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Updated 11/28

My theory regarding WWIII starting on 11/23/12 was wrong. If you remember I wrote the following.

If my theory is wrong and WWIII does not start on 11/23/12, I will be glad. If you remember I wrote the following concerning that possibility in the post One Month Till WWIII?

Let me state this plainly--I am not predicting that WWIII will start on 11/23/12. All I am saying is that out of all the dates in the near future that is the one that I believe needs to be watched for the most. In fact I am hoping that I am wrong and WWIII will not start on that day, and if it does not, I will be glad, for we will have more time. But realize that as the Second Seal it will eventually occur.

Now that WWIII has not started on 11/23/12 that leaves us with 2 possibilities of which I also wrote about in the past.

Also realize this; if WWIII does not start on 11/23/12 that leaves us with 2 possibilities.

The first possibility is that WWIII may start between now and the next few months. If the 70th week started in 2009 and the Second Coming will be in 2016, then WWIII would have to start in the next few months, which I also wrote about in the post One Month Till WWIII?

Note: I also see the possibility that WWIII may start as late as 1/21/13. Scripture tells us that the antichrist will take over the world at the midpoint and if 2016 is the year of the Second Coming then the midpoint will be 4/22/13, and 91 days before that is 1/21/13. But I think it is more likely that there will be a 60 day period between the end of the 91 days and the midpoint, thus the 11/23/12 date.

Am I sure that WWIII will start on 11/23/12? NO; for as scripture says we see the future as through a glass darkly. It may start sometime between 11/23/12 and 1/21/13, possibly even 12/21/12, or it may start in the fall of 2013, or a future year. But with the data I have, the most likely date I see is 11/23/12. Again, time will tell.

The second possibility is that the 70th week did not start in 2009, and 2016 will not be the year of the Second Coming, and thus WWIII will not start until at the earliest in the fall of 2013.

So we are not out of the woods yet, if 2016 will be the year of the second coming then we should see WWIII begin within the next few months.

BTW; tensions are still high and it looks as if many forces are positioning for the next war event as reported by Debka

Here are some more articles.
US Carrier Readies for Iran War

Israel may strike Iranian ship carrying rockets to Gaza

Russian expert warns of large scale Mid East war.

Update 11/28: As reported in the comments below Fox News is reporting that Iran was resupplying Syria with weapons while all eyes were focused on the Gaza conflict. Here is the video link;


  1. I've been reading your website for a little while now and I find it to be a well written and well thought out thesis on a subject I have been interested in since I was a young man. I decided to comment on this article because I think you are being a bit hard on your own analysis.

    For example, most people generally attribute the start of WWI to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, but there were several decades of events and peculiar situations that festered to ultimately become a war engulfing the world.

    Pearl Harbor was obviously the catalyst for the US to enter WWII, but the Treaty of Versailles, adopted at the end of the 1st world war, was clearly a focal point for Germany and Hitler's rise to power, and I would contend, an evil threat to the US so grave that we would have been forced to eventually deal with it regardless of Japan's attack. The treaty and the sneak attack are just easy way points for historians to point at, but to look at more deeply, one can begin to see all of the minor and not so minor events that put everything into motion.

    So, while we may not have seen fire and brimstone on the 23rd of this month, there were several very interesting events that took place through this time period. Egypt had an extreme change in the balance of power, and Morsi, the man who brokered the peace deal in this minor skirmish between Gaza and Israel, has given himself broad powers similar to Mubarek, the former displaced dictator of Egypt. It's not hard to imagine Egypt's role, however big or small, in the End of Times.

    Also, while all eyes were watching Gaza, Iran flew thousands of tons of equipment and arms through Iraqi airspace into Syria, to help the distressed Assad in his quest to thwart the rebellion. Syria, and it's gigantic stockpile of chemical weapons, is a serious threat to Israel, and now that the battle has begun to center in Damascus, and the stockpile is supposedly being store near there, it still fits quite nicely with the prophecy regarding the disposition of Damascus in the End.

    So my point is, perhaps these events are part of the bigger picture and while we may not fully envision the outcome, we can see how some of these events play into plans of our Lord?

