Friday, June 13, 2014

Prophecy Update 6/13/14

Update 6/14 at end of post
Update 6/16 at end of post


In the last post;  I issued a watch for 6/11/14. As you were aware nothing of major consequence happened on 6/11/14. So what do we conclude? First let me say that my calculation may have been off a day. When you are counting days, you can count inclusively, exclusively, and also have to consider time zones. Here is the point.

The Japan earthquake occurred at 14:46 Monday April 11, 2011 in Asia/Tokyo time which converts to 22:46 Sunday April 10, 2011 in Los Angeles . Thus in at least some of America it was 3/10/11 when the earthquake occured. Adding 1188 days brings us to 6/10/14.

Did anything happen on 6/10/14? Yes another satanically controlled individual went on a shooting spree at a school in Oregon.

One report said that there were numerous "eights" involved. If not for the fast action of various individuals it could have been a lot worse.

So did the 1188 day pattern of bad events continue? I will leave that question for you to answer. But if it did, then I would say that would be a strong indication that the battle of the angels may occur on 9/11/17.

On another note there has been a lot of signaling about 6/22, and maybe possibly 6/22/14. This article will explain it all.

I do not know if anything will happen on 6/22/14, but let me mention that 6/22/14 is 1199 days past 3/11/11, and from 6/22/14 it would be 1177 days to 9/11/17 and 1188 days to 9/22/17, which may be an important day in end times Bible prophecy. See the post;

The Middle East is ready to boil over. Forces are poised to advance on Baghdad. Let me remind you that the illuminati plan calls for WW3 to start in Basrah, Iraq. See The Coming Epiphany --Free download.

On a personal note: As in years past, due to a different schedule and responsibilities, for the next few months posting will be limited.

Update 6/14: I wanted to add that the Oregon school attack was in a golden ratio to New Years day and the PA school shooting on day #100--April 10, 2014. 6/10/14 was day #161. The golden ratio is 1.618, multiplying by 100 gives 161.8. That exact amount of time puts us on day #161--6/10/14.

Another thing that occurred on 6/10/14 and 6/11/14 were 3 X class solar flares. And I guess you know what 3 of anything means--it is a signal for HELP.

Update 6/14: I received these 2 emails today;

Summer solstice in a few days- a high occult sacrifice time. Spiritual warfare is needed to deprive them of victims. A potential date for nastiness.
Dear William

I know this may sound strange, but I have visions and dreams about the
tribulation, I have been experiencing them for 4 and a half years now
since I turned to Christ. The first thing that is to happen which marks
the beginning of sorrows, not the breaking of the first seal. The
beginning of sorrows is a nuclear bomb being set off at the Willis
(Sears) tower in Chicago. I had that vision 3 years ago, I also feel
there will be a connection with 911, I have a feeling about June 21st.
 From 911 to June 21st 2014 is 4666 days, it is also 666 weeks. The zip
code for the Willis tower is 60606, of course in Chaldean numerology
zero's are not counted, so the zip code is really 666. Perhaps you could
look into it in more detail and see if there are any synchronicities.

God Bless


  1. Well, in my opinion, you're fact, all around it. Jesus said it will be as in the days of Noah.

    Noah got a 7 day warning before the flood commenced. On June 10th and 11th, three x class solar flares occured in rapid sucession, i.e. XXX. This might be the warning.

    June 17th will mark 666 weeks from 9/11. June 18th is obviously 666 weeks plus 1 day and is sometimes called Phi day (6/18). I suspect that this day has been hinted at, similar to but in a more complex fashion, the way 9/11 was hinted at in movies and TV programs and such.

    Time will tell...



    1. THX for the info, I agree that 6/18 may be a day to watch

  2. William,

    I noticed you said that the illuminati wants WW3 to begin in Iraq. Can you cite a source for this please? If they want this to happen, its about ready. Then, as I mentioned on the last newsletter, the fact that Iraqi cities were falling and 500,000 people were fleeing on June 11th, then the date becomes significant as you said. It was the beginning of the push for WW3.

    1. Who is to say that it has not already started? The duration of time between the acts and the realization of being in it can be counted can it not. Some are saying that the Assyrian kingdom is being revived in Iraq.
      You might choose as others to not publish this comment but I have to say that one of the common thoughts in mainstream Christianity has been that the Almighty will rescue people from the tribulation. Please consider that he might do that even while people are still on the earth. That single teaching if not true has the potential to cause many to lose heart. If a person be in Christ, he be already delivered from God's appointed wrath.

