Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prophetic Messages From The Pond

What I am about to present to you may seem strange, bizarre, and or very odd, and some of you will probably laugh it off as nonsense. However what I am about to tell you is absolutely true, so let me just give you the data, and you can decide for yourself.
I have a pond in my backyard—I received a pond kit for a birthday present a few years back. The pond isn’t very large; it’s about 10 x 15. It has some inexpensive koi, a couple of turtles, and a few frogs. Our family really enjoys looking out the back window and seeing all the pond life. Sometimes we even get visitors—one day a great blue heron stopped by looking for a meal, and my son came running to us and said “everybody come quick there is an ostrich in the backyard!” we all had a good laugh.
A few years back, we did not have any turtles, so my daughter prayed and asked God for a turtle, and a few days later a water turtle showed up in the pond, and we live far from any streams or ponds, and the pond is fenced in—God heard her prayers of faith and innocence.
So now that you have a little background in regards to the pond, here is what recently happened. The pond is usually covered with ice for most of the winter. In the last few months some interesting shapes have appeared in the ice. Here is the first one.

Looks like something crashed into the pond and broke through the ice. I have no idea what it was. From the shape of the hole it looks as if it was round and obviously had enough force to break through the ice. A round heavy object hitting water—kind of reminded me of what I have written and had dreams about several times in the last few years—that a meteorite could be the cause of the coming Atlantic Ocean tsunami, which I discussed in this post; The Coming Atlantic Ocean Tsunami.
A few weeks ago the ice started to melt a little and look what shape appeared—a bunny.

Interesting that on Jan 31st I put up a post entitled; From the Bunny to the Bunny—the Washington Phoenix Death Line and Super Bowl XLIX. In this post I described a line that runs from the satanic bunny in Washington D.C. to the bunny that appears out West and the prophetic significance of this line.

And just the other day here is what appeared in the ice—a boot.
I wrote about the boot that is visible from satellite and recorded on Google Earth and its prophetic significance in this post; You Must Prepare NOW! Unbelievable Startling Prophecy Signs Point to the Coming Economic Collapse and the End of the World. In that post I described the sign of the two cows with 7 marked on their heads and how they point to the coming economic collapse.

Now here is something else;
The tsunami post on 9/9/14 to hole in ice on 1/6/15 is 119 days (a backwards 911).
The bunny post on 1/31/15 to bunny in ice on 2/27/15 is 27 days (a triple 9).
The boot post on 2/12/15 to boot in ice on 3/6/15 is 22 days (a double 11)
I see lots of 9s and 11s—we all know how the ones aligned with satan like to bring about events in association with those numbers. Let’s not forget the Biblical significance of those numbers.
OK, there you have the data. Let me reiterate; in the past few months I have written about an Atlantic Ocean meteor, a bunny, and a boot, and all three shapes appear in the ice of my pond at esoterically significant periods of time. What are the odds? Are these occurrences signs from God or just coincidence? If they are signs from God, then what is the message? As I said earlier, you can decide those things for yourself.
But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. Mt 13:16
As far as I am concerned, I believe the things that I wrote about in those posts will occur in the future, and the shapes in the ice at those esoterically important times, are a confirmation to me that they indeed will occur. The only question in my mind is; when?
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  1. Oh! I thought that was a big, black hairy spider in the first two photos! Do these photos portend that the boot will come smashing down on the Easter bunny? If I remember correctly, one of Mr Cati's warning dates is in April?