  Durban too, is one of the 33 cities sited by the Rockefeller Foundation as the world’s most resilient cities, which to me means that this is where Jesus still has HIS strongholds established, and so these cities become targets.  Durban is a gateway to SA – maybe someone wants to close that gate.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both Port cities, as is Durban, and August 6 –9  is 70yrs since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

If you know the churches in Durban who may plan to snare some proselytes on the way into the ground, there is a sloping copse at the entrance.  The critical element in the dream is these booths – if you or anyone should see such a display set up at a major Rugby Ground in SA, then BEWARE! 

Given that I have had visions and dreams which have taken anything from mere minutes to many years to occur, I look for the key or salient points given, which is why the 52,000 ground capacity stands out too, and which made me first look at Eden Park, which was upgraded to 51,000 capacity for the 2011 RWC.

It may also be that this incident seen in the dream might even be next year or whenever – but one thing i have found is that the plots i see being hatched are seemingly not set in stone and have subtexts and alternative targets, and can are will be prevented by prayer. 

However, if they cannot get one target, they will have an alternative target.   When I saw the device being shut down, it was like in three stages all the power to cause pain was taken from it, and at the last phase, it became as lead and dead.  Powerless. 

Here are the 100 cities.  I have “seen” many of these cities destroyed in the Spirit.

By the way, King’s Park was vying for the All Blacks game but missed out to Ellis Park.

0(:->)  Well, well, Google Earth will not let me view Durban any more...

and another one

Hmmmm----booths – and a sloping grassed “PEOPLES PARK”.  Oh boy, I did not see this!  And Durban is a target city.  Are there some quite powerful saints there?  Intercessors? 

And I am still shut out of Google Maps – but i found this online.  Can you see the Kings Park stadium from this point? 

See if a church group has booked this space on 8/8/2015  -  I see the ground cap is now listed a 55,000. 

I do note the kick-off is 5:05 again, SOS?  That would make the second half at 5:55 again. 

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  1. In Daniel 7:6,7,8 one little horn, came between the ten horns, and the ten horns are from the four beast, not from the third beast wich is the old Greek empire of Alexander, besides the old Greek empire of Alexander had four horns, not ten, and from the four came other little horn.

    And in Daniel chapter two describes four kingdoms (Daniel 2:39,40) and then the end (Daniel 2:44) , wich it means: Babilonia empire, old Medo-Persian empire, old Greek empire, and one more kingdom, so...the end not yet arrived, and we are not in the old Greek empire, niether in the old Medo-Persian empire, or in the Babilonia empire, wich it means that we are in the fourth kingdom which have ten horns ( Daniel 7:7) wich are ten Kings, or Presidents and Countries, wich have recieved no kingdom as yet with the beast, but recieve power as kings one hour with the beast.

    If someone analize the reality of the earth, what kingdom fulfill this description? The kingdom of the organization of the nations of the earth, that also create the "United Nations", wich have an organism, like beast, wich have ten Countries and Presidents or Kings that recieve power as Governors for a time (2 years) and his organism the "Security Council" also have seven heads in agreement: Iran and P5+1: France, China, Rusia, United States of America, United Kingdom (of Great Brittany and North Ireland) plus Alemania and Iran.

    And just for complement, if any man recieve a mark in his right hand, or in his forehead, for buy or sell, he will be tormented with fire and brimstone and the smoke of his torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and he will has no rest day nor night, those who recieveth the mark.

  2. A person who has similarity of the descent of Den-mark, Dan of the children of Israel that fulfill the sign "[...] Dan, shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel [...]" of the Jewish law and the persons who believe in God, will be the maximum authority as King of one great organization as the "United Nations" or "the persons who believe in God" ; He will be the "Shiloh" , or "Mesias" of the Jews, but also, according the Jewish law "[...] shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path [...]" thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field [...]" with enmity between thee seed (the person and serpent) and the woman seed (us) .
    [Genesis, cap. 49 vers. 16,17, and Genesis, cap. 3, vers. 14,15].

  3. An impression of gold, of God.

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    I do not believe it, the money we use do not have protection from gold, it is a simply impression of gold, of God.

    For that reason an others, All humans beings necessarily will use the electronic money for buy, or sell ... with a mark in our right hand, or in our foreheads as it reads in the bible "[...] An he causeth all [...] to recieve a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark [...]" New Testament, Revelation, chapter 13, verse 16,17.

    But "[...] If any man [...] recieve his mark in his forehead, or in his hand [...] he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Lamb:

    And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever [...]" New Testament, Revelation, chapter 14, verse 9-11.