Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Few Comments

Please forgive the lack of posts, but I have had many, many trials of late hindering me, including much pain in my knee that has made it very difficult to walk and do normal routines. The pain has subsided these last few days.

Here is a comment I received--thought I would pass it on.
Dear William:

This is my first email to you. I purchased your book - "The Coming Epiphany" and in my view, this is the best book ever written in Biblical Eschetology.

The book is very well written and documented, and is so well mapped to what we see unfolding right NOW!

By the way, I was listening to Alex Jones yesterday, and he had Pastor Lindsey Williams on. Here is it is:

Lindsey Williams - Dec 8, 2011.wmv

Here is a brief summary of some of his main points from his source:

1. The Iran War will likely occur Sept/Oct 2012. China and Russia are also somewhere in the mix, and could unwind into WW3 by the end of 2012. He further says that the Iran war will NOT start this month or next (in the near term).

2. The economic collapse will be big, and will likely occur by the end of 2012 into 2013, destroying all paper based investments and wealth. This will be the move from the old world system to the NWO.

3. He gets briefly into the "Devil's Messiah" (an elitist thinktank) who's goal is to brainwash Americans to view Jesus Christ as insignificant.

This broadcaste provides additional support to what you have written in your book. It seems everything is right on track! You might want to link it to your websites as a suggestion.

Thanks for writing the Epiphany book! I read the free pdf before BUYING it. I had to have the hardcopy!! Thanks!!!!

Best Regards

I take no credit for any accomplishments--it has all been through God's power, not mine.

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  1. How does any of this end time forecasting compare to Hank Hanegraaff's observations that much of revelation was predicting the (near) and (current ) generation destruction of the temple and killing of 1 million Jews in 70 A.D.?

    Can you offer any insight to which passages apply to then vs which apply to now? Thank you.
    Frank Turek's review, please read:
    I have a Doctorate in Apologetics and am the co-author of a couple of apologetics books, including I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. In my doctrinal program I was taught the dispensational eschatological view popularized in the Left Behind series. While I knew that view had its problems--including its treatment of "this generation" in Matthew 24:34--it wasn't until I read the The Apocalypse Code did I understand the key to interpreting end-times prophecy. It is this: we cannot understand NT prophecy unless we have the background music of the OT playing in our minds. In other words, the key to interpreting the NT's prophetic passages is often the OT.

    Matthew 24 is a prime example. For their model to work, dispensationalists must say that "this generation" in verse 34 refers to something other than the people standing before Jesus at the time. Why? Because in addition to predicting the destruction of the temple (which we all know occurred in 70 AD), Jesus appears to be predicting his second coming ("The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky. . . . They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory."). Dispensationalists will say that part obviously didn't happen in 70 AD, so "this generation" must refer to something other than "this generation." The problem is, on all four earlier occasions in Matthew, Jesus's use of "this generation" seems to always refers to the people alive at the time. It doesn't refers to a future generation.

    Hank's treatment of this passage is eye-opening--in fact, it provided me with a complete paradigm shift. The key to interpreting the passage rightly is the Old Testament. When Jesus refers to the sun being darkened and the moon not giving its light, he is actually referring to Isaiah 13. How did Isaiah use that imagery? Isaiah used it to refer to the destruction of Babylon nearly 600 years earlier. Now we know that the moon and sun didn't literally stop giving their light in 539 BC--Isaiah was using hyperbolic language to communicate the severity of the judgment. Jesus is using the same language to refer to the coming judgment in 70 AD. Such language communicates judgment more richly that flat literal prose.

    But what about "the Son of Man coming on the clouds?" Jesus is not only referring to his second coming in his Olivet Discourse, but also to his coming in 70 AD (the end of the age) on a cloud in judgment (as with many prophecies there is a near term and long term fulfillment). In the OT God rode a cloud in judgment (Is. 19:1). (Besides, why would it make any sense to "flee to the mountains" if Jesus was referring to the end of the world?) Again, the key to the NT is the OT.

    Hank also applies this principle to many other passages. He points out that two-thirds of the verses in Revelation allude to passages in the Old Testament. The parallels are never more striking than between Revelation and Ezekiel (cont'd) ...

  2. (e.g. the four living, creatures, the mark on the foreheads, the measuring of the temple, Gog and Magog, the river of the water of life, etc.). Perhaps understanding Ezekiel will help us understand what John is talking about in Revelation.

