Saturday, September 3, 2011

Comet Elenin, the New Madrid Fault, a Fire, and TS Lee

It is being reported that the infamous comet Elenin has broken into at least 2 pieces and maybe disintegrated. So the threat is over, right? Maybe.

First let me reiterate my conclusions in the last post regarding Elenin.

So what is Elenin going to be; a non event, a brown dwarf causing total devastation, or an "earth changing" comet?

First off let me state that I do not think that it is going to be a non-event--whether it was the cause or a sign we have already seen events on alignment dates. And those dates have associations with the Palestinian state--so Elenin is already an "event."...

But on the other hand I also do not think that Elenin is planet X or a brown dwarf--it is too early for that yet--that event will most likely occur at the rapture at seal 6 after the arising of the antichrist and the abomination of desolation. So I perceive that there is a lot of psy-op hype about this comet.

So I will stick with my original conclusion it is a comet and "In light of the comet's connections to Israel and the Palestinian state whether this comet is a sign or causal agent I believe it will be associated with judgment upon the earth."

What might the judgments entail--maybe a 9.5-6 earthquake with tsunamis. I believe the major determining factor in the judgment will be Israel and the Palestinian state. If the world comes against Israel, judgment will come against the world. What if the world backed off from creating the Palestinian state; could God have mercy on us and destroy the comet? With the whisper of a word.

Another aspect of the associated judgment with this comet may be the "arrival" or should I say greater manifestation of ETs/demons as alluded to in Rev 12...

So did God have mercy on us and destroy comet Elenin, or is she still a threat?

Well at the first link above there were 2 interesting comments left regarding Elenin; one stated that according to NASA Elinin still has a gravitational pull and the other states that there is a remote possibility that some of the broken pieces, though unlikely, may cause meteor showers.

So where does that leave us? I do not know. If Elenin was the cause of increased earthquake activity on past alignment dates then in my mind the earthquake threat would be diminished unless the "electrical forces" of the comet remained intact within the pieces. If Elenin was just a sign of the increased earthquake activity on alignment dates then the threat may still be there.

Here is a recap of past Elenin activity and future alignment dates:

2/27/2010 sun-earth-elenin (6.047) 20 above 6.0 quakes/8.8 biggest

9/3/2010 earth-sun-elenin (6.269) 4 above 6.0 quakes/7.0 biggest

3/15/2011 sun-earth-elenin (2.099) 40 above 6.0 quakes/9.0 biggest

3/24/2011 elenin-earth-mars 9 above 6.0 quakes/6.8 biggest

4/11/2011 elenin-earth-venus 7 above 6.0 quakes/7.1 biggest

9/11/2011 perihelion

9/26/2011 sun-elenin-earth (.392)--possible tail interaction

10/16/2011 closest to earth (.24)

11/6/2011 possible debris field interaction

11/13/2011 elenin-earth-mercury-venus

11/22/2011 sun-earth-elenin (.586)

4/21/2012 possible debris field interaction

12/25/2012 sun-earth-elenin (5.242)

The breaking up of the comet into smaller pieces, as stated above, also raises the possibility of meteor showers. That brings to mind what David Wilkerson foresaw about a thousand fires. Is what he saw the result of a meteor shower from the broken pieces of Elenin or from riots that are coming? Also something else to watch out for--one researcher believes that diseases like the black plague can be unleashed by meteor showers.

So I hope the threat from Elenin is over, but I have a feeling we haven't heard of the last of her yet. Remember we still have the Palestinian issue coming up--which Elenin has been associated with. So it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Let me show you something else regarding Elenin that I found. If you open up the ephemeris for comet Elenin on Google earth and extend the Trinidad, CO/Mineral VA earthquake line, featured in an earlier post, look where it ends up--very close to Elenin's position in the sky on 8/23 (the yellow push pin) when the earthquakes took place. I do realize that the earth spins so that location on Google earth is only for a moment in time--but it is interesting to say the least.

Here is something else if you extend the New Madrid/Mineral Wells-Olive Branch line North and South it intersects very close to where the "death line" and the earthquake line intersects, goes between 2 small recent earthquakes near the city of New Madrid, and it also intersects the Elenin ephemeris at about October 31, 2011--which is an infamous satanic date in itself and is also close to the infamous 10/28/2011 alternative Mayan date.

I am not predicting anything--just showing you what I found. Those things could just be by coincidence and may mean nothing.

Let me now show you something else; There was a fire that started in Hesperia, CA on 9/2/2011 that caused 1500 home evacuations. After I read the story I was prompted to see where that was on the map--I had a hunch it might be on the VA/CO earthquake line. It was, perfectly!

