Friday, November 16, 2012


As you are probably aware matters are dramatically escalating in the Middle East, which may lead to WW III.  I ran across this article that I would like to make you aware of; "I Have Inside Info...Full On War is On!" Here is a snippet;

Guys… I have Inside Info… Full On War In The Middle East Is ON!

There is no going back now..

You can take this however you want but I have inside contacts and they are telling me that it’s ON…


Massive theater war…

They expect all the muslim countries to get involved in a war with Israel…

Starting with Egypt, Syria, and Palestine….

If you think this won’t affect YOU – HERE – THINK AGAIN…

Get what you need..

I warned you a month ago..

Now you have MAYBE days…

Remember from Bible prophecy research I theorized many years ago that the most likely date for WW III to begin is 11/23/12. This info was also posted about 3 weeks ago in the post; One Month Till WWIII? I will try to post more as time allows.

Get ready for the end times, and read the end times Bible prophecy book The Coming Epiphany today for FREE!

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