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The 11 Day Countdown Pattern and November 19/20, 2014

Did the 11 day pattern of “events” continue on November 19/20, 2014? Here is the data, you be the judge. In case you are not familiar with the 11 day pattern here is what I wrote in the last post; A Triple Beware; War Watch for This Week—The 11 Day Countdown Pattern, the War Cycle , and Numerics All Coincide at the Same Time; November 19/20, 2014!
I have found data to suggest that this week and particularly November 19/20, 2014 may be a day of a major event and that event may be war. More specifically I have found that 3 patterns all pointing to the same day. What do you think the odds of three patterns all coinciding on the same day would be? I believe it to be beyond coincidence and thus worthy of our consideration.
Let me show you what I have found.
I believe that we may be in an 11 day countdown pattern of events leading up to an event of huge magnitude and importance, and that the date of that event may be encoded on the dollar bill. One of the dates in the countdown is November 19/20, 2014. In the last post; The 11 Day Pattern Continues?, I wrote the following about the 11 day countdown pattern.
OK, so let’s analyze this. Is there an 11 day pattern of events that are occurring? Or are all these events just happening on those days by coincidence? I will let you make up your own mind on that one, but I am going to add the storm to the list. Also take note that the next possible day in the pattern is 11/19 or 20/2014.
9/25/14—Rosh Hashanah
10/5/14—Hoover Dam Earthquake Sign (antichrist related) 
10/17/14—Hurricane Gonzalo 
10/28/14—Antares rocket explodes (antichrist related) 
 11/8/14— Super storm Nuri
Remember I have theorized that the 11 day pattern of events is a possible countdown to the date encoded on the dollar bill, which may be the date of an important event in the United States. This date is revealed in The Dollar Code.
Notice I listed the next day in the pattern as 11/19 or 20/2014, now look at what I ran across today. (I recommend reading the entire article linked below)
We have to be concerned that the Cycle of War turns back up next week. NATO has reported that Russian troops have now invaded Eastern Ukraine. In the Cycles of War Report we wrote that target will be November 19/20, 2014 (2014.8871) where we should see some escalation in activity. It appears this may be correct and on point. Caution should be advised next week. Source; Beware the Cycle of War Turns Back Up Next Week.
Very interesting indeed—the 11 day countdown pattern and the war cycle coincide on the same dates—11/19 or 20...

Thus we have three separate pieces of data; the 11 day countdown pattern, the war cycle...all coincide on 11/19 or 20, 2014. Thus I feel a triple beware war watch is warranted for November 19/20, 2014.
Let me remind you that just because we have a synchronicity of patterns, does not mean something will occur. In the past I have seen date synchronicities where nothing occurred. But if something does occur, I think the data is fairly obvious that it may be war/riot related. If it is war related I do not think it will be WWIII—I believe it is too early for that yet, I look for WWIII to begin in 2017.
Now here is what happened on November 19/20, 2014.
A Nuclear EMP Explosion?: What looks to be an explosion occurred in the Ukraine on 11/19/2014. Some analysts believe it may have been a tactical nuke EMP weapon. Could this be the start of a greater war?

A Mass Murder: A gunman started shooting people at Florida State University, 3 wounded, the gunman is dead.
Interesting enough the site where this happened had many connections the end times motifs like the antichrist, the phoenix, satan, etc as shown in the video below.

The North American Union Begins?: President Obama announced his new immigration plan on 11/20/2014. One analyst believes the North American Union started.
Noonan doubts that the weak kneed Republican congressional leaders can stop the Soros take-over. Noonan states, “Tomorrow when the illegal alien Soetoro (aka BHO) opens up the borders to Mexico there will be no turning back and getting America back. Soros will be 100% in charge of the North American Union and there will nothing that Americans can do.”
China Can Take Down Our Power Grid: It was announced on 11/20/2014 that China has the capability to mount a cyber attack against the USA and shut down some of our power grid.
That is the data, you be the judge of whether the 11 day pattern continued. If it did, then that fact would add more credence to the theory that the date encoded on the dollar bill is valid and will be a date of an event of monumental importance. I reveal this date in The Dollar Code.
Note; I want to say thank you to those of you who donated to the CCA Feed the Need Haiti fundraiser event. Truly you brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much!!! You will be blessed and receive eternal rewards for your participation.
CCA wants to assemble and pack 10,000 meals and send them to missionaries in Haiti, who will then distribute them to the orphans. However the campaign is still far below its goal of $35,000 and they have a hard deadline on 11/26 and still need about $4000 by that day. Would you take a minute, check out a website of a family in the school, and prayerfully consider sponsoring them?
Thank you in advance!
With deepest appreciation.
William Frederick

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