    1. David- these were my thoughts exactly. Thank you for putting pen to paper so eloquently and expressing what I feel many may be thinking as well. After all, we may be in full blown world war in a few months, and only then look back to the events that are occurring right now as the "beginning" of the war.

    2. David

      THX for your input and info. I agree that there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes, and there is a lot of posturing going on right now. You may be right but at this point I do not think that we can say that it started. Time will tell but at the very least we can say that we are on the brink.

      What is your source that Iran flew arms into Syria during the Gaza conflict? The only thing I could find was that it happened in August and Sept.

      I agree that we are close to seeing the Damascus prophecy fulfilled.

    3. Audrey

      THX for your input, if 2016 is the year of the Second Coming then I think WWIII could happen at any time. Syria seems to be the next hot spot. Assad has said he will turn the Mid East into flames if he is cornered.

  2. William, I saw a news report about it on FOX News on Sunday that reported that Iran was flying to Syria via Iraqi airspace, and it even included video footage of Iranian cargo aircraft (Ilyushin IL-76's) landing at airbases just outside of Damascus. In order to seem as though they were complying with UN restrictions, the aircraft were forced to land inside Iraq, on the return trip, and then they were inspected.

    Several questions come to mind, for example, why is Iran authorized to access Iraqi airspace and how many examples of UN incompetence does the world need to understand the worthlessness of the UN when you hear about something as silly as this happens, where an inspection of an aircraft suspected of carrying arms to Syria is examined on it's return flight?

    Having just tried to verify this news report, I am also having trouble finding other sources about it other than the events that took place a few moths ago. I apologize for not verifying it before I mentioned it, I assumed after seeing it televised it would easily be verified if needed. I've not even seen anything on which is usually a very informative website.

    I did however find the FOX News video regarding this;

    1. David

      THX for the important info, I placed the link on the post.

  3. Could WW3 begin without any actual military combat? Tomorrow, there is to be a vote on a Palestinian state. Could that be the beginning of WW3?

    It is my belief that the 1st 5 seals of Revelation 6 are not part of the 70th week scenerio but take up a period of many years. I believe 2016 is the correct year based on Adam Clarkes Commentary.

    1. Richard

      THX for the input, I have considered the theory of the seals being outside the 70th week. But without going into too much detail there are several reasons why I feel that the seals will be within the 70th week. For one the third seal has not occured yet--a worldwide days wages for a measure of wheat. Also the antichrist is only given 3.5 years to reign. Also the illuminati 91 day period that could start any day matches very closely with the Seals.

    2. The wheat and the barley, and the wine and the oil are metaphors as well...The Wheat and the Barley are God's chosen in the harvest, and the Wine and the Oil are his chosen and his elect... all of this has to do with his Harvest Festivals...There will be famine, but there are Two (2) Kingdoms...the Kingdom of this World, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

    3. THX for the input I agree that there can be metaphorical overtones to many scriptures. But one must be careful to take a literal interp as the intended main meaning--in this case a worldwide financial collapse where it takes a days wages for the average person to buy a ration of food. This is a full fledged currency collapse engineered by evil forces to destroy the old world order and establish the new.

  4. I agree with David and who is to say that the 23rd was not the tipping point.

    1. Jeff

      THX for the input, It may have been, I guess time will tell, but illuminati info says it will start with an incident in Basra so I was looking for something from there. Maybe the Iran to Syria shipments will play a role

  5. You may very well be right about the 3rd seal. Here's a question I've wondered about. Could there be more than one way of looking at the 70th Week? A futurist and historist both being right? Also, could your beginning point of the 70th Week be wrong by only one month? Here's my reason. Could Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in December of '09 be the actual beginning point? I've printed off your 7oth Week charts. they are awesome! 2016 just seems to be the ending year just about anyway one looks at this from just about every perspective.

    1. Richard

      The dates for the 70th week were calculated from the feast of trumpets in 2016. 2520 days before that is the start--11/10/09. I could be off 30 in regards to WWIII--I had a 60 day gap between the end of WWIII and the midpoint--that is what may most likely be off.