Thursday, January 8, 2015

Look What Happened On The Winter Solstice; The Date Encoded On The Dollar Bill—First Time In 2000 Years!


Many of you are familiar with the information that I have posted about the dates encoded on the dollar bill. If you are not, you can read about the encoded dates in The Dollar Code.
I was watching December 21/22, 2014 as a possible encoded date on the dollar bill. The date has come and gone and it appears that nothing “major” was reported to have occurred. In that regards here is my conclusion from the last post.
The winter solstice of 2014—the date I believed was encoded on the dollar bill—has come and gone with nothing “major” having occurred; what can we conclude?
1. The date was not encoded and it was just another day.
2. The date was encoded and they had something planned but they called it off.
3. The date was encoded and a “beginning” event occurred and will escalate into a “major event” in the near future.
4. Something major occurred that we do not know about yet.
At this point in time I am not sure which scenario is correct but on the encoded date there was an incident with North Korea surrounding The Interview. It was reported that their internet was hacked and shut down. If this is true then North Korea may consider this to be an act of war and may retaliate. Thus the North Korea incident may be the first salvo in a war, and this situation bears watching.
Nothing major has come of the conflict with North Korea yet—I am still watching. But I did find something that I believe is very significant that occurred on December 21/22, 2014 (HT Steve Fletcher 222).  A major step was taken in the reestablishment of the Temple. The first pure olive oil in 2000 years was made for future use in the Temple. Also a prototype altar and copper laver was dedicated for use in the Temple.

Was that the event(s) whose date was encoded on the dollar bill? We know that the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill represents the establishment of the New World Order. The top of the pyramid without the capstone corresponds with the latitude of Jerusalem. The capstone will be in place when the antichrist performs the abomination of desolation in the Temple and then takes over the world.
Thus the Temple and its location is an integral part of the symbols on the dollar bill and therefore any encoded date could thus be Temple related. Was what occurred on December 21/22, 2014 at the Temple Institute what the encoded date was pointing to? Or was it the Korea incident—a possible first salvo in a war with North Korea?
You be the judge. BTW I did find two other dates encoded on the dollar bill that I am extremely confident are valid. One aligns with the sign of the woman clothed with the sun as described Revelation 12 and the other is antichrist related and aligns with the probable time that the antichrist takes over the world. These dates are listed in The Dollar Code.


  1. Some years ago they were said to be trying to put the cap on the pyramid but failed which is silly. I think they were measuring it and trying a mold to see how it fit. If the Giza pyramid still has the "power" that it once had, or modern technology can give to it, once that cap is on, very interesting things should begin to happen.

  2. Something interesting I found is on the website, and it was in their list of Tribulation timeframes. The next upcoming range of their predictions begins in April of 2015, which speculates a massive disaster and the rise of the Antichrist. Now, I'm not sure for how many of you this is a new theory/timeframe (especially for you, Mr. Bill Fredericks), but I think this timeframe actually has more than a slight chance of coming true, because the date range seems to closely match what you yourself have predicted, based on Scripture. What I wanted to ask, Mr. Fredericks, is do you think this timeframe is close to accurate? Also, this would be a spoiler, but do your remaining dates from the Dollar Code give any support to this particular hypothesis? Thanks sincerely, Your Brother in Christ.