Thursday, February 28, 2013

Major Prophecy Alert: The Peace Treaty, Planet X, and the Rapture!

There are stories floating around on the Internet that the Peace Treaty has been drawn up and has been distributed to various leaders for acceptance.

“we got the best agreement possible and it is a victory for us!” Here it is in short: 1. Palestinian statehood – this is already a fait accompli, clearly in the interests of both sides – the territorial expression of our national identity sealed by agreement, recognized by the international community, accepted by the United Nations and fulfilling the principle laid down in UN Resolution 181 from November 29, 1947 – the formal birth certificate of the two states – the establishment of two states – one Jewish and one Arab on the land known as Palestine/Israel.

“The formal birth certificate of the two states,” now that is an interesting statement. Here is some pertinent analysis of the story by Hebrew Nation Radio (HT Cindy)
What does it mean? (Commentary from HN News editor) The story from the Jerusalem Post is a BOMBSHELL story.  This story, "leaks to the press" that the parameters of a Two State Solution deal ALREADY EXISTS and has been basically agreed upon by Netanyahu and Abbas. … 

How likely is it that Obama is coming to Israel to announce this "secret deal" that has already been made? 

Time will tell...but the leaking of THIS STORY to the press seems to indicate that such a "closet deal" has already been signed onto by both sides and that Obama may be coming to make this announcement with much hoopla and fanfare.

And I am sure that you are aware what day President Obama is heading to Jerusalem—Nisan 10. Nisan 10 the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and presented Himself to the world as the Messiah. There are some interesting aspects to this date as told by Carlos at the Chozeh and Nabiy blog  

I would also like to add something that stands out to me about this trip from a historical perspective.  Jesus Christ the Messiah entered Jerusalem riding upon a donkey on 10 Nisan in what was the Gregorian year AD 33.  President Obama will enter Jerusalem on this very day in the Gregorian year 2013.  The difference is therefore precisely 1980 years.  Here is what the late David Flynn had to say about the number 1980 and the year 2013* (bold emphasis C.M.N.)- 

. . . Since AD 33 represented the end of Satan’s ‘full authority’ over mankind, it is reasonable that a form of this number should appear before AD 33 . . . If 6,660 years ended in AD 33, the complete cycle of a third of the precession would require an additional 1,980 years to be completed (which would equal 8,640 years) . . . In navigation, 33 degrees of the circle of the Earth has 1,980 nautical miles.  This is found by multiplying 60 minutes in an hour times 33.  One thousand nine hundred eighty years needs 6,660 years more to equal 8,640 years, and is the exact number of minutes in 33 hours, as well as nautical miles in 33 degrees of the great circle of the Earth.  The majority of Draco’s tail lies along 6,660 years of the precessional circuit.  The number 2013 is the number of minutes in 33 hours + 33 minutes and the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the Earth. 

The term “Satan’s full authority” caught my eye, and it seems to me, then, that 2013 should feature an event in which an agent of Satan (that is to say, an antichrist figure) attempts to usurp the throne of the true Messiah.  This could be precisely what will occur next month in Jerusalem; we shall see.  Anyway, in combination with the content of the articles above this quote should represent some serious food for thought!  And as I’ve been shouting for some time now, the year 2013 has a startling prophetic signature to it.  I’ve also written extensively about 2013 here-

Will this be the day that the peace treaty is announced? I ran across an interesting video of an interview of an Iranian scientist that suggests that very thing—the peace treaty will be announced during President Obama’s visit. The peace treaty info starts at 20:20.

In his discourse, if I understood him correctly, he mentioned 3/21 as the day the peace treaty would be presented and 4/21 as the day it would be accepted. He also said that the reason for these rapid developments is because Iran has developed new weapons and defenses based on anti gravity technologies which have changed the “game.” He claims that Iran can now defeat conventional warfare tactics rendering them useless.

Regardless of if the “new electrics” part is true or not, one thing that caught my attention in the interview was the dates; 3/21/13 and 4/21/13. In The Coming Epiphany and at The End Times Forecaster Blog I have put forth the theory that the 70th week—the last 7 years before the Second Coming of Christ—may have begun on 11/10/2009. Adding 1260 days to the start of the 70th week will bring you to the midpoint of the 70th week.  1260 days past 11/10/2009 is 4/22/13 (+- a day for Hebrew time).

So we have information that suggests that the peace treaty is a done deal and is likely to be accepted on 4/21—within a day of the calculated date of the midpoint of the 70th week, and if you take into account Hebrew time—the exact day! I believe this is a very significant development.

But you say wait a minute, Dan 9:27 tells us that the peace treaty is supposed to occur at the beginning of the 70th week, not the middle. Oh really?

…Daniel 9:27…When you examine the Hebrew, the true meaning becomes clearly evident. Roy Reinhold, author of The Day of the Lord and an expert in Hebrew, has this to say about the verse:

The “he” is the same person throughout the verse. Higbir is a hifil 3ms perfect verb, and the Qal root verb is gavar meaning “to be strong, to conquer.” A Hifil is “causative,” and so in this case the usage is “and he caused to be made strong” a covenant for the many for one period of seven. In no way does this imply that the “he” the antichrist originates the peace treaty. What it clearly shows is that the antichrist comes along after the peace treaty is in effect and he agrees with it and enforces its provisions.

So an analysis of the Hebrew brings out the fact that, when the antichrist is revealed and comes to power in the midst of the 70th Week, the peace treaty will already be in effect and “he,” the antichrist, will merely confirm and or strengthen it… The Coming Epiphany, p. 60.