    Now some will charge Hank with not taking the scriptures literally. He deals with this extensively (in fact, the first letter in his acronym LIGHTS, which provides the outline of book, is Literal Principle). To summarize: every verse of the Bible communicates literal truth, but not every verse communicates that truth in a literal way. For example, "Jesus is the door" communicates the literal truth that we are saved only through Jesus, but it does so in a metaphorical way (Jesus doesn't have hinges). Likewise, apocalyptic literature expresses literal truth but it often does so using metaphors, imagery and hyperbolic language. Much of the imagery used in the NT has already been used in the OT, and John often explains it. Too often, we're not listening.

    Perhaps the reason I hadn't realized this sooner is because I never took a real interest in eschatology. I saw problems with every model, and intelligent arguments on all sides of the debate. Besides, most models believe Christ comes back and we all win in the end, so why argue over the details? It wasn't until I read Hank's book did I realize that eschatology is a bit more important that I had imagined.

    For example, the dispensational view popularized in the Left Behind series may have an impact on our ability to evangelize the unbelieving world. It insists that God has two distinct people: Gentiles by faith and Jews by race. In other words, there is a future for national Israel--they must get back in the land from Iraq to Egypt(which sounds like it's pro-Jew, but it's not; if dispensationalism is true, once the Jews get back in the land Armageddon will begin and two-thirds of them will be wiped out!). While we all recognize that Israel has a right to exist and to defend herself, should we uncritically support the actions of Israel against the Palestinians, many of whom are Christians? Are we "poking our finger in the eye of God," as Pat Robertson said, by suggesting a two state solution? Do the Muslims view us and our God as racists because of our dispensational views? Do they think we are more interested in a piece of real estate in Palestine or the salvation of the Palestinians? Many Muslims and other non-Christians may think so by listening to our more outspoken dispensationalists. But what if dispensationalism isn't true? What if the view that dominated church history for hundreds of years is true (as discussed in Chapter 3 of The Apocalypse Code, eschatological dispensationalism was born in the 1800's)?

    Regardless of your eschatological viewpoint, you owe it to yourself to read The Apocalypse Code. Mind you, this is not a commentary on the book of Revelation, nor does it answer every question about the end times. Frankly, I haven't seen any eschatological viewpoint that answers every question, so I still don't firmly subscribe to any particular view. But The Apocalypse Code does provide you with some very practical tools and insights to help you discover many of the answers for yourself. "

  3. Sorry I do not buy it or reccomend it. He falls into the trap that many fall into. He spiritualizes away the meaning of scripture.

    "Now we know that the moon and sun didn't literally stop giving their light in 539 BC--Isaiah was using hyperbolic language to communicate the severity of the judgment. Jesus is using the same language to refer to the coming judgment in 70 AD. Such language communicates judgment more richly that flat literal prose."

    God says the rapture happens at the Day of the Lord. The Moon is turned to blood before the Day of the Lord. The Moon is turned to blood after the sixth seal is opened. Therefore the rapture occurs after the opening of the sixth seal. It is that simple.

    Christians will never be able to come to realize the prophetic truths of God's word unless they take scripture for what it says and stop trying to spiritualize it away--inventing fanciful theories to fit their preconceived ideas.

  4. After reading both posts I would have to agree with William. People like to put their own spin on The Lord's Word. THE BIBLE IS PERFECT. Do not let man try to deceive or stear you away from The Lord's simple and perfect gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people have their own interpretations of The Lord's return and many have tried to point I his return as a past event and that we "missed it".

    The fact is simple, The Day of The Lord has not occurred yet. There are no points in history (at least that I know of) that could even suggest or hint as being The Day of The Lord. It simply has not happened yet.

    Keep Faith in our Saviour the Messiah Jesus Christ, read your Bible, and keep an eye on current events for his return is coming.

    BTW, awesome book William!! I find myself reading the PDF all the time, even at work!! Bless you and the work you've done.

  5. I dont think we "missed" it at all. But I do believe that some of what Jesus said refered to and correctly predicted 70 A.D. And there is also clear scripture about his second coming too. All good.

  6. Thx for the input and your encouragement. You are correct that the Day of the Lord has not occured yet--you stated it well.

    In regards to 70AD and double fulfillment of prophecy. Yes there are prophecies that will have double fulfillments like the destruction of Babylon

    There are many prophetic passages that talk about the destruction of Babylon. Ancient Babylon was destroyed, but some of the prophecies were not totaly fulfilled and will be fulfilled when end times Babylon--America is destroyed.