Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Washington D.C. Seal; Trains and Tsunamis


Look at the steam train hitting the sun; does that catch anyone’s attention? Remember “they put clues everywhere,” and they love to put them on seals—think dollar bill. I recently became aware of the Washington D.C. seal and in light of what has been discussed thus far in regards to The Phoenix Code; Chattanuclear, I believed that I should take a closer look at the seal. The first thing that I noticed is that the smoke of the train looks like flames and not smoke and it hits the sun. This gave me the impression that maybe this was a depiction of the train incident discussed in the Phoenix Code posts.

The next thing I looked for was a date code; I am not sure but I may have found one. If you go directly down from the one in 1871, you hit a square. Assuming this square represents 1871 and counting counter clockwise the square that the railroad hits would be 2012.

Here is something else; starting at the top and counting counter clockwise there are 54 squares to the train tracks. There are 180 total squares around the seal, 180 – 54 = 126. May 5, 2012 is the 126th day of the year in 2012. See the Phoenix Code for the significance of 5/5/2012.

Therefore if these assumptions about the seal are correct, and in light of the information in the Phoenix Code, then the seal may represent a fiery train incident in Phoenix on May 5, 2012.

Is there any other possibly coded information on the seal? In Washington D.C. the Capital building faces due west. On the seal a large body of water is behind the Capital. The actual bodies of water geographically behind the Capital building are the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Why did they put the horizon on the right side so much higher than on the left side—it almost makes the body of water look like a tsunami. Is the seal indicating a tsunami is in the future for Washington D.C. and or the USA?

Well if it is, does it have date code? If we use the black lines and let the line below 1871 represent that year and count black lines going clockwise to the first and only straight line in the water that directly hits a black line, it hits the line that represents 2012.

Don’t think the USA could be subject to a tsunami? Of course it can, just about all coastal areas in the world can be subject to tsunamis. Washington D.C. is about 100 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean so it is unlikely that it would suffer from a tsunami unless it was so large that it traveled across the entire Delmarva Peninsula and had enough energy to continue onto Washington.

I would like to mention that the movie 2012 depicted Washington D.C. being hit by a tsunami. Remember many times “the movie is the message.” Funny thing about that movie—the opening scene depicted a boat laying on its side. What was the first major event of 2012? A boat lying on its side—The Concordia.

I ran across a ministry that believes that tsunamis are coming for America and they also mention judgment is coming for the whole east coast. http://messagesforallnations.blogspot.com/2011/08/messages-for-america-and-europe.html (Note: I do not know anything about this ministry but am presenting their information for your consideration.)

And let’s not forget about the apocalyptic pillars of the Masonic St John’s Cathedral that depicts a tsunami hitting New York—which could be interpolated to mean a tsunami hitting the whole East coast.

Whether by earthquake, exploding volcano, meteor strike, or an underwater nuclear blast by rogue nations or terrorists, a tsunami is possible for any coastal area of America.

Are there any other time markers for a possible east coast tsunami besides the possible seal date code? I assume that you are aware that certain places of significance can be precise Nautical Miles away from a place that corresponds to the date of its occurrence. Like the Big Tree being 5772 NM from the Exodus crossing—see Israel and the Burning Tree. So starting at the statue of liberty—it has distance time associations with it--I stretched a line 2012 NM and swung it around to see if it would hit anything interesting. Well it just so happens that there are a few spots it hits very near the Azores where three major fault lines intersect. In fact there is one spot that is 2012.77 NM away from the statue at 77.77 degrees.

I also started a line at the capital building and did the same thing and it hits the north south fault line at 2012 NM and also at 1871 NM at a place called the Atlantis Fracture Zone. Hmm…

Is there any recent earthquake data to suggest the possibility of an east coast tsunami scenario? I found a thread on GLP that presents links to recent scientific data showing increased earthquake activity in the Northern Atlantic. The author of the post also suggests the possibility of an east coast tsunami. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1769126/pg1 (Note: In the past I have found a lot of hype and false info on GLP but this thread presents a compilation of scientific data, thus the inclusion)

Here is another interesting story I ran across that may be tsunami related. There have been strange glowing humming metal boxes showing up along West Coast beaches. These boxes are reported to be associated with increased UFO activity in the area. http://www.skweezer.com/s.aspx/-/www~huliq~com/10282/ufo-sightings-reveal-more-strange-metal-boxes-along-coastal-beaches Strange thing is that these boxes also showed up in Sri Lanka before it’s tsunami in 2004.