What in the world is going on? Why would that fire be directly in line with the earthquakes? Something is going on. Obviously someone wanted to draw attention to the line. Who and why are the million dollar questions?

Then I thought if something happened on the other line--New Madrid/Mineral Wells--then that would put the icing on the cake. Guess where tropical storm Lee is suppose to hit?

I repeat; what in the world is going on? Love to hear your thoughts. You might want to read the original post about the lines if you haven't done so: Judgments of Peace; Earthquakes and Hurricanes.

BTW: Something else too; after creating the 2 pictures with the Elenin dates my Google Earth has become corrupted and will no longer run--had to use another computer to finish the last 2 pics.

After writing the above I prayed and asked God to give me a message concerning these matters as I randomly opened my Bible the next day. I opened to Daniel Chapter 5. The infamous passage about the handwriting on the wall--judgment coming to a nation for their sins among which was their mistreatment of Israel.

23But hast lifted up thyself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before thee, and thou, and thy lords, thy wives, and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified:

24Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written.

25And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.

26This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

27TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

28PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. Daniel 5:23-28

Let me reiterate; Why was the fire on the earthquake line? Why was Tropical storm Lee on the New Madrid/Mineral Wells/Olive Branch line? Do the Elenin date associations mean anything? Why was I taken to Daniel 5? Is the handwriting on the wall for America? With the possible creation of the Palestinian state and the dividing of Israel in the near future, are our days numbered? I have always believed that if we split Israel God will split our country. Is America's time of judgment at hand or is this all just coincidence?

Again, I am not predicting anything, just showing you what I have found and asking some pertinent questions--You be the judge.

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  1. My heart is very heavy for our country - the United States. I pray that God will show us mercy, even though we don't deserve it. I ask all believers to join with me in repentance and asking for mercy. Time will tell very soon if Elenin is a judgment on the US.

  2. There are already earth changes that have taken place. Those following false teaching are doing so without reservation. Many people just don't care about God or his nation Israel. There are changes that are happening in the physical realm (elenin, earthquakes, drought, floods,) There does seem to be an order to these things they don't seem random in place or time. As for elenin, even in pieces it's electrical field will still be intact unless it migrates apart far enough. I am not a not a genius but I don't think we need one here to figure that on it's current coarse, America is headed for trouble. With the Almighty Creator.

  3. YouTube has a video by an astronomer showing that the disintegration of Elenin in recent days was a hoax. He compares a sequence of photographs and it's obvious that the disintegration just doesn't add up. It's worth investigating.

    Also, I read that the FBI is labelling anyone who prepares for a cataclysmic event, by for example storing food and water, as a 'Prepper' and class such individuals as terrorists - yes - terrorists! Makes a mockery of the notion of living under a democracy now, doesn't it? Ants work hard collecting food for THE GOOD OF THEIR COMMUNITY, for all to share in times of need, surely a good example to us all - are they terrorists too? Has anyone ever seen an ant wearing a waistcoat made of explosives?

    Amidst all the recent events and even more exciting/perplexing ones to come, what a 'coincidence' that your Google Earth became corrupt... Thank the Lord that you were able to continue your excellent work with the other computers.

    Praise GOD that He prepares a banquet for us in front of our enemies (Psalm 23). He is awesome, our Deliver, and He has a sense of humour! Praise Him for ever and ever - Amen.

    DW, Southborough, Kent, UK.

  4. William, After looking at the data for today's earthquakes, there is a definite upswing in activity that I have not seen before in our region of North America there was a 4.5 quake near Durango, Mexico and 4- 4.5-4.9 quakes on the North Atlantic Ridge and if you draw a line between them you have the region in West VA. and Mineral, VA. there was yet another small quake there and it is not to far off of the New Madrid zone which had activity today. Things are deteriorating in Israel I would say it would be expected to see deteriorating events for America. I pray for my neighbors and country men who are caught up in everything but the things of Christ and his plan of salvation. As evil comes because of our sins, may the Holy Spirit abound in His people and may many be saved at this hour. May you be strengthened for the day's ahead William.

  5. every night i ask the lord to show me the truth,show me the way ,give me knowledge. and everyday i see the shadow of the darkness come over this nation.some say we are crazy and seeking after signs,we cannot create signs like that are appearing now,almost daily.some that mislead the weak and some that mislead the strong,there is alot of (opinion).Lord keep us in truth.By the way i am glad you are back to writing your blog again,i look forward to it.ramb.ron

  6. Thank you all for your input and encouragement. I would love nothing better than to see our country repent in "sack cloth and ashes and fasting" like Nineveh. But as the endtimes Babylon scripture tells us America will judged like Sodom--let's pray many escape through Christ.

