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The Phoenix Code; A Synopsis

The following is a summarizing list of the essential facts of the Phoenix Code and posts in that series. Note: to see the relevance of some of these things you may have to read the original posts.


1. Phoenix, Arizona was named after the phoenix bird legend.

2. The phoenix bird is an occult representation of the United States alluding to her future destruction so that she and the world can be reborn into the New World Order.

The Numbers

3. After intense prayer I was shown the numbers 777555 on 10/27/2010 in relation to the timing of the event.

4. The information was posted on 10/28/2010. 10/28/2010 + 555 days = 5/5/2012 or realizing 2+0+1+2=5 a 5/5/5 date!

5. 5/5 of any year is Cinco de Mayo commemorating the original event that occurred in Puebla, Mexico in 1862.

6. 10/28/1886 is when the Statue of Liberty was dedicated and the statue is 1862 nautical miles from Phoenix, Arizona.

7. Secular individuals believe that 5/5/2012 will be a day of change.

8. The 555th verse of the Bible, Gen 22:7 speaks about a burnt sacrifice.

The Episode

9. The Homer Simpson episode “The Surveil with love” features a dirty bomb or nuclear detonation featuring a clock with the time of 5:55. Note: 9/11 was encoded on a Homer Simpson episode prior to its occurrence.

10. In the episode the clock upside down displays the date of 9/11/01—there are 555 weeks between 9/11/01 and 5/5/2012.

11. The hands on the clock point to 11 and 6, and 9 and 11 (upside down.) 116 + 911 = 1027. 10/27/2010 + 555 days (exclusive) = 5/5/2012.

12. The black and white spaces on the clock yield a 33 and 111—the latitude and longitude of Phoenix, Arizona.

13. The number of degrees between the clock hands is 150. 5/5/1862 (the original Cinco de Mayo event) + 150 years = 5/5/2012.

14. The clock flew onto the scene in the video at the 5:55 mark.

15. The plutonium capsule in the episode is the same basic shape of Firebird Lake south of Phoenix and points to Phoenix, Arizona.

16. The episode featured the explosion between streets that form a “V” A line to Phoenix is between streets that form a “V” in Washington, D.C. and Puebla.

The Coins

17. I received a 1947 silver quarter in change on 12/22/11 at odds of at least 1.5 million to one. 19.47 is an important number encoded on the dollar bill. George Washington is on the quarter and dollar bill.

18. 19.47 x 12 (layers in the pyramid on dollar) = 233.64 years = 233 years, 233 days. July 4, 1776 + 233 years, 233 days = 2/22/2010. 2/22/2010 + 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks = 5/5/2012.

19. 19.47 x 12.121862 (Remember 1862 is the date of Cinco de Mayo) = 236.01265 years = 236 years, 4 days. 5/1/1776 (Illuminati founded their plan in regards to the United States) + 236 years and 4 days = 5/5/2012.

20. I received a 1964-D silver dime in change on 1/7/12 at odds of 2000 to one.

21. Years between the dates on coins = 17, Days between the days I received them = 17. The date 1/7 makes a 17.

22. The odds of receiving both coins 17 days apart, and 17 years apart is at least 81 trillion to one.

23. Silver content of both coins = .35 (face value of coins) x .72 (amount of silver in a coin rounded to tenth) = .2520 oz. There are 2520 days in the 70th week.

24. 19.64 x 12.017 = 236.01 = 236 yr 4 days. 5/1/1776 + 236 yr, 4 days = 5/5/2012.

25. .35 (face value of coins) x 365 (days in a year) = 127 days (rounded down.) 127 days + 12/31/11 (date of Phoenix Code post, inclusive) = 5/5/2012.

26. On 12/22/11 silver closed at $29.30, on 1/7/12 silver closed at $28.75. That was a drop of $.55

27. .723 (first 3 digits of amount of silver in a coin) x .25 (face value quarter) x $29.30 = $5.296
.723 x .10 (face value of a dime) x $28.75 = $2.079.

5.296 + 2.079 = 7.375, 7.375 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 236

28. Taking the dates as days 1947 + 1964 = 3911 days and dividing by 2, their average is 1955.5.

29. 1955.5 divided by 365.25 (approx days in a year) = 5.35 = 5 years, 127 days. 127 days + 12/31/11 (date of Phoenix Code post, inclusive) = 5/5/2012.

30. 1955.5 divided by 360 (days in a prophetic year) = 5.43194... = 5 prophetic years, 155.5 days = 5 prophetic years, 5 months, 5.5 days.

The Lines

31. The streets of Washington D.C. were laid out by satanic design. A prominent line of Washington D.C. goes through the Masonic tomb and leads directly to Phoenix, Arizona.

32. The line passes near the Bethune memorial statue which from the air looks like a Phoenix bird, and on close up looks like burnt people.

33. The line of judgment from the United Nations to the National Christmas tree is almost the same as the United Nations--Puebla line.

34. The United Nations—Puebla line goes through my neighborhood whose name can be pronounced to mean born or burnt from ashes.

35. On Google Earth at the Puebla battle site is a picture entitled “Explosion Nuclear.” The pic is situated due west of the Fort if the fort was considered to be a compass rose. Phoenix is due West of Washington, D.C.

36. The Big Tree, which is associated with Israel, burned on 1/16/12 which is 111 days from 5/5/2012.

37. A line from The Big Tree through Phoenix goes to the California missile location and is approx 2012 NM long.

38. New York Missile—Falling Tower—Phoenix—Middle of ill fated cruise ship journey.

39. New Orleans—Phoenix—California missile

In light of all of this information we have to ask ourselves the question; Are all of these things just coincidence or are they beyond chance, and if so what is the message? If they are by coincidence then they mean nothing. But if they are beyond chance then I believe that they point to a big event planned by the evil ones—the “setting on fire of the Phoenix bird”, the United States, via a detonation involving nuclear material. I could be wrong, but that is what I believe. I also believe the information indicates that the primary planned date of this destruction is 5/5/2012.

Now let me be clear; I am not predicting anything, just telling you what I have found and what I believe. And just because I believe that evil forces have this planned for this date does not mean that I believe it will occur. In fact, I believe it will be stopped. The main reason that I believe it will be stopped is because I believe that God showed me verses that indicate that the city will be spared by the prayers of God’s people.

1 Sam 23; verse 2

Therefore David enquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.

So they may change the date, call it off, or God will stop by some other means. Also even though the primary target seems to be pointing to Phoenix, Arizona, they may even change the target making the Phoenix reference to allude to the destruction of the Phoenix—America and not the actual place.

Also realize this that even though I believe this event will be stopped eventually one day America will be destroyed so that prophesied New World Order can be born-- as Carlos from Chozeh and Nabiy so eloquently put it.

The “harlot” is America, the ten horns are future leaders of the already established political jurisdictions within the near-future New World Order (not a “revived Roman Empire”!), and the “beast” is clearly the antichrist who will head the New World Order. It is by now obvious to the occult elite that pesky superpower America has to be “out of the way” in order for them to ever bring their luciferian campaign for world dominance to fruition; thus, the conspiracy to eradicate this nation via a nuclear firestorm.

Of course you are free to believe as you choose, but if you believe as I do, then I ask you to pray against this planned evil action, and pray that God would be glorified and many would be brought to Salvation.

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  1. Mr. Frederick,
    After reading your blogs about Comet Elenin I checked online to see if another comet was discovered on 2/14/12 - as you or your friend predicted. There was. Did you see the article? The article is in "The Joplin Post" titled "Missouri Man Discovers...." It's being called "Bruenjes Comet". Thought you'd be interested. Daylene