Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beware of 6/7/13: Strike Zone 2 on the Batman Map

6/8/13: Update added at end of post about the Santa Monica shootings

I did not have a lot of time to write this up, so it may be a little choppy, but here goes…
The date of 6/7/13 has been popping up in my mind lately. I wanted to pass on some information that has led me to believe that the evil forces aligned with satan may try something big on that day. That is unless we can expose it beforehand, so they think twice about pulling it off, not to mention praying against it.
We will start with the Aurora shooting on 7/20/12, a Friday and the day of a waxing crescent moon. 147 days later on 12/14/12 the Sandy Hook Shooting took place, also on a Friday and the day of a waxing crescent moon. 147 days later was 5/10/13, a Friday and a day of a waxing crescent moon. I thought that the evil forces may have picked that day to carry out another evil attack, which might have involved Strike Zone 2 from the Batman Map; Strike Zone 1 was Sandy Hook. You can read about that information in the following posts;

Obviously nothing of major consequence happened on that day, and I am very thankful that nothing did. So they either had something planned on that day, which a lot of data suggested, and they called it off, or it was not the correct date. That brings us to 6/7/13. It is also a Friday and the day of a waxing crescent moon. It is also 322 days past the Aurora shooting and the release of the Batman movie on 7/20/12. 322 appeared in the Batman movie.


As you can see it was the number of the booth that the elite were hanging out in at the football game. Here is a short clip of the movie showing the 322.

The first thing that caught my notice was the child singing the National Anthem. This may indicate a Strike Zone #1 Sandy Hook signal.  At 1:29:44 into the movie the underground bombs started going off. 1:29:44 = 1:2+9:44 = 1:11:44, there are 44 days between 6/7 and 7/20.
In my research linked above I have identified the possible Strike Zone 2 location as the Yellowstone supervolcano area, which just happens to be at 44 N 111 W. The football team playing the Gotham team was Rapid City. There are two Rapid City locations in the U.S. One in SD and one in MI, both are at 44 N. Rapid City SD is 322 NM away from the Island Park/Yellowstone caldera.

Here are a few other numbers and date facts;
6/7/13 = 6+7/13 = 13/13.
6/7/13 – 147 days = 1/11/13, a Friday and a day of a waning crescent Moon
6/7/13 + 147 days = 11/1/13, a Friday and a day of a waning crescent Moon

Some important events that happened on June 7 in history;
1775: U.S. colonies changed name to United States.
1929: Sovereign state of Vatican City created.
1981: Israel attacked and destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor.

In the Hebrew Calendar 6/7/13 is Sivan 29/30 and many interesting things happened on that day including the sending out of the 12 spies.,com_adsmanager/page,display/tid,266811/

Here are some things planned for 6/7/13;
Bilderberger meeting; June 6-8, 2013. This may be a connection to the elite together in the booth in the Batman Movie when the explosions went off.
Pride days in L.A., June 7-9.
So this is the data that I have at this time. Will the evil forces aligned with satan try to pull off something big on 6/7/13? Will they set off underground bombs at Yellowstone, or will they try something else? Or will they wait another 147 days till 11/1/13? I do not know, but I see enough data to make me believe it is possible that they may have something planned for 6/7/13. And remember just because they have something planned does not mean it will happen, they can call it off, and or God can intervene.
No fear, and keep looking up;
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28
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Update 6/8/13: As you are most likely aware another mass shooting took place. this time in Los Angeles on and near the Santa Monica Campus. Here is a link for the latest details.

5 people were killed and several others were injured--my prayers are with those affected by this tragedy.

Here are a few observations that I would like to make you aware of. This is the third mass shooting on dates related to the batman movie. Aurora on the day the movie was released, Sandy Hook 147 days later and now Santa Monica 322 days later, and all on a Friday and the day of a crescent moon.

This shooting happened in Los Angeles when the pride days were taking place. It also occurred about 3 miles from where President Obama was at the time. I did not know he was there until I read the articles about the shooting. The shooting also took place while the Bilderbergers were meeting.

The shooting incident could have been a lot worse--maybe our foreknowledge about the possibility of an evil event on that day and our prayers against it limited the destruction.

I think the next day to look out for in relation to the batman movie, and could possibly involve strike zone 2, is 11/1/13 which will be 147 days past the Santa Monica shooting, 322 days past the sand Hook shooting, a Friday, and a day of a waxing crescent moon.

I only had a few minutes to write this update--I may add to it in the future.


  1. Thank you for the interesting article.

  2. I have pondered the whole numerology thing and have settled on a couple of reasons why these things are important to the enemy. He lacks omnipotence. These are ways are communicating across geographic and time boundaries to the initiated. It is also a way of directing attention and "worship" to himself and away from God. While I think these patterns are discernible, ultimately the Lord himself has the last say in what ever amount of chain the dogs are allowed to have. The cup is nearly full. The time is not a time marker, it is fullness or ripeness of sin and transgression. That will be the trigger. The time will most likely coincide with some numeric sequence that the evil forces adore.
    We should all be living as though today were the last.

    1. THX for your insights, the evil ones do love their numbers. God does things by numbers too sometimes, so maybe the devil is just perverting what God does with numbers.

  3. Today is 6/6/2013 2013 2+0+1+3=6...6/6/6 just a thought.

  4. The another possibility is that Yahweh has something planned. Henry Gruver said that Yahweh would bring the wicked into the cities before their destruction via nuclear attack. Maybe the pride thing in L.A. is the event to lure them into a trap?

  5. on 6/1/2013 I witnessed an army reserve convoy of 8 empty flat bed tractor trailers stationed in Spring City Pa. So I spoke with the leader who was sitting in his Humvee and he told me they were going to SD.
    I asked him what equipment they would be taking and he said generators, and general stuff but no armored tanks or weapons.

    Makes you wonder.
    PS. I have video on my phone

  6. Well, there was a crazy shooting today (6 /7) in Santa Monica, CA by a guy wearing SWAT gear...story is a little reminicent of the Aurora, Co shooting mixed with Sandy Hook...

    1. THX for the input, very significant, I added an update about it.

    2. Yeah look again, this is strike zone 3! ..2 was obviously Boston..

    3. I do not think 2 was Boston, I think it will be Yellowstone, and 3 will be the sinking of Florida under the waves.