So is the D.C. seal indicating there will be a train event in Phoenix and an East coast tsunami in 2012? I do not know, but let me tell you that scripture indicates that one day Babylon will have “waves” come upon her.

Because the LORD hath spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice; when her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice is uttered: Jeremiah 51:55

Did the sea come upon ancient Babylon? No, but it will happen to the end times Babylon—America. Jesus also told us that there would be “incidents” regarding the sea in the end times.

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Luke 21:25

Thus in light of the scriptural evidence and the other factors listed in this post I believe that it is highly possible that America could experience a tsunami in the near future. Also in light of the train associations on the D.C. seal and the info from the Phoenix posts I also believe that satan has a “fiery train incident” planned, which as discussed in The Phoenix Code, I believe will not come to pass.

But realize this; if the 70th week started in 2009 and Armageddon will be in 2016 then between now and 2016 the end times Babylon—America will be completely covered by waves.

The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof. Jer 51:42

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. Rev 18:21

I also believe that this event will happen after the rapture. But until that time it is not out of the scriptural realm of possibilities that America could see tsunamis.

Note: There are other symbols on the seal that my research has not come up with anything. For instance, what are the weird looking things in front of the capital? Are they 7 hills or mountains? I think I remember 7 hills in the Bible somewhere—Rev 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Why is the eagle/phoenix bird situated the way it is, has it been defeated? Is it being subjugated to the man on the pedestal? Who is the man on the pedestal—it is supposed to be George Washington. If it is, that is the worst representation of him I have ever seen. Could it be the antichrist, who lady liberty is surrendering to? What are the items to the left of the bird? What is in the man’s hands? Why are the sun’s rays so big? Are they indicating the sun will go into a very active phase? Is the D.C. Seal a representation of what will happen in 2012? These are all interesting questions to ponder. If anyone knows any of these answers or has anything to add—as always your comments are welcome and appreciated or email me at email@thecomingepiphany.com

UPDATE 2/16: The other day I noticed the three straight lines of equal length near the train and wondered why they would be there, for they look out of place.

Today I was impressed to check the Mayan symbols in regards to something else I was working on and I ran across the Mayan symbol for 5. You guessed it, a straight line. Thus the 3 straight lines in Mayan can represent 555 or if you are familar with the Phoenix Code post, 5/5/2012.


  1. Hi William, Fascinating post! I really think you are on to something here! The gold object to the left of the eagle appears to me to be a sheaf of wheat tied into a bundle - carried along on a cart as there is a wheel beneath it. Next to the wheel, there seems to be the legs of a man (bent at the knee) - buried beneath the mountains that have fallen beneath the train trestle. Earthquake? Also, back to the sheaf of wheat - reminds me of Psalm 126:6 - "He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with joy, carrying sheaves with him." The rapture 2012? - I hope so! Blessings! Cindy

  2. Cindy

    Thanks for your input--you got me thinking. We know that if the 70th week started in 2009 then it is highly possible that we will see the first 4 seal this year. If that is the case then we would see the arising of the New World Order, economic collapse, famine, war, plagues and death and the arising of the antichrist and the peace treaty.

    What if the sheafs of wheat represented famine, the 2 tombstone shaped things or knees of a man-- death, a sword in the man's hand as war, the big scroll in the other hand -- the peace treaty, the positions of the eagle and lady liberty -- the surrendering of the soverignty of America to the New World Order. The man--the antichrist.

    And in light of the 2012 connection--then this seal may be a microcosom of the prophetic events of 2012.

    If so, I would then place the rapture after the opening of seal 6--2013 to 2015.

    Thank you for your great blog--I have felt the Lord speaking through you.

  3. Hello,
    "a train and trestle show commerce and industrial development"

  4. Anon

    THX for your input and yes I was aware of the official commerce/train explanation. However what one must realize is that many times the true meaning is the hidden meaning not the official explanation.

    Case in point--the official explanation of the symbols on the back of the dollar bill vs the hidden true meanings.

