Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Waxing Death Moon; A line of Confirmation


In the post entitled The Waxing Death Moon; Trillium Park, the Olympic Clock and Planet X, I presented confirmations for the alignment of the Batman map, and that 3/28/2014 is the next day in the death moon cycle. These confirmations along with other data suggest that a Yellowstone eruption may be the next event in the death moon cycle. After posting the information the thought came to me that maybe I should look for a connection to the 2 events that are directly related to the calculated 3/28/14 date, which are the LAX shootings, and the May 10, 2013 ring of fire solar eclipse.
Well I think I found a connection; I do not know why I did not think of this before, but if you draw a line from the Great Pyramid in Giza to LAX and continue the line into the Pacific. The line runs at 333.44 degrees and goes right through the middle of Yellowstone and also hits the path of the May 10, 2013 ring of fire solar eclipse as pictured below. The length of the line form the Pyramid apex to the intersection of the eclipse line is 9009 NM.


Thus this line “connects” the May 10, 2013 ring of fire solar eclipse with the LAX shooting on 11/1/13; the 2 events that the 3/28/14 date is specifically calculated from—322 days and 147 days respectively as shown in this chart. 


This line also connects those events with the Yellowstone super volcano—the event theorized that may occur in relation to Strike Zone 2 on the Batman map on 3/28/14. This line also connects all of those events with the Great Giza pyramid. Remember the Giza pyramid is featured on the back of the dollar bill, and represents the birth of the New World Order and arising of the antichrist. Let me also mention that Batman is a type of antichrist. 

So here are the connections this line makes from west to east: May 10, 2013 ring of fire solar eclipse—11/1/2013 LAX shootings—Yellowstone—Giza pyramid/NWO/antichrist—3/28/14. 

Thus in light of the next death moon cycle date of 3/28/14 and the Batman map suggesting Strike Zone 2 will be a Yellowstone event, this line offers another confirmation that the 3/28/14 events may involve Yellowstone and or the antichrist.

What will happen on 3/28/14? Again; I present the data—you make up your own mind. But I am praying that their plans will be stopped, and that God will be glorified in the process, and many will turn to Him for salvation. I invite you to join me in that prayer.

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  1. I ran across this just yesterday and the author of this website also has a knack for numbers as you do. the author also comes to the conclusion of something big around the end of March. here is one section of the article and I'm also posting the link to the website so you can get the full of it. very interesting stuff to do with Obama and Prince William.
    There is a period of time just prior to the start of the lunar tetrad in 2014 thatmay be of significant, the period from March 22nd 2013 to March 30th of 2013 has the ability to connect to many past and future dates of importance.          I first need to set it up by showing a historical pattern that once again will bring 864 into the equation, many people are unaware that July 2nd 1776 was the date of declaration of independence from England.         From July 2nd 1776 to the day Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term on January 20th/21st of 2013,  is a duration of86400 days with January 20th 2013 inclusive. I added the 21st because it was the date of the public inauguration.         From January 20th 2013 to March 27th2014(inclusive) is 432 days which is half of 864, you could use March 28th 2014 for an end date and January 21st for the start of this period, my point being it’s the 432 day period that’s of interest here.           The first full day as a nation for Israel and the start of the war of independence came on May 15th 1948, this war stopped on July 20th 1949, this period of time consists of 432 days exactly and if you were to continue this period of time out from July 20th 1949   another 432 days it would take you to the very last lunar eclipse of the tetrad that was in motion at this time, this would bring you to a total of 864 days. 


    1. Thank you that is very important info! I will investigate the info further.

  2. I think i am right but on 27 march 2014 we are 1260 days since the occult masonic ceremony and so called rescue of he 33 miners in Chile,,could the 28 march 2014 be the first day of the tribulation?

    1. I am convinced that the end of the 70th week will align with a fall feast thus the 70th week/last 7 years or tribulation period as many call it would have to start in the fall.

      So an event(s) in the spring could align with or be near to events around the midpoint of the 70th week. 3/28/14 would be near the midpoint if the 70th week started on 10/28/10 with the end at Rosh Hashanah on 9/21/17.

  3. Interesting to note that Barack Obama is scheduled to be at the Vatican the day before.

    1. THX for the input, I also find that very interesting!!!