    2. The info about where WWIII will start came from the illuminati blueprint film " The Shape of Things to Come" They stated WWIII would start out of an incident in Basrah, After WWIII broke out a space man came to save the earth.

    3. Jeff

      I agree that God will rescue His children from His wrath, but not tribulation. Christians have endured tribulations throughout the ages and some are enduring severe tribulation even now. God's wrath starts after the opening of the sixth seal. that is when the rapture will occur.

  3. So when are u thinking rapture will occur

    1. First 4 seals (WWIII, economic collapse, pandemic), antichrist arises, abomination of desolation, ac takes over world for 3.5 years, begins persecuting Jews and Christians (Seal 5) God rescues us at Seal 6.

      If the abomination of desolation occurs around Rosh Hashanah 2017 as the celestial signs are suggesting, then rapture would most likely be 2018 - 2020.

  4. I came across a different religion today called Urantia. Looking it up was very scary. The symbol for the church is three concentric rings. It also refers to several different universes. It refers to people as celestial beings, the religion has been catching on lately it is highly possible that this religion will be used to explain the disapperances in the rapture.

  5. Hi, William
    How do you tell the time prophetically?
    360/ 25920?
    No man knows the hour: one hour is the same as 1080 units 24 hours make up 25920 units. 25920 is a Great Year/day
    2nd Peter 3:8 shows Raito/Scale, Time is a dimension.
    #28 (Bible symbolism) Jesus is our great high priest who intercedes for us, the curtain that separates men from God is 28 cubits this curtain was ripped the day our savior died in our place for our sins. The date for this event i believe was Friday April 3rd 33AD . From Friday April 3rd 33 AD to Friday sunset April 24th 2020 is
    725,760 days or 28x25920 days.
    725,760 days are 2016 years of 360 days per year.
    The curtain that separates men from God was 28 cubits by 4 cubits it was torn when Christ was crucified and was 28x4= 112 square cubits , one cubit is equal to 18 inches(scale/ratio) 112x18=2016 square inches.
    Jesus is at the right hand of the father waiting for his enemies to be made his foot stool. On Friday April 24th 2020 the Torah portions will be read from Isaiah 66: 1-24 because it is a special Shabbat (Parashat Tazrim).
    On May 11th 2017 Israel will be 360x70years or 25200 days old as a nation, from May 11th 2017 to April 24th 2020 is 1080 days or one hour(scale/raito) past its 70th birthday.
    The wall that surrounds new Jerusalem is 144 cubits in height, when converted to inches this measurement is 2592 inches. the HALFWAY point up the wall would be 1296 inches, From June 21(6th hour) 1982 to December 12/13 2017 is 12960 days, from May 11th 2017 to December 12/13 2017 is 216 days, remember 2016(scale/ratio).
    God Bless!

  6. Follow up to last post on 2016/360/25920 values.
    i need to correct myself on the curtain dimensions in that 112 cubits is equal to 2016 inches not squared. This measurement in inches should be 504x72 inches which i believe would be 36288 square inches. By using the dimension of time 36288 is a reflection of the time cycle which is 689472, Google search 689472 and you will see what i mean.
    689472 requires 19 cycles of 36288 to reach 689472, add one more cycle of 36288
    to 689472 and you get to 725760 this is the day count between April 3rd 33AD and April 24th 2020. the number 72 is very important within the context of these figures, Jesus even sent out 72. 4 cubits is 72 inches or six feet one synodic month is generally 29.5 days 72 of them is 2124 days, from July 2nd 2014 to April 24th 2020 is 2124 days. I think its possible that what might be taking place on April 24th 2020 is the 144000 will be sealed because on this date Isaiah 66 will start to be read, in my Bible this chapter starts with the subtitle" The Jews to be missionaries".

  7. This is really good info. My son had a dream just last night about people getting their heads cut off. He said something about being in a place like a desert but it was more like a field with tall grass and he said it was a billboard that was red and white and the guillotin was under it. He said they saw him but didn't bother him.. he also said there were words written on the billboard but couldn't remember what it said. What do you all think of this..I people will be beheaded for confessing Christ in the end times.