Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elenin Eve

Today is the day before the next Elenin alignment date. The big question is will anything happen because of this alignment? I do not know what the future holds but let me repeat what I wrote in the last Elenin post.

So the world may not have seen the last of comet Elenin. I am not predicting anything but I know that when the world goes against Israel, the world receives judgment and comet Elenin has been associated with both in the past. So if the world goes against Israel and past earthquake correlation data with Elenin holds true for the future, then we may see a 9.5-6 earthquake around 11/23, and if water related, tsunamis would be associated with it. Where? I don't know but maybe it would be U.N. related and or U.S. related since we are the driving force behind dividing their land...

Maybe the world has learned from the past and will not go against Israel and they will not give the Palestinians part of her land. Which BTW according to U.N. guidelines they do not deserve because of all the terrorist activities they have been involved in. Then God may have mercy on us and Elenin will no longer pose a threat, which I hope is the case...

Even though the world at the lead of the United States is putting great pressure upon Israel to retreat to her pre-1967 borders at present no final decision has been made regarding the Palestinian issue at the U.N. So where does that leave us in regards to Elenin? Will the world see more judgment or will God have mercy on the world? Time will tell.

On a personal note; I would like to thank all of you for praying for me on a daily basis--I have felt your prayers many times in the past. Many of us are experiencing increasing satanic opposition, as I am experiencing now, and your prayers are appreciated.


  1. God bless you for faithfulness in sharing this message. Whether Elemin turns out to be something significant in the near future or not, only God truly knows. I just pray that His children draw close to Him at this time. And that we share the gospel message with our loved ones and that their hearts be open to accept it.

  2. Nothingnew...

    Thank you for your comment and encouragement and amen to your prayer!