  5. The smoke from the train almost look like souls being lifted the rapture right before the train explodes

  6. Anon

    Thx for the input--that is a possible interp. However I feel that it is too early for the rapture--we have not seen WWIII and the antichrist arise yet. I believe firmly believe from scripture that the rapture will not occur until after the sixth seal is opened--possibly 2013-2015.

    I also perceive this symbol to be of evil origin and do not think that they would include a rapture motif though it is not out of the realm of possible.

  7. I think the sun isn't actually the sun, but is referencing Rev. 18:21, and is a giant asteroid to hit earth. I also think the seven hill type objects are planes representing a nuclear attack. Just speculating! Thanks for your post William.

  8. Katherine

    Thx for the input, and interesting thought about the planes and nukes. The only other thing that came to my mind were that they look a little bit like UFOs--which are suppose to make an appearance on the Whitehose lawn circa antichrist time.

    I do believe that Rev 18:21 is indicating that the end times Babylon will one day be covered by the ocean--I had never made a comet connection. I do think a comet explosion over the earth will occur at Trumpet 3 in Rev 8:10

  9. Excellent post except for this.

    "I also believe that this event will happen after the rapture."

    Just as most people in America are unaware that they live in modern Babylon, most Christians are unaware that there is no pre-tribulation "rapture". We are here for the duration as they say....

    The catching up occurs immediately after the tribulation as written in Matthew 24.

  10. Also, 1871 is significant as that is the year freemason Albert Pike layed out the plan for 3 world wars....


  11. Anon

    THX for the input. You are right that most people do not know that America is the end times Babylon, and most Christians adhere to the erroneous Pre Trib rapture belief.

    I understand why most Christians are pretrib, for I used to be. They see verses that indicate that God will deliver His own from the horrors of the last 7 years. Those on the post trib side see verses that indicate that Christians will suffer during that time.

    So who is correct? Neither. God will allow His own to go through tribulations but not be subject to His wrath. His wrath starts after the sixth seal is opened--that is when the rapture will occur.

    I offer a scriptural proof of this fact in The Coming Epiphany--which has never been refuted. If interested you can download for free or read at sidebar.

    Anon 2

    THX for the Pike info--I had forgoat about the date--I believe that is significant.

  12. From emails I received


    It looks as if the woman who is wearing the Roman toga (supposedly Lady
    Justice) is holding a stone tablet of the Law. I say supposedly because
    Lady Justice is supposed to be blindfolded so that she cannot show
    favoritism. It appears as if she has removed a crown of laurel leaves from
    her head and is slyly handing it to the eagle/phoenix bird's mouth. Wreaths
    of laurel leaves were given to victors. Can it be that the woman, who may
    actually represent the US, is handing her victor's crown to the phoenix
    which is representative of the one world government?

    Is it possible that the odd shaped symbol on the Simpson "To Surveil with
    Love" episode is a Cherokee symbol?


    The following is a quote from the Wikipedia website about the Seal for the
    District of Columbia.
    "The Great Seal of the District of Columbia depicts Lady Justice hanging a
    wreath on a statue of George Washington; the motto of the District of
    Columbia, "JUSTITIA OMNIBUS" (Latin for Justice for All); and "1871", the
    year in which the District was organized in its present form. In the
    background is the United States Capitol on the right; on the left, a train
    steams across a viaduct under a rising sun."

    Why is Lady Justice not blindfolded? It appears her blindfold may be the
    streamer across the bird.

    How can the motto "Justice for All" be accurate when Lady Justice is not

    It sure doesn't look as if Lady Justice is hanging the wreath on anything,
    especially the statue of George Washington as the various sites I visited

    Why is the eagle/phoenix bird facing right (east) when it is always seen
    facing left (west)?

    Is that a bundle of wheat behind a fence behind the left side of the bird?
    What do they symbolize?

    Why are the colors in the shield opposite the official seal? The outside
    stripes should be red, not white.

    What is the white round item behind the fence? What do the seven black
    lines on the grass in front of the Capital building represent? What is the
    article in the statue's left hand? The Constitution? The Bill of Rights?
    Something else? Why is it dressed in red, white and blue? Are we sure it
    is George Washington or is it Uncle Sam?

    Why is the train supposedly under a RISING SUN when it is headed west?
    Everyone knows the sun rises in the east.

    Some questions to ponder.

