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Auto Immune The Coming Split

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Auto Immune The Coming Split
It's the hands sayeth the Lord
This is it don't forget
I received an email from a reader and artist that included the above picture that he drew entitled "Auto Immune The Coming Split." This individual feels that the Lord gave him this picture and some insights as to what it means. With his permission I am including some of what he wrote to me concerning this.

Hi William,

I find your blog very informative and interesting.

Not sure if you would of or have heard but there have been some strange things going on in Clintonville Wisconsin:,0,7033955.story

I know this has something to do with warnings about coming judgement in the Midwest quite possibly related to the New Madrid Fault Line, The Great Lakes, the Midwest and Chicago...

I don't need to mention the current political ties Chicago has with the White House and that Rahm Emanual was recently elected Mayor of the city. Interestingly Joe Biden happens to be in town today.

I've had several dreams related to giant waves coming in off of Lake Michigan. The first about 15 years ago and know of several others who live here that have similar dreams also.

Here is something else. I am an artist. A few years ago. I started drawing these hand images they are sort of hard to describe. I drew this one image that I really felt the Lord highlight. So much so that in the drawings in my sketch book at the prompting of the Holy Spirit I wrote a few notes next to the drawing so that I would remember to do something with the idea. One note said "It's the hands sayeth the Lord". Just for the record I don't usually say words like "sayeth" but that's what I wrote. The other said "This is it don't forget". I just assumed that this meant that I should really make sure and follow through and do something with the idea.

Last year a friend invited me to be part of a show of work here in Chicago. I had sort of taken a break from exhibiting any work but though this would be a good chance to use one of the hand drawings I felt were important. I picked the one I felt like the Lord had highlighted. I did a few things that didn't occur to me until much later. One thing was in developing the drawing into a painting I felt like I should reference the colors of the uniforms worn in the Civil war. The other was that I titled the piece "Auto Immune The Coming Split".

I can't tell you how this works. I have had the Lord speak to me through images I have created but I never have any idea of it while I'm doing it. It's usually sometime later. The image above is the piece I did. The piece didn't get much of a response in the show so I was a little disappointed but still felt like it was really significant. It now hangs on my back porch. I think that this has something to do with the judgment coming to America. I also feel like it has something to do with a major earthquake in the Midwest. I also feel like it has a spiritual significance to me personally.

Sorry, this is a lot to write for no reason. Not really sure why I just did.

Also this just happened today.

I had a flyer from the show taped up on my wall it's been up there since last October. When I came into the office today it had fallen off the wall and was sitting on my desk right in front of where I sit. I didn't really think of that until just now. The other thing was that as I started writing this I felt the Lord prompting me to look up the title of the show and see what it means. The title of the show was Uplift. Just googled it the word.

My dreams of a giant wave coming in off of Lake Michigan lead me to look into the causes of Tsunamis. I've been wondering if it is possible for one to happen on Lake Michigan. After the massive tsunami in Japan this became very, very real to me. Just looked this up.

The Pacific plate compressed under the North American plate forcing it upward. Uplift. The name of the gallery space is The Believe Inn.

Kinda crazy. Just thought your might find this interesting.

Lots of implications here, to many to mention all of them. I do feel like something major is coming. I believe there may be a fault line under Lake Michigan that is either part of the new Madrid Fault or will be triggered by it.

Thanks again for the blog.

Thank you for the information--very interesting! I would like to make a few comments and pose a few questions.

The definition of auto immune is; Of or relating to an immune response by the body against one of its own tissues, cells, or molecules. So the title of the work would suggest that the coming split is a result of the represented entity bringing harm upon itself. If the represented entity is America, and the split refers to judgment upon our land involving the New Madrid fault as suggested by the author, then this drawing suggests that the judgment will be brought upon us by our own actions.

Also notice the drawing itself also suggests this--the hands are all interconnected and one hand attacks itself. So the damage is inflicted by itself on itself. It also looks like one hand is trying to stop the destruction, which if the ax penetrates, that hand will be cut off and possibly the other. What could the three hands represent? What three types of people groups will there be in the end times? Christians, Jews, and those aligned with satan. If that assumption is true then the drawing could be a representation of the evil hand trying to cut off Israel, and it is trying to be stopped by Christians.

In regards to numbers in the picture; there are 3 hands--5 fingers each--that can make a 15 or a 555. 555 is a number associated with death and The Phoenix Code. There are 9 Isosceles Trapezoids--3 big, 6 small with 12 and 24 sides respectively. In the occult world Isosceles trapezoids are suppose to draw dark energies--Pope John was buried in a coffin of the same shape. There are also 8 arcs. What do these numbers and shapes represent? Are the numbers part of a date code?

I superimposed the drawing upon a picture of the United States in the following way.

america, bible prophecy, chicago, end times, great lakes, israel, new madrid fault, split land israel, tsunami,

Now I do not know if this means anything or not, but notice that Phoenix appears in the left circle shape and Washington DC is in the right tear shape. Also notice that the ax hits at the southern part of the New Madrid Fault area. The middle circle is around Arkansas. Do the trapezoids and the arcs superimposed upon the map show locations of major earthquakes?

Here is another thought I had; do the position of the hands and fingers mean anything in Sign Language? If anybody knows sign language or knows anyone who knows sign language, could you show the picture to them and see if they can tell you if the hands are signing a message, and then post in the comments section or email me?

These are my observations so far, please feel free to comment below if you have any other observations to add. But it seems to me that this drawing is another witness foretelling the coming grave consequences of our actions, unless of course there is repentance in our land.

At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; 8. If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. Jer 18:7,8

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  1. I see 3 sixes, but the last one is backwards.

  2. Yeshua's daughterApril 19, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    This is a tremendous message of some sort all night turning i could hear my thoughts express "what kind of day we live in" when death, is frequent as birth, i got up @ 5am and sat at my desk to write to figure it out somewhat having a very uneasy feeling all the while what came to me "Tribulation of Revelation" and i actually came to google something else when i came straight to this soul shaking drawing! you can tell the 6's are not going to be put off much longer, America's Judgement is set, no deal will be cut period.

    1. THX for your input--I also have a sense that unfortunately severe judgments are coming soon.

  3. Just a confirmation regarding the hands representing evil forces. My mom passed away last month at 90 years old. She became a Christian just two years before that when she was 88.

    Prior to becoming a Christian, for most of her life, she experienced many demonic attacks. She had recorded some details regarding what she had experienced in her diary which I later found among her papers.

    She described attacks beginning with extreme cold, then a visual vapor usually gray or a greenish color that would turn into a beady-eyed being...but most of the time, the demon would come out of the vapor in the shape of a hand that would fly across the room and hit her in the heart.

    I had never heard anything like that before...until I read this this could possibly serve as a "double witness" to the image of the hand representing evil.


    1. Hello Kay

      Sorry to hear about your Mom, but rejoice with you in her salvation and home in heaven.

      THX for the input about the hands.

    2. The sign language letters are "s" fist with thumb over fingers holding the axe ,"c" like holding a cup up in the midwest, "l"index finger up and thumb out and other fingers tucked in. I googled LCS and LCS Freedom - Littoral Combat Ship is the one thing that stood out. As part of the drawing is in the water.
      SCL Has to do with the immune system.
      The axe looks like it is coming in New Orleans.

    3. THX for the great input. That is very interesting.