Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elenin Conclusions

So comet Elenin has come and gone, what happened, and what conclusions can we draw?

If you have been following the series of posts about Elenin on this blog (side linked) you know that comet Elenin was associated with Israel, the Palestinian state, and judgment; highlighted in the post Where's Elenin? Which also included this quote from a July post.

I believe the major determining factor in the judgment will be Israel and the Palestinian state. If the world comes against Israel, judgment will come against the world. What if the world backed off from creating the Palestinian state; could God have mercy on us and destroy the comet? With the whisper of a word.

As you are also probably aware Comet Elenin broke up this fall and some believed that it still posed a danger, but at the last 2 alignments we saw no major events. So what can we conclude? I believe that because the world has not yet gone against Israel at the U.N. that God had mercy upon the world and allowed the comet to break up rendering it "powerless."

Another question that I believe needs answering is why there was so much hype about this comet, some of which I felt was deliberate? A lot of the hype centered around the idea that it was Planet X and would cause a pole shift. I stated many times that I believed that it was not planet X, so why all the hype? I believe the answer is that comet Elenin may have been deliberately hyped so that when the real threat comes along, people will not believe it. I also believe that it is possible that the comet was deliberately hyped to cause people to dismiss the comet as nothing and miss the Elenin Palestinian connections.

Here is something else to keep in mind; many including myself thought that Elenin may be a forerunner to something bigger that could possibly be on Elenin's same trajectory. If that theory is true then we may see something around 2/14/2012.

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