    1. William: I am a born again christian of nearly 40 years--I have read your ongoing blog for many months now. I appreciate all the hard work, time and prayerful consideration of these things before you write them down.

      As a graphic designer I understand the use of symbology and using visual elements to tell a story--but i will say i am a very skeptical that all of these random design and illustrative elements were intentionally placed in a way to communicate knowledge of forthcoming events. Do you have any historical evidence or proofs that secular or occultic artists could do this? Any links to articles on this topic would be appreciated.

      And by the way, i am totally willing to subscribe to the notion that the Living God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ could sovereignly direct the hand and mind of rebrobate man to unknowingly circumscribe future history in a 3-dimensional matrix of artistic work. I am just doubtful it was placed there intentionally by men as a code--Satan's knowledge of future events is surely clouded by that fact that he is not God, and thankfully men cannot perceive the future as to what only belongs to God's domain.

  13. William,
    I read this post and thought of some articles that i had read about El Hierro in the Canary Islands. It has been acting very strangely that past few days.



    I do think is is likely that there will be more than one event to bring America down. There are a number of different scenarios how the enemy will bring the world into submission to his authority, and it maybe that he will use these events and take credit for these disasters in order to do that. After all, he is a thief and a liar.

  14. According to my study and a break down of verse Luke 21:25, the "sea and the waves roaring" it would indicate that "waves" isn't referring to water, but to sound waves emanating from something.
    It is clear that the sea will be making a loud sound, but the waves is referring to sound waves. wavesfrom the base of, to vibrate to shake). Also, roaring(to make a loud noise, reverberate;vibrate in sound). This will all be due to the fallen angels visiting earth, because men's hearts failing them for fear, and looking after those things(evil, an utterance) which are coming(arrive, occur, attack) on the earth: for the powers of heaven(to rise or rear as lifting itself above the plain) shall be shaken(agitate, to rock, topple or destroy). And they shall see the Son(a group united with others in a confederacy) of man(to turn morally corrupt, become filthy) in a cloud with power and great(many) glory(from the base of). And when these(gender plural masc. persons) things(both prolonged forms) begin to come(arise, be assembled, used with great latitude) to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption(salvation, deliverance) draweth nigh.

  15. Arnold

    I came to the conclusion that the evil forces sometimes communicate future actions through symbols etc, based on what I evidenced in regards to 9/11. There was a Simpsons video, an album video, a card game, and the $20 dollar bill all depicting the 9/11 attacks years before it occured.

    We also have the great seal on the back of the dollar bill that represents the arising of the antichrist.

    We also have a recent example of the 2012 Olympic logo that spells Zion and implies a lot more. You can read about it here. http://parablesblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/babylon-rising-part-three-xxx-olympiad.html

    So sometimes satan communicates his evil intentions through symbols--maybe God makes him so people who are watching will not be caught off guard.

  16. Jeff

    THX for the great info. And yes I agree that satan will use many things to bring this country down.

    Some follow the devil thinking they will gain, but as you mention he is a liar and has lied to them about the outcomes.

  17. Katherine

    Thank you for your input. I think that you have made an important connection in the verse to a tsunami. It is obvious that the word "sea" is connected to the "waves." What could make roaring sound waves from the sea--a tsunami.

    I agree that the fallen angels are here on earth now and that they will become more active as the day draws nigh but i do not think that you can attribute the sound to them.

  18. I have been pondering this post and looked closely at the seal again and notice that there are three short lines on the tops of those seven little hills. Also the man lifted up on the pedestal, with what appears to be a sword in his right hand and his left has some sort of bound scroll. If you look closely, his left hand appears to be black. Do we know any left handed, black presidents in the history of the US? Lady liberty or whoever that is wearing the robe is holding that wreath up on the pedestal. Remember the presidential seal falling off the podium? Also the banner in the eagles beak has no inscription on it. E Pluribus Unum has 13 letters and means many out of one. This could have a number of meanings. And it does seem as though the intellectual elite of that day had a less obvious purpose.
    If this seal has that meaning of disaster for America, then time is short for those who do not know Christ as Savior AND Lord.

  19. William, I have been following you for quite some time, but don't think I've posted on here before. At any rate, some good questions raised, I too caught that the "eagle" was facing the incorrect way, etc.

