Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Strike Zone 1 on Batman Map? Golden Ratio Judgment Day with a Triple 666—Visions Abound

There has been a lot of chatter on the Internet about the upcoming Super Bowl and a possible terror attack. Here are some of the articles that have been floating around cyber space in this regards.
The Last Super Bowl 2014: Hollywood Does It Again!

Here is a short video about the movie Oblivion that has many "signals" in it (HT Karen). BTW the movie was set in 2077. 2077 can be written as 207+7 = 2014.


So what is one to make of this information? Excluding the visions, is it just fear mongering and intentional scare tactics by someone with an agenda, or should the information be taken seriously?
It is hard to know for sure, but I would like to make a few comments. In the account of the vision above the man stated “The explosion of something--a missile?--entering the stadium from above, through the dome.” The Met Life stadium does not have a dome—it is an open stadium. That causes me to question the accuracy and or authenticity of his vision. On the other hand he mentions; “The Dark Knight.” Obviously that is a reference to the Batman movie—The Dark Knight Rises—that just so happens to depict a football stadium being blown up.
The batman movie also features a map that has several Strike Zones on it, which I believe I have deciphered as to their location and events, which you can read about in this post; The Revealing of the Batman Map Strike Zones. I have always assumed because Strike Zone 1 was near the words Sandy Hook that Strike Zone 1 had been carried out in the Sandy Hook school shootings. A reader of this blog left the following comment regarding this;
“I just had a thought. What if Sandy Hook was just to set up the map and the 2014 Super Bowl is the real target 1? Sandy Hook seems small to what is going to happen. Map still aligns the same. I have not thought about how it effects your research and conclusions. Any special alignments with 2/2/14? I just had a feeling that I would not want to be at the game. Look forward to your posts.”
I responded; “Thanks for your input, that is certainly something to ponder. It is 54 days till 3/28, which on that day it will be 77,777 minutes. I will see if I can find any other connections.
Here is the map area he was referring to, notice that the stadium is circled possibly inferring that a stadium event could be Strike Zone 1 and not Sandy Hook. Also as best as I can tell, on the map overlay, part of the red circle would encompass the Met Life Stadium area.

I did find some other interesting connections; 54 is a triple 6 + 6 + 6. 2/2/14 is day 33 of the year and is the day of a crescent moon. It is also in a golden ratio to 3/28/14—the possible Strike Zone 2 date. (For information on Strike Zone 2 see the post; Yellowstone Eruption on the Next Friday Crescent Moon Death Day—the End of the World is Just the Beginning.)
33 days x 1.618 = 53.4 (54 rounded up).
54 days + 2/2/14 is 3/28/14.
Note: A golden ratio was involved in three of the most devastating judgments upon our land in the last 20 years—the OKC bombing, 911, and hurricane Katrina, as explained in this post; Beware the Golden Ratio of Judgment.
Here are some other interesting facts; February 1 and 2 is Imbloc, the first satanic Sabbat of the year requiring human sacrifice and is celebrated as a fire festival. February 2 is also the holiday of Candlemas. As already mentioned 2/2/14 is day 33 and counting inclusively there are 333 days left in the year. February 2 has also been a date in the past that Al Qaeda has said they want to Nuke NYC on; Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke NewYork on February 2, and the stadium is just across the river from NYC.
We know that evil forces love to do things by the stars and the Constellation directly overhead at kick off time is Perseus. It’s best known star is Algol, which comes from Arabic, Ra's al-Ghul, which means The Demon's Head, it was called Rosh ha Satan ("Satan's Head") in Hebrew. The galactic plane of the Milky Way passes through Perseus. The Milky Way is associated with the Ba—Batman as explained by Running from Babylon; RYSE 1 - The Dark Knight of the Soul.

That is the data that I have at this time. What does all this mean if anything? It could just be coincidental or fear mongering, but at the same time I realize that America is due for more judgments, because we have not repented, and our sinful actions have increased. I also believe that as we get closer to the major events of the end times that terrorist actions will increase and may also be a major factor in end times events. It is possible that a terrorist event could be the beginning of Seal 2 and WWIII. And if the Second Coming will be in 2017 then WWIII will begin between now and April 2014. If 2017 is not the year of the Second Coming then we have some more time.
Here is what Cutting Edge Ministries envisions happening when the end times begin in earnest, of which I agree.

