Saturday, November 23, 2013

Update; 231134421 Be Ready Video

I was sent a link to an analysis of the 231134421 Be Ready video. The researcher uses ASL (American Sign Language) to decipher the many hand signals in the video. I believe that analysis shows some important aspects of the film. I recommend giving it a read;

The researcher believes the date may be 11/28/13, and that it will effect the entire east coast 115 miles inland. I could be wrong, but my best take on the date is still 11/25/13, and if it occurs I think the 115 may be a reference to the areas under that sea level that would be effected. I also think that it may effect just the NY area now and in the future maybe other areas would be effected in separate incidents.

Here is my post on the video where I explain how I came up with the date of 11/25/13; 231134421 Be Ready, Run Away, Sector NY Water—My Take

Here is a link to an interactive sea level rise map. 115 ft. is about 35 meters.

In regards to future events, people may uncover plans of evil people to carry out events, but that does not mean it will happen. For example what if someone discovered that a group of people were planning to commit a crime. And then because their plans were discovered they called it off. So just because someone may discover plans of evil forces does not mean it will happen. If it is exposed people can pray against it, and or they may call it off or God may not allow it to happen.


  1. Now that the proverbial shoe has dropped and an agreement has been reached with Iran, the likelihood of the other shoe dropping has just greatly increased.

  2. I does look like the shoe has dropped Indeed, it also looks like we are now carrying twins.
    One based on "peace"(Palestinians) and the other on "security"(Iran) I cant see them making it full term.
    interestingly, from the start of the Israel/Palestinian "agreement" on July 29th 2013 to Purim 2014 is exactly 33weeks, with an additional 33 days added it takes you to Good Friday April 18th 2014.
    Counting back in time from April 18th 2014 666days takes you to June 21st 2012, god save the Queen!