Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Turned Off the Lights?

One of the great conveniences of the modern world is electricity. However with the benefit also comes a risk. The risk is that we have become so dependent upon it that if was suddenly taken away many would have a hard time surviving. Unfortunately I believe that it is highly probable that in the near future some of us may lose electricity for long periods of time. If that conjecture is correct, which I will elaborate on below, then it would be prudent to prepare to live without it.

There are several reasons why I feel that we may lose electricity in the near future.

1. The coming solar storms.

There are several pieces of scientific information that have revealed that our solar system and the sun are about to go through cataclysmic cyclical change.

As may be expected, having the magnetic sphere of the sun expand and bulge out past the orbits of the inner planets likely will have an impact on earth since we are one of the inner planets. The thinking is that a magnetic 'bow wave' will be followed by a Coronal Mass Ejection(CME), which is what the PowersThatBe seem most afraid to encounter. However the real danger to the planet comes from the magnetic bow wave itself. Especially when we have a diminished, and weakened magnetosphere. The impact of the magnetic discharge from the sun will overwhelm what is left of earth's protective magnetosphere and initiate both a pole and a crustal shift. Details of this processay be found in Geryls' books. The effects will be profound. HalfPastHuman.com

A Boeing/NASA insider has recently revealed that scientists at NASA are expecting cataclysmic changes in regards to universe electrics. This insider that leaked this info is moving to a farm in June and is preparing to live without electricity for an extended period of time. Here are a few snippets of what he revealed.

There is a reason so many are sending birds up to watch the Sun - and it's not cause we just would like to know more about the Sun. The Sun is already reacting to 'forces' we can't see... I am NOT trying to survive a moon crash - that one was funny. Not even an asteroid, because to many variables. I am learning how to adjust to a lack of electrons in house wiring for some time. Electro MAgnetic Pulse - that's a big concern and now I really have to go. Bye...And i wouldn't put that much time into 'when' Being called back for 1430 bye...This is likely going to be my last post. I had a long talk with my wife and family this weekend. For reasons I cannot explain well enough to suit the proof requirements of many here - I have decided that we will be making our move out to our property in June of this year. The Coming

2. It is part of their plan.

Atlas Shrugged is an illuminati blueprint book regarding the take over of the world. Look at what is written.

When the rails are cut, the city of New York will starve in two days. That’s all the supply of food its got. It’s fed by a continent three thousand miles long. How will they carry food to New York? By directive and ox-cart? But first, before it happens, they’ll go through the whole of the agony- through the shrinking, the shortages, the hunger riots, the stampeding violence in the midst of the growing stillness ... They’ll lose the airplanes first, then their automobiles, then their trucks, then their horsecarts ... Their factories will stop, then their furnaces and their radios. Then their electric light system will go..and the lights of New York had gone out. The men of the mind had taken over the world.

3. You will not be able to buy or sell.

Unfortunately to the surprise of many Christians the rapture will not occur until after the antichrist arises and the mark of the beast will be required in order to buy or sell. So a true Christian will not take the mark and will not be able to buy or sell, i.e. buy electricity even if it was still available.

4. We are being warned.

Here is a recent post by Watchman 2009 regarding the coming solar storms.

You must be very, very close to the Lord in the coming days - that comes through prayer, fasting and reading of the Word. When you see Mount Rushmore fall, then many of you will need to immediately leave the cities where you are - those whom the Lord has instructed to do this. Right after the fall of Mount Rushmore, then the solar storms will hit major areas of this country. When that happens your cars will not run because the electronics will be fried, the water will not be on in your homes because there will be no electricity to power the pumping stations, there will be no electricity to heat your homes, none to cook with, none to light your way. The confusion and fear in those cities will be horrendous, so you must get out before the storms hit. Those who are listening to the Lord will know what cities to leave, and when. Do not ask me what cities, because I do not know. That is something on which the Lord must lead each one of you individually. He who has an ear to hear, let him ear.

If you wait until it is too late, you will be trapped in the cities that are hit. There will be tremendous fires that cannot be put out because of the lack of water pressure. Crime will be unbelievable. Food and water will be non-existant. This nation will truly become a nation of refuges. Prepare while you can - fast, pray and read the Bible

So for all of these reasons I believe in the near future that some of us may be faced with extended periods of no electricity. So what should one do? Just trust God, right? Yes of course, but "God will not do for you what He has given you power to do for yourself." (Dr. Bob Jones Sr.) We should prepare as best as we can trusting God all the while. And as Watchman 2009 emphasized we must be very close to the Lord and attentive to the Spirit's leading.

Look I am not trying to scare you; I am trying to help you prepare for what may be coming. If a hurricane were headed your way wouldn't you want to know so that you could prepare?

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