Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prophecy Alert: A Green Light for WWIII and the Reign of the Antichrist

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I believe that a major prophecy development concerning WWIII has occurred—it appears that Israel has been given the green light by President Obama to attack Iran. Even though it was not explicitly stated, many have come to this conclusion.

There are signs President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have come to some sort of private understanding over Iran. I think Obama gave Netanyahu a green light to do whatever Israel has to do to stop Iran.

We also discussed the complexities of the relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu and whether the President has — or still may — give Israel the “green light” to hit Iran.

Yet the media are missing the real story: Obama’s apparent “reset” on Israel is a win for Netanyahu, who stood up to him--and prevailed. The most important sign of that shift was the public green light Obama gave Israel Wednesday to attack Iran preemptively, if necessary, to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons:

Netanyahu appeared to be particularly heartened by Obama’s message on Iran. To Israeli ears, Netanyahu got what could be seen as a green light for unilateral action against Iran.

So if Israel has been given the green light to attack Iran, then this is a very important prophetic development. For I believe that if Israel attacks Iran the conflict will spiral out of control into a Mideast war—the Illuminati WWIII.  Others also see this scenario developing from a war with Iran, and see our being drawn into the conflict as inevitable;

What if Iran does something in the Strait of Hormuz, like mining the shipping lanes, which only U.S. naval minesweepers can clear? Obama may not want in on this fight, but he might get pulled in nonetheless, because while Israel can start this war, it can’t finish it without the United States.

Shep Smith on Fox News made a reactionary comment following stories about Egypt & Syria's mess to the effect that the "entire Middle East" - Iran, Syria, Egypt - is completely falling apart & "One day we're all gonna wake up and check the news & something real bad is gonna have happened if we don't do something real soon."  Urban Survival 3/26/13
What will result from WWIII? According to insider information given to Cutting Edge ministries, WWIII will start a 91 day period of horrific events that will result in the take over of the world by the antichrist. After WWIII breaks out, among other things, the economies of the world will collapse, a worldwide pandemic will occur, and ¼ of the world’s population (1.75 billion) will die. In scripture these events are listed as seals 1-4 of Revelation—the 4 horses of the apocalypse.
Another result from WWIII and its associated events is that I believe Israel and those who support her will be blamed for all the problems brought about by her actions, bringing great persecution upon her and those who support her. I do support Israel, her right to her land, and her right to defend herself, but I see this coming conflict with Iran as a trap for Israel and the world. The International community has backed Israel into a “no win” situation. When she believes that she has no choice but to go to war against Iran, and does so, it will most likely ignite WWIII and bring about its associated worldwide consequences.
When might this war occur? I do not know, but remember this; if the Second Coming and the end of the 2520 days will be in alignment with the Feast of Trumpets on 10/3/16, then the midpoint would be 4/22/13. Also remember that the world will be given into the hands of the antichrist for the last 3.5 years, which will start at the midpoint. "And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.” Rev 13:5. Thus if the Second Coming will be in 2016 then the latest I could possibly see WWIII start would be the midpoint—4/22/13.
Let me mention that there is something else interesting about the dates around 4/22/13; in the pagan world, April 19 - May 1 is when a blood sacrifice to the beast is performed, with a fire sacrifice required on April 19/20. There is a long list of “events” that have happened on those days like Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Gulf oil fire to name a few—so this could be a date to watch out for.
If Israel has been given the green light to attack Iran, then I believe in light of end times Bible prophecy, we could say they have been given a green light to start WWIII and usher in the kingdom of the antichrist and the great tribulation. Thus If they do indeed attack Iran between now and 4/22/13, I believe it will result in the following occurring; (not necessarily in this order)
WWIII (seal 2)
Worldwide financial collapse (seal 3)
Global pandemic (seal 4)
Death of ¼ of the world’s population (1.75 billion)
The “arrival” of UFOs and their main man that will “save the planet,” and takeover the world
The mark of the beast one world currency system—Welcome to the New World Order
The persecution of Jews and Christians (seal 5)

Other associated events I foresee are as follows;
Major volcanic eruptions in Mexico and South America*
A huge earthquake in Japan sending it into the ocean*

The destruction of the Hoover dam*

The arising of the false prophet **

An Atlantic Ocean tsunami event

A nuclear attack from North Korea

Major terrorist attacks

The peace agreement/treaty pushing Israel back to its’ 1967 borders resulting in the following 3 events

A Huge Earthquake in California sending parts of it into the ocean* ***

The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano***

The rupture of the New Madrid Fault***

*From the analysis of Joe Brandt’s dream ; Be advised that many researchers are under the opinion that the time period from about 3/27 – 4/5 is a major earthquake watch period in which I believe some of these things could take place.

*** May 9 or 10, 2013 is a watch date for this occurring.

Will WWIII and its associated events happen this year or will it be a future year? I cannot say for sure, I could be wrong, but it is looking to me like Israel is ready to take the green light very soon. Will they wait or will they act in the near future? Time will tell, but I would keep my eye on Basra, Iraq—it may start there.

If WWIII does not occur by 4/22/13, then I would most likely conclude that the Second Coming will not be in 2016, and these things will occur in a future year. The more important question is not when will these things occur, but are you ready for them to occur, for they eventually will and they will catch many off guard.

33 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. 34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. 35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Luke 21:33-35

God in His Word has given us forewarning of what will transpire on the earth in the end times. He has also told us that the devil is a defeated foe, and Jesus will come back to rule the world in righteousness. You are not to fear the events of Revelation, but need to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Being prepared starts by receiving forgiveness of your sins through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. When you receive the forgiveness of your sins you are born again and become a child of God and gain a home in Heaven. Read a short message on what you must do to be saved entitled; God’s Gift of Salvation.

Dear Christian, the rapture will not rescue you from the tribulations of the first 5 seals. It is not until the Sixth Seal that we are raptured. In fact, I can prove this to you. Here is a synopsis of the proof, which I cover extensively in The Coming Epiphany.

The rapture is part of the Day of the Lord—1 Thes 5:2-4, 2 Thes 2:1,2

The Moon is turned to blood before the Day of the Lord—Acts 2:20.

The Moon is turned to blood after the Sixth Seal is opened—Rev 6:12

Therefore the rapture happens after the Sixth Seal is opened. 

Sixth Seal--Moon to blood—Day of the Lord—Rapture.

So Christian it is time to wake up—the great tribulation is almost here, whether it begins this year or a future year, you need to be spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. I have written The Coming Epiphany to help you prepare for the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany today, now available in Spanish too.

Personal note: I am scheduled to be on the Anakypto blog radio show tomorrow.


  1. Hi William, If the mid-point of the Tribulation is 4/22/13, wouldn't that mean that the new Temple would have to be built within the next 3 weeks? John.

    1. John, good question. They can set up a temporary tabernacle in a day just like they used to do in the wilderness.

    2. Is the new Temple something written in the bible? if so, where can i read it?

  2. I agree but dwell as I've statedin an earlier post that it will be April 24th 20013 as given to me in a dream when asking for discernment about the commingle famine and war.

    Also regarddinng a prior dream I stated I was given regardding two black horses. One with green and white flag arounnd its neck and one
    star on it . The other with a flag that appeared to look like a Confederate flag around its neck with many stars on it. This was given to me over 3 months ago. The otheer was given recently about a month and a half ago. The green flag could represent Iran as I believe their flag is green and white if I am not mistaking. The flag with many stars could be the united states as it closely resembled it.

    1. Denise

      THX for sharing. It is possible in regards to various time accounting methods and taking into account Hebrew time, where the next day begins at sunset, that 4/24 is also possible.



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