Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Woe, I Found One of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Google Earth


I was doing some research and I came across a stunning image on Google earth which I believe is one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Let me first explain how I found it.

Remember the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In that movie they had a scene at a football stadium when all the bombs started going off. The game was between a team wearing red and gold and one yellow and black. The Pittsburgh Steelers wear yellow and black. In fact the football scene in the Batman movie was filmed at the Steelers home stadium—Heinz field.

Since there are so many connections I decided to look at the area in Google earth. What I found truly amazed me. The first thing I saw was a Batman looking figure with a horn, which I believe represents the coming antichrist. I also believe that it is significant that a Batman looking figure would be right next to where they made a Batman movie.

If you cannot see that one, I would say that you are blind as a bat. Then right above the horned batman I noticed what looks to be a figure riding a horse. I believe this represents one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.


 Notice also the pyramid. The stadium is circled. To the East I found what looks to be like a finger or shoe and a cat/leopard.


I first learned about the significance of things like this from youtuber Groxt1, and he could probably do a better job at deciphering this than me, but here is what I am thinking about all of this. (Note: if any of you have his email, please forward this to him.)

These connections suggest to me that there may be a future “event” that will be the beginning event of one of the seals—either seal one or two—probably seal 2—the beginning of WWIII.  Of course the antichrist will be involved in this.

Let me remind you that a hacker named guccifer states that he found emails indicating a nuclear attack is planned for a city in Pennsylvania in 2015. Many have had dreams of a missile attack during a football game. One dream featured a team in red and gold during a light snow (5min to 20min marks).

The end times are approaching fast. There are things you need to know so that you can be prepared. You can read my end times survival guide, The Coming Epiphany, for FREE.

Note: I hope to post about the winter solstice after I see what happens today.


  1. To me, it looks like a boot between the two horned figures, stepping on the head of the bottom figure. Then to the right of the highway and down a little is an almost exact duplicate of the boot. I think that if you keep looking in the vicinity of the two horned figures, you will see the other characters that Mark points out, but right tight up against each other in most cases.

  2. These things are interesting and I have pondered their purpose. These patterns more than likely are used to communicate into the physical realm.
    Most evil gets started in the spiritual realm. Look at the exchange between satan and Eve.
    Consider Cain and Able. What started as a thought on Cains part grew into something that was a physical manifestation.
    As the enemy prompts his own they respond most of the time are unaware that it comes from him not their own. Forbidden knowledge.
    All of "man's achievement's" get their start from somewhere.
    They enemy loves to draw attention/worship to himself.
    If I understand things correctly the Lord's method of judgement in some cases will be to simply allow man's devices to bring judgement. (Nuclear weapons?)
    If you just simply cut off the power, cable and the internet half of the population would just up and die.
    Have you noticed how the NFL gets people to congregate en-mass? Take a real good look at who started it.

  3. I also just found this Fort Duquesne across the river at the forks has a strange shape to it. Also known as Fort Pitt?
    Look at that shape.

  4. Your timing is perfect but I wouldn't use that hints to show what's in the news instead. There is your "Dark Knight Rising" live right now. The "Stadium" scene was played out on December 22/23 already.


    That's not one of the horseman you found. That's something else. You painted the features around the "devil's head" correct. But it's not a figure riding a horse. It a figure grabbing a handgun. That's what is on the mind of the "devil's head". Batman is all about "No guns! No killing!" His main rule. Even the "Premiere" of the "Dark Knight Rises" was essential to the debate about gun control - "2012 Aurora Shooting".



  5. Keep digging Jeff. You will find that God has formed the land masses to be meaningful while Satan has formed the metropolitan areas to represent his nefarious plans.

  6. While the little boy is singing towards the end the camera points to the time or score bored and its marks 00.15...and In august 2014 I had a dream of the black horse standing in front of thr white house on 2 feet its legs where made of the $$$$$ symbol...2011 I had a dream of the a great cyclone atorm hitting between oregon and California and immediately after that event the power went out while I was at work in my dream....so I beleive God showed me the storm hitting then the power grid n on the same token the black horse of revelation ready to go this year end coking into 2015...im no prophet just another 24 yrold voice is in God kingdom God Bless

    1. Thank you for sharing, many believe a power outage is coming, I pray it will not occur but am preparing as if it will.