    Have you seen the original seal? The original seal can be found here (you can click to enlarge, DoC is at the bottom):

    The original seal contains a figure of a non-blinded female figure of "Lady Justice" placing a wreath on the Statue of Freedom - which sits atop the Capitol Building. (from wikipedia on their page for seal of the District of Columbia).
    Also notice, on the original seal, the eagle is facing the correct way, toward it's right.

    Other differences might be superficial or not...but in the original there are what appear to be mountains behind the Capitol building. The eagles' wings are spread wide and high. There is no sash around the eagle. Shield placement is down to the right of the eagle, as if leaning, not worn like a breastplate (as in the one above). There is no "wagon" of wheat, no smoke from the train (though this train is further into the sun), no "seven hills" etc.

    The Statue of Freedom (aka Armed Freedom) was originally named Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace...depicts a female figure wearing a military helmet and holding a sheated sword in her right hand and a laurel wreath and shield in her left hand. (from wikipedia). This image has been found a few things, most recently Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal and the Iraq Campaign medal.

    Tam - apronstringsandholythings

  20. Jeff and Tam

    Thank you for your insightful input. The more I learn about the seal the more it points to the destruction of America and our surrendering our soverignty to the New World Order and the antichrist.

    I pray that America would repent and not go along with the plans of the New World Order.

  21. An email comment by a reader posted w permission:

    Hello William, all I can say is wow and praise God for what I believe is Him opening our eyes and giving us a glimpse of what possibly could happen. We should all pray that He holds this back, but whatever does happen, we are in His hands.

    I have been reading the additional comments, and have a few of my own. Whenever you have the time, please check out the links below, as I believe somehow they are also related.

    When I first saw the seal, the initial impression that I had of the 7 creepy creatures on the lawn of the Capitol building was that they looked like alligators. A day or so after you sent me the link to your post, I came across the first article listed below. I do find it interesting that there is 7 other countries listed that are in this military exercise labeled "Bold Alligator"!

    A few days later, my husband and I were looking at some of our Mercury Dimes, and on the back I saw something that resembled what George Washington appears to be leaning on with his left hand(that really does look black!). If you read the links below, I do believe that you will see where all of this is going! Before some links I made a few comments of things to watch out for.

    Article- Is Bold Alligator Eyeing Tehran?



    (one of photos has statue of George Washington leaning on Fasces)

    Profile of Apollo on Apollo XVII insignia. To me Mercury, who is really Liberty, looks a great deal like Apollo

    Statue of Liberty images (make sure you see poster of New York burning!)

    One other comment, the rectangle that Liberty is holding in her left hand, reminds me of the tablet or Law that is the ten commandments that our country was founded on. The only problem is that there is nothing written on the stone, as if we are a country of Lawlessness! Very scary indeed!

    Thanks so much for all that you put into this, I look forward to what God puts on your heart!
    God bless,

  22. William,
    You are wondering what the three straight lines are; well after looking at it for a while, I though it looked like a hand!

  23. Has any mentioned the blue wall of water about to go over the capitol building?

  24. Yes, it may be foretelling an east coast tsunami.

  25. The seven weird things on the lawn look more like some sort of spaceship or fighters. I think the whole thing is a depiction of what might be and what shall be. What might be is the tsunami and the burning sun and what shall be is the train of state being derailed by the sun (son) blocking its progress and the people of the sun (son) taking over the US. I am the bright and morning star Jesus said of himself. Then I guess the trials can begin. As George Bush (SNR) said "If the American people find out what we have done they will hang us fro the lampposts." Luckily there were plenty of lampposts left after 911 because as Judy Wood said the lampposts were earthed in the ground and it seemed to be unearthed or badly earthed things that were "dustified" as she called it. IT always seemd to me that the twin towers were the two candlesticks standing before the God of the Earth, Mammon, Wall Street, and as Judy showed fire did indeed proceed out of their mouths to toast cars and many other things. Who knows maybe God saved us at 911 where he came on the clouds of heaven seen by everyone, it just as Judy again said we all saw it but were told to see something else. So if God is here and this is heaven could that be what George Bush (SNR) was on about? The evil shall continue to be evil and the good shall continue to be good Revelations says. Is that what the evil men and women running the USA have been doing since 911? Following God's orders? In that case they shall be quite safe but if they haven't then God help them because I most certainly won't.

  26. The lady is Chinese....