Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The 11 Day Pattern

It seems that the watch day for the 11 day pattern of events has passed without anything of significance having occurred. There was a gas pipeline deal between Russia and Turkey, and there was a killing spree in West Virginia, but I do not think they were big enough to be considered part of the pattern. There was also some very strong gold buying going on, which if they take delivery, could cause a future default in the gold markets.
Thus that leaves us with 3 possibilities;
1.     There was never an 11 day countdown pattern and the events happening in the pattern were just coincidence.

2.     There was an 11 day pattern, but it has now stopped.

3.     There was an 11 day pattern and it continued, but the event has not been made public or it was the Russia gas deal and its importance has not yet become evident.
Whatever the case; the possibility of an event on the next day in the pattern, 12/11-12/2014, still needs to be watched. BTW; unless they pass a new budget the government shutdown date is 12/11/14. Also regardless of the case above the possibility of a huge event on the theoretic date encoded on the dollar bill is still valid.

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William Frederick, M.Div.


    Putin Pipeline Plot Thickens

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