Monday, October 20, 2014

Nostradamus Celestial Alignment Antichrist Drawing; 10/24/2014 and 7/2017


A blog reader sent me a link (HT Matt) to an interesting video regarding a Nostradamus drawing. Note: From what I have researched I do not believe Nostradamus to be a prophet of God—I will leave it at that, you can research it yourself, if you would like.

If you watched the video you saw that the author claims to have decoded the Nostradamus drawing. I agree with most of his decoding except for his analysis of the three crescent moons.

I believe that he was correct in his dating of 7/27/2014 as the celestial occurrence where Jupiter, the Sun, and the moon all aligned in Cancer the crab that day as depicted below from Stellarium.

But in his analysis he believed that the three crescent moons represent three crescent moons between 7/27/14 and 9/3/14. I disagree with this assessment. One definition of a crescent moon is any moon that is less than a quarter and if you use that definition there were more than three of them between 7/27/14 and 9/3/14. The other definition of a crescent moon is the first showing of the moon after the new moon. When the Hebrews saw this crescent moon, they would declare the start of next month. This is the definition of the crescent moon that I believe the drawing may refer to.

Starting with 7/27/14, which was the date of a crescent moon, the next three crescent moons after a new moon would be as follows; 8/26/14, 9/24/14, and 10/24/14. The only other interpretation that I could think of for the three crescent moons is that they could represent 3 years. 

Thus using those definitions and interpretation of the drawing means that the drawing points to 10/24/14 or 7/2017 as the date. Date of what? Above the celestial information in the drawing is an 8-spoked wheel and above that a blue banner.


There is an 8-spoked wheel in the layout of the Vatican. And the 8-spoked wheel can also be a representation of Nibiru. 8-spoked wheels also have associations with Bhuddism.

Buddhism adopted the wheel as the main symbol of the "wheel-turning" chakravartin, the ideal king or "universal monarch", who turns the wheel (of a chariot) when he conquers the world, symbolizing the ability to cut through all obstacles and illusions.

The ideal king who turns the wheel when he conquers the world…Hmm, now where have I heard that concept before? The blue banner represents royalty and victory and would usually have a name in it. I wonder whose name will be on it in the future.

Thus I believe this Nostradamus drawing may be pointing to an antichrist related event and the two dates it may be pointing to are either 10/24/2014 or 7/2017.

What are some possible antichrist related events that could possibly occur in the near future? ET disclosure, head wound, birthing ritual. What are some possible antichrist related events that could possibly occur in 2017? If the 70th Week began in 2014, then the summer of 2017 is when we would see the antichrist arising to eventually take over the world just after the sign of the woman clothed with the sun on 9/23/2017.

Thus out of the 2 scenarios, I believe the latter would be more likely. However I will be watching this Friday; 10/24/14—the day of a waxing crescent moon.


  1. Bilderberg apparently wants everyone Micro-chipped by 2017.
    Find the Aaron Russo interview with Alex Jones on Youtube... it's a incredible!

    Apparently 2017 is the year Bilderberg wants us all chipped.

  2. Also take a look here folks for some more clues on what the spoked wheel may signify.

  3. So I was just going through bookmarks in my browser and found your interesting post again. To my amazement, today is exactly three years after the alignment of Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Cancer as depicted in Nostradamus drawing.

    Do you have any new thoughts on whether today may mark an important event?

    1. See this post, one of the events happened on 7/24/17