  7. You're right, the United States appears to be the end times Babylon and God's people are told repeatedly to leave it. There's some things you need to research: geoengineering (many believe that the technology exists to trigger earthquake and weather related events), chemtrails and how they seem to be poisoning the soil as the Bible says will happen, HAARP,the lost tribes of Isreal-the majority of Isreal (the people not the nation)don't know they are descended from Jacob. That could be you. God's messages to Isreal and Judah are for all of the descendants of Jacob, but most don't realize they're part of Isreal the people. God will gather and Himself choose the people of Isreal in the endtimes. Read about the Denver International Airport-its murals, its pale horse, its Freemason capstone. The Bible has scriptures explaining that the sun will be hotter and brighter in the end times. This is part of God's plan-but others would have us believe that our carbon emissions are causing the global warming and that we need to spray chemicals into the air to cool the earth. Look up Dutchsince on you tube-he follows earthquakes and other events and makes connections. The New Madrid Fault is crisscrossed with giant gas or oil pipelines. One article says that if there would be a major earthquake, you would see the explosion reflected off of the moon (6th seal?). Jesus also said that there would be earthquakes in various places and then they would come and arrest you, hurt you and kill you. I've read that the new passports have microchips in them and that the passports can be tracked with these. Read about Monsanto's aluminum resistant seeds and about high levels of aluminum found in rainwater when it shouldn't be there. I also wonder about the stars falling at the 6th seal. In the Bible, stars represent angels. I wonder if there could be in the end times many fallen angels coming to earth. One person on a blog said that they haven't seen many stars for a long time, but last night there were so many, she couldn't find the Big Dipper. Yes, they were probably stars, but the stars falling from the sky at the sixth seal (stars referring to angels or fallen angels in the Bible)I wonder. God Bless you.

  8. Is it possible that the UN forcing Israel to submit to giving up part of it's land (around September 22nd 2011) to Palestine could be the "Peace Treaty" or "Covenant" spoken of in Daniel 9:27? I also, stumbled across this site: insinuating that the covenant happened on July 9th 2009 what's your take on this? So blessed by your BLOG.

  9. Suzy

    THX for the great link! I personally believe that the 7 year period may have started on 11/10/09. I had not heard about the July 9 info I am going to check into it further.

  10. It occurred to me today during our Sabbath Bible Study...How is the Dome of the Rock NOT the abomination of desolation? Found a really neat link here: that explains that 2019 on Yom Teruah is the year that Christ will return for us. Here's an excerpt. "It is simple arithmetic to begin counting from the date of the Abomination that desolates (684 C.E.) and add to that 1335 years. That brings us to the year 2019. In the year 2019, the second part of the prophesy, that which is stated in verse 12, will be fulfilled. This is the time when the Messiah will return and the resurrection is to take place. It is just that simple."

    607 B.C. the removal of the tamid
    + 1290 years the “1290 days” of Daniel 12:11
    = 684 C.E. the construction of the Abomination – the Dome of the Rock

    + 1335 years the “1335 days” of Daniel 12:12
    = 2019 C.E. the time of the return of Messiah and the resurrection of the dead

    Because of the many times that "time" itself has changed hands over the years I think Jesus is exactly right when he says that we will not know the day or the hour, but we WILL recognize the signs of the times and will NOT be taken by surprise.

    P.S. Is it possible that Elenin and Nibiru are two different celestial bodies and that Elenin just happens to be coming ahead of Nibiru? There's a very interesting video on the very top video that elaborates a bit.

  11. Anon

    Yes I agree that Elenin may be a forerunner to Nibiru which I have elaborated on in previous posts.

    I do not think that the Dome of the Rock is the Abomination of Desolation. For one scripture tells us that the antichrist will perform the AoD. The antichrist has not arisen yet. I go into this more in depth in The Coming Epiphany linked above or just search the blog under Abomination of Desolation.

    Keep seeking and ye shall find.

  12. this is fascinating stuff.

  13. William, thanks for explaining to me about the Dome of the Rock not being "thee" abomination of desolation while it is definitely an abomination. I think just to make sure I don't lead anyone astray I'll delete that post. I'm beginning to understand and continuing to search. It's awesome to have a reliable source to refer back to on this near and present topic :) ~Suzy Q P.S. Waiting to see what happens at the UN.

  14. Ok...haha, so maybe I won't delete it.

  15. Suzy

    Thanks for your encouragement. I am humbled to think that God has chosen to use me.