The first news articles about the peace treaty listed above suggest that the agreement was established in 1947—“the territorial expression of our national identity sealed by agreement, recognized by the international community, accepted by the United Nations and fulfilling the principle laid down in UN Resolution 181 from November 29, 1947.” If this treaty that is already in effect is agreed upon and adhered to, it would be strengthened and would fulfill the prophecy. I wonder who the “he” is?

The rumblings about the peace treaty added to the major signaling taking place regarding the birth of the antichrist, that is foretelling the destruction of the Hoover Dam (water breaking) and the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano (ring of fire pain) and its association with the land of Israel, I would say that it is looking as if major prophetic events are about to occur. In case you missed them here are the posts about the antichrist birthing ritual signaling—here comes destiny’s child.

If we are indeed approaching the midpoint of the 70th week, then between now and then I would expect a Mid East war to break out (WWIII),   the economies of the world to collapse, a pandemic, and the birthing/arising of the antichrist and its associated events, including the head wound incident and major UFO events. Some other things to look for would be great geologic events resulting in infrastructure destructions and loss of the internet, at least as we know it. And let’s not forget that if tradition holds true we may see the two witnesses come on the scene on Passover 3/26-27/2013.

Are there any other indications that we are in the 70th week near the midpoint and the time of the arising of the antichrist?  Scripture tells us that after the midpoint the antichrist takes over the world, institutes the mark, and will begin persecuting Jews and Christians, which is then followed by the rapture. Scripture also tells us that the rapture will happen after the sixth seal is opened—I present a proof of this fact in Chapter 3 of The Coming Epiphany.

In looking at the events of the sixth seal I believe that coincide with what many cultures have told us occur at a planet X or Nibiru passage. So if the antichrist is ready to arise, then the rapture/sixth seal/planet X events would not be too far away. So are there any indications that planet X is nearby? Glad you asked. Researcher Gill Broussard believes so, and puts forth the theory that the most likely time will be 2013-16.

Are there any other indications this may be true? Here is some more information about the timing of Planet X from a post this Fall.

…recently someone emailed me a Nibiru document that contains a lot of information that points to the existence of Nibiru and surmises that it is coming soon. The researcher who wrote the Nibiru article, who does not identify him or herself, stated that Comet Elenin was a forerunner of Nibiru and on its same basic trajectory. BTW; I also believed that Elenin may have been a forerunner to Nibiru. The individual also states that he believes that Nibiru is approximately 8 A.U. behind Elenin or approximately 2 years behind it, but that as it approaches the sun it will speed up. time of writing, 30 June 2011, the core of Nibiru should have crossed Saturn's orbit, even as its harbinger, Elenin, crossed Mars' orbit about 8 AU ahead of it. This tells us that at its current speed Nibiru is about two years behind Elenin. However, we should be careful with this conclusion because we must keep in mind that as they approach the Sun these objects are accelerating faster and faster due to our star's magnetic pull. Thus this two-year gap between them will undoubtedly be decreasing at an ever increasing rate as their proximity to the Sun and Earth also decreases. Let's assume their velocity doubles by the time they get here, halving the length of time it would take Nibiru to reach Earth. This means Nibiru could then reach us one year after Elenin, instead of two years. p.33

Let’s consider one of the assumptions the researcher made. He wrote; “Let's assume their velocity doubles…” What if his assumption that Nibiru would double its speed is wrong? What if it did not double its speed and stayed the same speed, or even slowed down? If that were the case then we could see Nibiru arrive 2013 to 2015—sound familiar? That conclusion is also possible if Nibiru was more than 8 A.U. behind Elenin.

In Summary; the rumors of the Peace treaty and its date synchronisms, the imminence of the antichrist birthing rituals, and the reported nearness of Planet X all lead me to believe that we may be about to see major prophetic events occur.

As to when we may see the major prophetic events occur see Chapter 12 of the Coming Epiphany

Are you spiritually, mentally and physically prepared for these end times events? I have written an end times Bible prophecy book to help you to prepare for what is coming. Please accept my gift to you and download a free copy of The Coming Epiphany today. Have your epiphany before it is too late.


  1. I I googled March 21 and this article jumped at me. It seems to me to describe the last 3.5 years on earth and gives an explanation for the rapture

    1. THX for the info, things are definitely looking like important events are about to occur. If the 70th week is to align with the fall feast of Trumpets then the midpoint would be 4/22

  2. thanks-I'm so glad I restored my faith with Jesus as Saviour last month and decided to check up on end time events since I studied them many years ago and I too see a lot of signs of interesting things to come-I am excited that the next few months could be a revealing time, I'm so curious about the next's so great to be awake to these things, oh how blind many people are

    1. If we are nearing the midpoint then the next Pope will most likely be the false prophet that will cause all the world to worship the antichrist.

      Praise the Lord and congrats on your decision--there is only one way to live and that is with God.

  3. William I received confirmation today that the brown dwarf star that just interred into our atmosphere has wormwood in tow. I have a memory cleaner on my computer screen an as I was putting two and two together I glanced at it and it read 1.18 GB. Knowing that Rev 8:11 Is the verse that names the astroid or meteor as wormwood I knew the Lord was confirming my suspicion. BTW, several hours after this happened I realized I had not told my wife the interesting news I had confirmed from God today. As the thought just entered my head I turned to tell her and I caught a glance at the time and it was 8:11pm. This was more confirmation that I needed but needless to say the fourth trumpet is insight and on its way!

    1. Frank

      THX for the great info. I would appreciate it if you could email me with the reasons as to how you know this.

      I believe planet X will coincide with the rapture and may happen as early as this fall. After the rapture I believe the earth will head into the debris trail of X--trumpet 1, then meteor traveling with x--trumpet 2, then comet traveling with x--trumpet 3.

      Glad we not going to be here for the wrath of God events.

      Do you have any insights on the timing?