Monday, April 14, 2014

The Betrayal

It looks like the USA is getting ready to betray Israel in a major way.

US races headlong for final nuclear deal with Iran - irrespective of program’s military dimension’s-military-dimension 

And Israel’s response? 

Israeli launches spy satellite after US refusal to push for Iran’s weapons program's dismantlement’s-weapons-program-s-dismantlement- 

What does this mean? Judgment for the USA. The bottom line is that it appears we are allowing Iran to go ahead with developing a nuclear weapon, even though we assured Israel that we would not allow this to occur. Thus if the reports are accurate it looks like we are about to betray Israel in a major way. In the past when we have done this, judgment has fallen upon us, and I expect this time would be no different. I wonder if 30 pieces of silver were involved. 

The final deal is supposed to be signed July 20th (interesting date), pray that if a deal does go through that it will not betray Israel and will address Iran’s nuclear military ambitions so that they would be stopped. For I fear that if the deal allows them to continue their military nuclear ambitions, then I fear a major judgment will come against the USA.  


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