Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yellowstone; “Where’s the Earthquake Reporting?”


Here is a little piece of information worth pondering. Above is an image from the Madison River seismograph at Yellowstone on 3/30/2014—the day of the 4.7 earthquake. Now here is an image from yesterday 4/14/2014 from the same seismograph.


Hmm…. the earthquake from 4/14 looks to be similar in intensity to the 4.8 earthquake from 3/30, yet there were no reported earthquakes of large magnitude on 4/14/2014 and none at the time that the earthquake happened. Here is the Yellowstone earthquake data from 4/14.

1.3  2014/04/14 19:10:11    48 km (30 mi) SE  of  West Yellowstone, MT

0.8  2014/04/14 19:09:45    48 km (30 mi) SE  of  West Yellowstone, MT

1.0  2014/04/14 10:54:22   15 km ( 9 mi) NNE of  West Yellowstone, MT

0.2  2014/04/14 00:53:38    23 km (14 mi) SSE of  West Yellowstone, MT

Something fishy is going on here. The question of “Why?” immediately pops into my mind. Here is the link to the seismographs to check it for yourself. In the top left for the date put in “Mar 30” and then click “generate report.” Then do the same for Apr 14.

I am convinced that one day Yellowstone will go, and it may be soon. This post will get you started on why; http://endtimesforecaster.blogspot.com/2014/04/yellowstone-la-earthquake-obama-israel.html

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