Saturday, January 15, 2011

Solar Storm Watch

Within the last few days the sun has put out some huge CMEs. You can click on the Nasa link here to view them for the next few days or click on this link to view one of them.

So far the CMEs have not been directed toward Earth. The active area of the sun that produced these CMEs will be facing Earth shortly and bears watching as noted by

FARSIDE ACTIVITY CONTINUES: An active region on the far side of the sun is crackling with solar flares and hurling CMEs into space...The telescope has also pinpointed the source: It is located just over the sun's eastern limb. Solar rotation is turning the region toward Earth, so geoeffective solar activity could commence within days.

So it is possible that if this region stays active and one of these huge CMEs hurls toward Earth that it could lead to an infrastructure crippling event somewhere on the planet.

I am not predicting anything but want to make you aware of the possibilities. CME's can wipe out power grids and many electronic devices especially those with a computer chip. Whether or not this will happen in the next few days I do not know. I do believe that with the sun going into a very active phase as we approach the infamous 2012 date that we will most likely be faced with infrastructure crippling CMEs in the next few years. And let's not forget that satan and his minions have been orchestrating major events in similarity to the Trumpet judgments of Revelation and the next one may be a CME as detailed in the post entitled The Next Big Event

Here is the gist of it. If your area lost electricity and water how long could you survive? Think about it--what steps could you take now to help survive whatever may happen? If you do not prepare to ride the wave you may be wiped out by it.

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