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ALERT! Yellowstone Bubbling Helium -4—Eruption Imminent?—Beware 3/28/2014!

Is it really possible Yellowstone is about to erupt? As many of you who read The End Times Forecaster blog are aware, I have put forth the theory that the next day in the Friday crescent moon death day pattern is 3/28/14.

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I have also put forth the theory that the event on that day may involve Strike Zone 2—an eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.

A synopsis of the information that led me to this theory is listed in this post; The Next Crescent Moon Death Day: 3/28/2014; A Synopsis 

In regards to the possible upcoming Yellowstone eruption I just ran across a piece of data that I wanted to make you aware of. It features an email regarding Yellowstone, which states that earthquake data is being suppressed, and also that an eruption is imminent. I have no way of verifying the information, and am not saying it is legitimate, but am presenting it to you for your discernment.

I have also recently run across an article that presents scientific information that claims that the present activity at Yellowstone is indicating that an eruption is imminent. Here is one of the pieces of data presented in that article.

Helium -4,  not normally present, has suddenly appeared at Yellowstone  in unbelievably large amounts never seen before. When Helium -4 was seen at other volcanoes, it appeared shortly before major eruptions of those volcanoes. 

Also just recently this headline appeared in the news. Apocalypticsupervolcanoes can suddenly explode ‘with no outside cause’ Is that a hint? 

I would also like to remind you that the 9 month push to divide the land of Israel is nearing completion. With that event looming in the near future, that raises the possibility of severe judgments against our land. I feel judgments for dividing the land of Israel could include a Yellowstone eruption. And right along with a Yellowstone judgment may be a New Madrid Megaquake, and a West Coast Megaquake. Interestingly the CA Mega earthquake and Yellowstone eruption were depicted as occurring on the same day in the movie 2012.

Also in  regards to pending judgment in relation to dividing the land of Israel, I received this email. 


Due to a planetary object which is most likely a 'dark star" whose poles have been magnetically interacting with the Earth as it crosses through this same area of space each year on its 365 day cycle around the Sun, major earthquakes have occurred on or near April 11th on four consecutive years!  

With the world now firmly entrenched 205 days within a "birth pain" time frame that counts out on April 29, 2014 and began on July 30, 2013, a fifth consecutive year with a major earthquake is in the works. 

It was on July 30, 2013 that Secretary of State John Kerry issued his "nine month" ultimatum for Israel to come up with a "framework agreement" to divide God's land. 

Reports out of Israel are that Prime Minister Netanyahu as "agreed" and will make an announcement over the Knesset's Passover recess. 

I am expecting an 8.3+ Earthquake to "divide" our country, at the New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi River or possibly at the San Andreas fault line in California anytime between March 20 - April 21, 2014. 

It is such an event as this that would bring the 'economic crisis' to the full that the world is waiting for that brings the United States to her knees and be put under a state of 'martial law'. 

Remember the "storm of the LORD" of Psalm 83, Isaiah 28:2, Isaiah 29:6 and Isaiah 30:30 that we are to understand in the latter days is a simultaneous two-fold event of destruction and a 'final Exodus' redemption, Isaiah 63:4, Micah 5:3, and Jeremiah 30:23-Jeremiah 31:2 along with Revelation 12:14-17 

We are right at the door to that "day of vengeance and year of recompense" for the "controversy of Zion", that being the "dividing" of God's land, one of the big three no-no's of Isaiah 24:5. [Isaiah 34:8 and Isaiah 61:2] 

The following links document the significance of these last four years of April 11 earthquakes. 

Scientific explanation of April 11th, 2010 multiple-rupture plate movements:

April 11th, 2011 -- 7.0 EQ and plate slip cause eleven (11) kilometer long crack in earth near Fukushima one month after Tsunami:

April 11th, 2012 -- four broken faults, twin 8.0+ EQs and 4 ft. of HAIL!

April 9th to 19th, 2013 (10-days of lethal earthquake swarms): 

Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and stay under His wings, an Ezekiel 33:6 watching one 

And here is some more data for you—a couple of eye opening comments left by readers of the post; YellowstoneEruption on the Next Friday Crescent Moon Death Day—the End of the World isJust the Beginning.

1776 = 4*4*111
NW corner of Yellowstone = 44N 111W
ONE percent of YNP is in Idaho, which encompasses 44/111
One eye is the ho (whore)?

Also --

COMET HOLMES PERIHELION DATE IS 3/27/14. Recall the outburst in 2007 and see this:
Then notice the name of the comet, HOLMES (james holmes shooter) tie in with the AURORA shooting/batman… and if you search journal articles, there is one that said something about the outburst was an AURORA. Also, Comet Holmes crossed the eye of medusa, head of satan--- algol--- in Perseus on 1/22/08… the very day the Joker, Heath Ledger, died (and james holmes called himself the joker, supposedly) and it was also algol over the superbowl on 2/2 this year. And don’t forget the tie in to "Ra's Al Ghul" (same as algol/eye of medusa/head of satan) is in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. Note too that the first screening of the opening sequence of The Dark Knight was w/ I Am Legend on 12/14/07----- Sandy Hook shooting was same day 5 years later.

Comet holmes will be in the pisces constellation on 3/28/14, specifically in the head of one of the fish.

And yet there is more; In regards to comets and their ability to set off volcanoes I ran across this interesting conversation.


Thus; In light of the looming peace initiative, of which I am firmly convinced that if we divide the land of Israel, that God will divide our land, and in light of all of the data concerning Yellowstone, in my mind this raises the possibility that the March 28th Friday crescent moon death day event may involve Yellowstone. Again I just see this as a possibility and something to be watched—not a prediction. As I have said before, the March 28th event may be another mass murder, with the Yellowstone event at a yet future time.

If WWIII breaks out, the world financial collapse occurs, and a pandemic breaks out, (Seals 2-4) in the near future, then I would say the game is on for a major event on 3/28/14, and the evil forces aligned with satan may try and destroy America with the above mentioned disasters, including a Yellowstone eruption. Again; time will tell.

I am not trying to scare you but awaken you to the times in which we live so that you can prepare and not be caught unawares. Troublous times are coming—are you ready for the end times? Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of TheComing Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy. 

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  1. When I read "nine month push" to divide the land... I thought birthquake?
    I have pondered for quite some time what kinds of things are being released from the deep when these eruptions or quakes occur?
    I think that old one eye is da ho.
    One other thing about what is being released from the Abyss. Everyone probably expects something to be seen. (giant winged creatures tormenting with pitch forks). What if it is to small to see, like microscopic? Affecting humans and their physiology.