Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Next Day in the Friday Crescent Moon Death Day Pattern

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As many of you who regularly read The End Times Forecaster blog know, a series of mass murders and other events have been occurring in a pattern related to a Friday, a crescent moon, and the numbers 28,147, and 322. If you take a look at this updated chart, which also includes possible future dates, this should become evident.
I would like to draw your attention to a few observations about the data on the chart. As you see the first event was the Aurora Batman movie shooting, then 147 days later the Sandy Hook shooting, then 147 days later a geophysical/celestial event—an annular solar eclipse. So we had 2 mass murders and then a geophysical/celestial event 

I just realized that that same general pattern occurred again; 28 days after the eclipse was the Santa Monica shootings, 147 days after that was the LAX shootings, and 147 days later comet Holmes reached perihelion (Holmes was also the name of the Batman movie shooter) and the Los Angeles area Mag 5.1 earthquake occurred. So again we had 2 mass murders and then a geophysical/celestial event. 

Let me mention that all of those events were on a Friday, the day of a crescent moon, and in a specific number pattern involving 28, 147 and 322 as indicated in the chart above. Thus the big question is; will the pattern continue into the future? Will we see 2 more mass murders and then a celestial/geophysical event on the pattern days identified above—4/25/14, 9/19/14, and 2/13/15? I do not know, but I believe this bears watching. 

If these events were to occur; where might the mass murders occur? They might occur on a line esoterically related to Yellowstone, just as the other mass murders were on a line esoterically related to Yellowstone, as explained in this post; Yellowstone and the Concurrent Death Lines—Double X Marks the Spot, and as shown in this image.

And if there were 2 more mass murders what might the last celestial/geophysical event be? Do I really need to spell it out?

In the chart above I have the last day in the pattern listed as 2/13/15. Is it possible that the pattern could continue on after that? Well the next day in the pattern would be 28 days later—3/13/15—and even though it is a Friday; it is not a day of a crescent moon. Thus, that is a pretty good indication to me that 2/13/15 may be the last possible day in the pattern.

Also if you look at the chart you can see how the series of 6 periods of 322 days form a symmetric pattern. Again indicating that 2/13/15 may be the last day in the pattern. Notice also in the chart there are 6 periods of 147. And if 2 more mass murders occur on the dates specified, then it would bring the total number of mass murders in the pattern to 6. There would be your 666! 

Was 3/28/14 the last day in the pattern, or will the pattern continue as suggested in the chart above? Will the satanic forces carry out mass murders on 4/25/14 and 9/19/14 with a “big finale” geophysical event on 2/13/15 or will they carryout Strike Zones 2-4 on those dates? Or will the pattern end on 4/25/14 or 9/19/14 with a “big finale” event? Again, I am not sure—time will tell, but just in case they are going to try, let’s pray against it. 

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