* Destruction of New York City through an atomic device

* Destruction of Los Angeles through an earthquake

* World War III breaks out in the Middle East

* Stock Market collapses

* Aliens make appearance to aid mankind in the transition to Antichrist

* Food disappears from retail shelves as part of an overall economic collapse

* "Some people disappear" - reference to the Rapture of the Church, as alluded to above.

* Messiah presents himself to the world.

Whether anything will happen at Super Bowl XLVIII, I do not know, and I hope and pray that nothing will. But I also realize that as a country we deserve judgment and an event like this is not out of the realm of the possible. I also realize that even if evil forces have things planned does not mean that it will happen, they can call it off, and or God could stop it. Thus for now I will just leave you with the data and let you make your own conclusions. On a personal note—I would appreciate your prayers at this time.
I hope you are ready for the end times for one day they will arrive in earnest. If you are not sure that you are ready, please accept my gift to you and download a free copy of TheComing Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy.

Update 3/31.

Here is the moon's position on 2/2/14 at 6:30--kickoff time. Notice the position of the star in Pisces. Look familiar? BTW New Amsterdam, which later was renamed New York, became a city on 2/2/1653. (HT Karen)



  1. Speaking of deserving of judgement - were you also aware that it is being reported that as part of the halftime entertainment Bruno Mars will be officiating a gay wedding ceremony? This is the buzz I have heard and if true would certainly be a deliberate and blatant provocation if God's wrath.

    1. That is very sad, and what happened to Sodom and Gomorah?

  2. Read page 418 of the Tom Clancy book, “Sum of All Fears” (which is a book about the Superbowl being nuked). Both the Broncos and Seahawks are associated with a nuclear event at the Superbowl (like in the movie Black Sunday):

    1. Thank you for that info, I think I heard of that book in years past but I did not know it involved the Broncos and Sea Hawks. Could be another very important piece to the puzzle.

  3. "through the dome"
    He or she could have been shown a symbolic representation.
    Volcanoes have domes. Caldera means "a pot". This is the pot bowl.

    1. Good analysis, you could be right, THX for the input.

    2. On the program count down to the superbowl yesterday they were discussing that there was a dome in the original plans for Met Life Stadium but due to over budget they cancelled at the last minute.

  4. In the book "Sum of All Fears" it was the Montreal Alouttes against the Toronto Argonauts. An Alouette is a game bird but the symbol looks very much like a hawk. Note: They used to be known as the Baltimore Stallions.

    An argonaut is a shellfish. So I do not see an exact fit for the teams but the story is eerie.

    1. THX for the clarification, I am glad that nothing occurred.

  5. Is it of any interest that many of our political leaders including Barack Obama Sr. Were born 9 months afters July 8 1947; The same date as the alien landing in Roswell New Mexico.

  6. Anonymous,
    I do find it interesting that you mention 9 months and July 8th 1947 albeit its for what happened 9 synodic months before July 8th 1947 that I find interesting.
    I have come to believe in the past few weeks that its quite possible all end time prophesy flows from what happened 9 synodic months before July 8th 1947 in Nuremburg Germany.
    The biblical dates of this event are the key in my onion to understand that we have renewal of a cycle of time, this particular cycle is called a Platonic year but in this case we are changing years for days and it starting point is 9 synodic months before July 8th 1947.
    While there is entirely to much to write about this period of time on this post and how it relates to nearly every prophetically significant event and person and when this period of time is broken down into the Golden Raito it yields even more insight into end time events.
    It wont take long to see if there is any validity in using 25920 days from 10-16/17-1946 as a starting point or a renewal of time, once you count out 25920 days from the Nuremberg event you will be closing on a period of time, now just count backwards 1260 days and that should be the starting point of Tribulation, its the last days of Passover 2014 when Grand Cardinal Cross will be in perfect alignment with all planets @13 degrees of the Cardinal sings.
    Ironically this is 9 synodic months after the Star of David alignment and the start of the Final Status Agreement.

    1. Scott, THX for the great info. I would like to hear more please email me at email@thecomingepiphany dot com

  7. I saw a video on YouTube of the children survivors from Sandy hook at the Super Bowl and this guy claims the children there were the ones who were claimed to have been killed. Look it up. I saw it and thought of this post. Maybe that's a connection to your theory.